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March 28, 2017


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Not a Democrat, but I am voting for David Saucedo!

I like Saucedo too.

Saucedo sounds ok to me but Dee Margo has the advantage.

Margo. I'm a progressive Democrat, but I'd rather vote for a Republican who's upfront about who they are and has some political experience over a Republican who pretends to be a progressive for votes.

Just remembered Jaime Perez is running. I always vote for the Libertarian.

Thinking of David Saucedo maybe Jaime O. Perez. NOT EVER A DUMMY LIKE DEE MARGO.

Dee Margo is the only candidate with the executive experience in both private industry and government, the presence to represent El Paso as Mayor, and has the ability to control our City Council representatives.

Chuy de la O.

David Saucedo left his base with his Progressive stance on immigration. I was going to vote for him, even after his horrible boxing commercial, but I like countless other republicans will never support a candidate that is advocating for the resistance of Federal immigration policy.

I got the Margo flyer in the mail. I think there were probably 400 words on the thing and atleast 5 of the sentences were the same dopey '30 years of business experience' Correct me if I am wrong but didn't he marry into the family that owned the company and just handed him the keys to a multi-million dollar business that was pretty self sufficient? Correct me if I am wrong, I am new to El Paso Politics. No idea who I am going to vote for but most likely will not vote.

Confirmation Bias, you are wrong. He did not get handed a multi-million dollar business. He got a small to medium sized insurance company and built it into a million dollar agency. Margo took what his wife inherited and multiplied several times over. He is a good businessman.

My vote: either Margo or Acosta. Not sure Saucedo is ready for the job. It took Leesor several years to exhibit any leadership and I would hate for our city to go through that again. Neither Acosta nor Margo will be afraid to bring council to order.I only wish my District 2 had better candidates.

Certainly not the kid. Not after his failed management of the Boys/Girls club and amateurish video.

Forget Emma, anyone that even thinks of her as having leadership or management skills obviously have lost common sense. She is a user and opportunist.

That leaves Dee, some light baggage but he does have experience, management skills and maturity. He will get my vote.

Any Republican that votes for a Republican just because is just as stupid as Democrats voting for Democrats just because.

ARTELEJO. Is therefore; the best and only choose. Trump won by DRAINING THE SWAM, Mr. Artelejo will win by GIVING EL PASO CITY GOVERNMENT AN ENEMA.

Emma Acosta can no more lead and manage the council than the man in the moon. She is not an honest person.

Deez Nuts 2017

Some of you need to reconsider David Saucedo! He will be at the Puff Hookah Lounge tonight at 6:00. Stop by and listen to what he has to say & see if you don't think he offers something different than the typical Mayoral candidate.

Ken, yourr choice but most people cannot forget or overlook his Boys/Girls club mismanagement that left employees without pay. Just as bad, he was the director and didn't know about the problem.

That's a serious flaw. His smooth talk will not undo this.

Lou Holtz.

Saucedo was the chair of the Boys and Girls club. Not an employee. The CEO at that time over staffed which eats into cash flow. Non profit board members do not typically see or control daily spending and the hiring of support staff. In the news it was reported he resigned from the Board 6 months before the club went broke. I don't see the connection.

Anybody but Margo.

Did mayor candidate Jaime get a magic make over? He sure looks different these days, from his last runs for elective office. With that cowboy hat and belt buckle, it looks like he's taken on that John Cook, LBJ, Texas look.

Wonder if his current run for mayor is just a tune up for a run for Beto's or Jose's office?

I must be confused about the purpose of being chair of a board and oversight.

Must have been a coffee and donuts get together. Don't read, just sign ! Don't ask questions, just shut up and agree! Preparation for board meetings is only know to stay awake and just sit there for an hour.

This mayor candidate Jorge, the one with the Albert Einstein hair cut, and who in the past has run for office a number of times, what percent of voters will he suck off in this election? Will it be 1 per cent, or more, or less? What's your guess?

Old Fart Primo, the first & original -- Jorge Artelejo needs to stay with substitute teaching. He vomits meaningless words and makes no eye contact. Kinda scary.

Old Fart Primo, I will cease to use your great title.

Thank you for the loan.

To 'Former old fart,' thanks and glad you found the 'Old Fart' moniker colorful and helpful.

Which city representative district does David Saucedo live in? From the public name exposure he is getting in this mayor's race, if he does not win, seems he might make an interesting candidate for either a city representative or commissioner court run.

What is your take on Charlie Stapler, Elisa Morales, and the former Texas Western basketball star Cager? Is there city representative or county commissioner potential here?

unfortunately, your list doesn't stir up any excitement.

Elisa might be a city rep some day. For some reason she feels being a political staffer prepares one to manage a city. Needs to develop maturity, rinse the current pie eyed ideology out of her system. Decide if she running to serve El Paso or Juarez.

I don't understand it most of the candidates in El Paso start by telling us about the needs of Juarez and uninvited guests. The residents of El Paso are always a second thought. Go campaign for office in Juarez and then address their issues.

Lard hair, need a shower candidate needs to clean up and being a wanna be novella actor. He's a good speaker, not great. Put a plaid blazer and bright yellow shirt on him, great for used car lot. He will say anything to get the vote. He lost me when the story of him being the chairman of the Boys/Girls club and not know they were broke ! Was he a front for the CEO, in true El Paso style?

Dee is the best of the lot and that is tolerable. He has maturity, common sense, management experience, businessman.His political ties are a problem.

Unfortunately it doesn't really matter because the WS,Fs and Hs tell all the office holders what to do.

Dee Margo is far from having any common sense. He is not intelligent and does NOT have a lot to be desired. We need a true Mayor here in El Paso, not a make believe of a man.

Oh a make believe man, you have been in El Paso way too long and can no longer tell the difference.

Come on Lupe, don't be so poopie. If you don't like Margo, fine, that's your business. But he's certainly a hell of a lot more intelligent than you are willing to give him credit for.

Lupe - you should at least minimize that axe you have to grind with Dee Margo. I am not voting for him, but to say he has no common sense is to show you are not objective or really don't know the man!

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