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March 16, 2017


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"The truth is that this "emergency level need" (as one insider described it to me) proves that the list of streets slated for improvement isn't what you guys claimed - set in stone and the law of the land."

And your 'lil friend Tolbert is the lead whiney moron. How you can still support him is a mystery.

Have to agree with "abandon hope". You seem to forget TOLBERT was the one that raised this issue. He was dead wrong.

El Paso needs these quality of life projects. Wilson and her CFO did a number by giving out bad numbers and costing the taxpayers a lot of money by holding off on the bonds because of the election. This city manager and CFO fixed a lot of that mess, so I say give them the chance to be the city we can be. We need to grow the business tax base and to do that, we need to attract businesses.

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