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March 17, 2017


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Their other candidates are Hernandez-Brown in D3 and Ramos in D4

Maybe Jud Burgess is just what we need like Trump was in the presidential race. Someone who flies off the cuff every now an then(Trump tweets). Tolbert only did not do but one thing Susie told him to do and that was blast the Chief. Every other thing he did exactly what they told him. Your last post "where is the outrage" is a good post. Problem is Tolbert was leading the charge for Susie and group on that one. There is no way in hell he should be re-elected for that. You say Jud Burgess has anger issues. What about Tolbert on the paving issue along with the damn Free Steak meal where he wasnt invited ? At least Burgess would be someone who hasn't been in Politics before like Trump and our current Mayor.

Burgess would be a horrible city rep. The man has proven he does not understand the basics of city government and is not willing to listen. He seems to think he can shout at people and they will do as he says.

That being said, you really seem to be the pot calling the kettle black. Tolbert got in by slandering Romero. He has proven to be creepy, ineffective, childish, mean, and plain evil. The only one worse than him is Limon.

You failed to mention two very plausible candidates and I am wondering why. I know you are friends with Tolbert and want to help him. However, there are two gentlemen running who seem to be the lesser of the rest of the evils. Why are you ignoring these other candidates?

Really David, you got to be chitting me with this: "As one source put it 'I'm afraid his anger will get physical if he's in office.' and 'He will scream and yell and likely punch you if he can't get his way.'"

If elected, the first time he pulls this chitt just call the police and help bounce his ass from city government.

Frankly from his appearances on local TV, he sure doesn't look that tough, but must admit he does write interesting guest columns for the Times.

Burgess did insist on talking and talking about the arena thing, I think, at a Monday morning City Council meeting a couple of weeks ago. When he came back for seconds, he was asked to stand down or else. Else what? When he kept talking, two police officers came up, one on each side, and he was three seconds from being arrested when one of the city reps. moved to adjourn and with a quick vote the problem evaporated. It didn't make the news, but I didn't understand why he was willing to get himself arrested. Other than that, I haven't seen him do anything rash. But, actually, David, that's not why I'm writing this Friday afternoon as we're trying to get the Inc out.

What I'm wondering is why you go on and on about the so-called "children of Shapleigh" aside from the fact that they formed a new wing of the Demo Party and got O'Rourke elected to Congress and a few others who are doing better than Cobos & Co., Luther's girls, the Homebuilder Gang etc. and put a ballpark downtown, put new wheels under city government and on the streets with a new Sun Metro system and Brio and helped the trolley along, arm-twisted developers into doing smart growth, which led to Monticillo, and when you think about it, even contributed to Shapleigh's Border Health Institute, now under the new Medical Center of the Americas. Think back to the prior council generations before 2005 and the new crop that came in with 2013 and tell me and us what they did better than the crop Shapleigh and Caballero spawned. I've gotten paid for years to watch 'em not to be their friend, but I do wonder where El Paso would be now and look like now and act like now were it not for that crew. So help us out here and 'splain yourself and then speculate why don't you on how things here would be better if none of them had ever been elected and what El Paso would be doing now instead. Hmmm? Just askin'

David Crowder said it all! The Shapleigh crowd has done many a terrific thing for this city. A city that keeps growing and wants to stay at a 2 year old level. There have been many instances where Shapleigh has opened the eyes of many people. Then when things really get going all of a sudden you have investigations going on. Is it that you are listening to Norma Chavez crowd that is still sore about her losing her seat so many years ago. Just like Trump she will throw a tantrum when she does not get her way. She got into office and not once did much for the city. She likes a free ride. Or are you going on the Paul Moreno side?.
By the way what ever happened to Blanche Darley his sister that stole all the money from the Tejanos?

I find it somewhat amusing that people base their opinions of me on quick soundbites on the news that make for drama. Many of you know that I am not afraid to use my abilities as a designer, writer and opinionated blogger to call things AS I SEE THEM. People ask me if I don’t think I’m burning bridges but I don’t see it that way, I see them more as walls. People so entrenched in “politics” that they are blinded to the needs of El Pasoans. They have become self-serving and self-preserving. This is pretty much the case on all levels...Nationally, statewide and locally. Jim Tolbert put out a political hit-job on Romero (as instructed by Byrd IMO) and was able to remove him from office so the Byrd apparatus went to work on his behalf. He then proceeded to run his campaign in part on an ethics and integrity platform. He even uttered the following closing words at a D2 debate at Cafe Mayapan last year — “All of you, all of you citizens can hold each and every one of us accountable to restore trust and accountability in our leadership.” I DID JUST THAT and now everyone is thinking I’m some loose cannon nutcase ready to come to blows. Jim is a politician and knows how to articulate and gesture and give that reassuring grandfatherly look. I on the other hand am pissed off at what local politics has become...public servants that find it easier to side with the special interests and money that funds their warchests rather than the average over-taxed El Pasoan. I can easily learn how this city operates, anyone with an ounce of intelligence can do that...what takes effort is refusing to bend to corruption and the easy way out. Jim Tolbert has no backbone...he has flipflopped on the arena 3 times, always checking to see which way the political and local winds are blowing. He is the poster boy for quickest nosedive after having won an election – 8 months and he has found himself under investigation by the Texas Rangers for the obvious and intentional walking quorum. He has admitted to deleting crucial and incriminating texts when served an Open Records Request, all this while using a personal cell phone for doing city business. This calls into question his ethics and integrity. Then he publicly shames and insults a community leader on camera and at a City Council meeting. This calls to question his temperament and humility. Contrary to what you say, an elected public servant should NEVER insult a member of the public (maybe Trump is starting to embolden politicians in the insult game). Then he sent out that vindictive email to the manager of Ruth’s Chris steakhouse where he essentially stated that he would not support them if they didn’t support him...an obvious sense of entitlement and abuse of power. I don’t know who writes this blog but your friendship has clouded your ability to identify mediocrity. Jim may still win this race, in fact I could get my ass whooped by him and 4 other candidates but at the end of the day, I can live with myself and be content that I won or lost on my terms, not because I’m some puppet that is owned or bought or mentored or instructed or controlled by anyone other than myself. Let’s Go El Paso.

David Crowder,

Where did I say the Shapleigh Campers are bad? In fact I leave it open for you to form your own opinion based on the information I gave with this line

"I'm sure she's nice and all, but her brain has been removed and a Shapleigh brain has been installed. You may love that or you may hate that - it's up to you."

I know they'd rather not have me exposing their plan to consolidate power at the county (an idea I pitched in reverse - consolidate with the city, so I'm not innocent either). However, it's a plan. It's something that could work. Even if it worked at the expense of representation for certain parts of town.

Sure El Paso has some more *things because of their work. However, I'm sure the commenters here are about to give a few more details you left out on the projects you listed. Not all progress is sunny fields of rainbows and unicorns.

Jim Tolbert - Just got a flyer from him in the mail. The propaganda has about a dozen pictures of him in this little piece of paper. I say he is getting very narcissistic just like D. Trump.

Just for disclosure's sake: David's mother contributed $784.81 to Tolbert's campaign.

DavidK - You're the one who has had his brain removed. You say Tolbert made a little mistake? The guy is a walking egotistical disaster machine with a bad temper. Byrd and others won’t support him because he makes the same mistakes over and over without learning. That’s insanity and you’ve bought into it. Tolbert’s sanctimonious demeanor doesn't fool anyone any more. You’re loyal to your friends and that’s admirable, but don’t presume to think your friend deserves to be reelected to represent District 2. He is the worst choice. Absolutely the worst. And for the record, I do not hate Tolbert but I know that his weaknesses do not become a public servant.

Sure hope Jud Burgess keep writing his always interesting 'guest columns' for the Times. It's really good, plus equally refreshing to read editorial columns in the Times by individual citizens and local business men or women.

Really get tired of the columns now published constantly in the Times by individual's from special interest groups. And frankly the most tiring and uninteresting columns that paper elects to run, are those by a few local elected politicos, who seem to pump out a column or call a press conference every time they fart.

Also noticed blog poster Lupe also enjoys writing Times 'letters to editor.'

Another reason city staffers, City Council Reps and people in power in EP (like Superintendent Juan Cabrera, Dori Fenenbock and Susie Byrd) are concerned about me is because of my James No Bond blog that I perform as a public service. They have all been repeated subjects of my graphic posts and I spend money to put them out in the public sphere where El Pasoans throughout the city can be made aware of their indiscretions and follies. When you combine unflattering images with text to match describing their antics, well that makes for people who think twice about doing manipulative things that take advantage of citizens or actions that are unmasked as political gamesmanship. I invite you to visit my FB James No Bond page and you’ll get a quick idea as to why they are “afraid” of me. This has nothing to do with temper or out-of-control behavior. You’ll get the gist in a hurry after reading a handful of my posts. https://www.facebook.com/JamesNoEPISDBond/

Old Fart want you to know that the letter that came out in the newspaper this week has been the first one in about a year and a half. And if you will notice I don't write to refuse the juice that often. So tell me what is wrong with that?

Lupe, there's nothing wrong with it. Sorry to see you apparently took offense in your above 01:01AM blog post.

David Crowder, they were not going to arrest him, they were going to escort him out. He is the one that kept yelling about arresting him.

Jud, give me a break. Quick sound bites? How about the video of the meeting posted on the city web page. Sorry, dude, but you totally came across as mentally unstable. We have enough of that on council with Limon and Niland. And your post here about JamesNoEPISDBond is a little wacko too. Bottom line, there are rules to follow in a meeting. You either had no clue about how meetings are conducted or did not care. Either way, you lost it.

Old Fart, I used to enjoy reading Jud's columns. Did not realize he cannot keep it together.

David, is there a reason you post with only a first name? I have nothing to hide but apparently you do. I’d like to know your last name if you don’t mind. Your real last name, and maybe your real first name too.

I was exercising my free speech rights on that particular meeting and was not allowed 2 more minutes to ask additional questions.

Dr. Noe told me I could speak to him or any other council member privately and I said I preferred to speak publicly and not privately...we all had a right to have them answer our questions, after all that is why we were there.

When the officers came to me, I asked Noe if I was breaking the law, and if I was then they could arrest me. I as well as the officers knew there was no issue there so I continued to talk and then it was over. Simple as that. You can assume whatever you like about me. I don’t need votes from people who make assumptions and pass them off as truth. You can keep your vote and spend it elsewhere.

Maybe you should try to live with a little passion and righteous indignation on occasion. It’s good for the soul. Works for me.

PS> Old Fart: The El Paso Times does not print any guest columns by candidates during election season. I’ll be writing again after May 6. :)

Burgess: I suggest you figure out how the city council works. They have rules. The 3 minute rule has been in place for years. Council has the discretion to grant more time or not. They didn't grant you the time and you were rude to continue speaking-even as a motion and a vote was taken to adjourn the meeting.

Jud is questioning David KKK as to who he is and what right he as to write a blog. That is a laugh and a half. Somebody tell this dumbass that David KKK was poking establishment politicians in the eye with his stick for a decade now. Burges pats himself on the back as some kind of rebel on the very blog of the guy who defined the role of political rabble rouser. maybe Jud noticed all the comments and posts on here and figured out he's way out of his league?

I guess burges doesn't know Rich Wright or Jaime Abeytia either. He probably never read newspapertree. He looks like an idiot pretending he invented political dissent in El Paso.

you don't have to agree with David KKK and I don't always. you do have to give him credit for being one of the first to stay with the criticism of our crazy elected officials.

A positive thing about David K's blog, is he does not edit poster's comments. His blog is the inter net version of past local talk radio. An example is the above discussion of this blog topic, it's raw and certainly unscripted, plus you sure as heck never know where poster comments go.

Who Cares, exactly, but Jud is too blind and uninformed to see this. Thus the reason I believe he is unqualified for office.

Jud, they answered you MANY times. You just refused to listen. Not sure why my full name is relevant to you. As crazy as you have been acting, I do not think giving you my full name is wise.

Jud is an idiot, wrong David.

Old Fart, totally agree.

A lot of people who make assumptions on this blogpost and we all know about people who assume things.

The DAVID I was referring to was the individual who signs his name David after his comments (for all I know it’s a woman with the alias David).

I guess David K who prefers to moniker himself as a cheap hiphop artist who happens to blog also...well, I wasn’t referring to him so his rant was somewhat paranoid and unqualified.

If I wanted to know who David K was I would have asked DAVID K what his name is, but I realize there are bloggers who like to have that “El Santo” mystery about them so I leave him alone regarding his mystery persona.

Have a blessed Monday and week everyone.

1. it's hard to take anything you write seriously because of your continuing defense of Tolbert who is the opposite of a good council member
2. Burgess is creepy

Garcia: what part of blogging do you not understand? Its opinion and you can agree or disagree. You can also not read the blog if you don't like the bloggers opinion.

Jud, am I a woman? Am I a man? Am I both? Maybe I am transgender. Why would you even think I was a woman? Never heard of a woman named David. It's not a name like Charlie or Alex.

I do know that I am sane and you are not.

I believe this Byrd project David K is referring to also happens to be married to David Stouts’ assistant, adding fuel to his hypothesis that there may be an effort to transfer power to the Commissioners Court.

Could someone please tell me who this unnamed person is? The one who is running in D2 and supposedly taking orders from Susie Byrd? Is evening afraid of being sued it they state an opinion - and a name?

Abandon Hope.

My guess: Alexandra Annelo. Less than 1 year living in District 2. I believe less than 3 years living in El Paso. UTEP student. Probably has not paid property taxes...ever.

In contrast, I am also running for Tolberts seat. I have lived in D2 for over 47 years, having been raised here and having raised our four children here also. I’ve had my own business for 29 years and have paid property taxes since 1988. That counts for something.


Jud - this is not a venue for campaigning. You answered the question from AH. No need to go into your campaign rhetoric. No one on this blog cares.

Ok, I'll try again. My previous message disappeared.

Who Cares -- Please don't try to speak for me because I care. I appreciate hearing from any candidate running for City Council. We need all the information we can get. There is a lot of interest in the District 2 seat as proven by the 30 responses to DavidK's "District 2 Notes."

And if this is not a venue for campaigning, DavidK needs to quit rooting for his 'lil friend Tolbert. Sure it's his blog, but don't expect opposing viewpoints to keep quiet.

AH: your hatred of Tolbert is just as annoying as your criticism of DavidK's alleged support of Tolbert. Kind of makes your comments invalid because of your single minded hatred of Tolbert. It's a free country with free speech. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. You can agree to disagree with DavidK and move on.

Who Cares - You said it well. It's a free county and anyone running for D2 should be welcome to comment here. Thanks for pointing that out.

PS I do not hate Tolbert. He has shown himself unsuited for public office. I will keep repeating that.

There are a few D2 candidates that are unfit for office in my opinion. One being the Susie Byrd puppet. That girl has absolutely no clue about El Paso and municipal government in Texas.

Did I mention I got a Ben Bradlee award?

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