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March 22, 2017


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You wrote: "All of this open record bullshit has culminated in a big fat nothing.  I take that back.  It has turned our elected officials into super secretive non-transparent paranoid weasels.  Great job local press!"

I distinctly remember you advising the politicos - especially your friend Tolbert - to stop using email and texts. Revise your text to, "Great job local press and my blog." You're as guilty as anyone.

Full of it and it ain't El Paso pride.

Amazing at the number of people that say "old people". Have you looked in the mirror?

The reason the subscripter rate is down IS because the Times doesn't report it creates news with spin.

"Young people" don't get the news from electronic devices. Most use the Internet to connect or music.

Old Fart: Internet can only be used on electronic devices. Catch up with technology.

Ok. Meanwhile, our streets fall apart.

Hey I didn't realize that two Old Farts now post here. So guess the original Old Fart may have to select a different blog name. But hey I'm flexible, and really enjoy reading the many very differing views shared here on David K's blog by the many different posters.

If you believe that is Leeser's motive, you are not as bright as I thought you were.

How fair is it for a reporter trying to break a story and looking for proof to have their info turned over to all other media?

The open records request system is electronic. I am pretty sure that the system is able to transfer documents for duplicate requests without them having to be uploaded all over again. I think Sylvia Firth either doesn't want to understand that or is too dumb to understand that.


Don't insult my intelligence and then go on to prove you have none. You don't even understand the basic operation of the law. You also don't understand how they gather documents. It's time for you to sit in the corner quietly while the adults talk.

Who cares, obviously you didn't about learning to read and comprehend.

Catch up with basic reading classes.

David K, because I disagree with you, you go into attack mode? I understand the law fully. And I do understand how they gather documents because I called on a request one day and talked to the young lady who explained the system to me.

DavidK and his 'lil friend Tolbert do not like it when people disagree with them.

Dude, just run for something.

I'll vote for you out of sympathy- dinner plates.

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