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April 05, 2017


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Niland sold her house too Oscar Leesor. Did she wait this long to resign so Leesor could appoint her replacement or is that even in the rules ? Is that even possible ?

She did not sell her house to Oscar Leeser. She sold it to his daughter. Oscar bought his daughter's house. Get your facts straight.

who cares, whats the difference if she sold it to his daughter and then he bought his daughter's house. You can bet he was involved. However, i went back and read what David wrote and it appears her spot would be voted on in the June runoff elections window , therefore, it doesnt matter.

I thought it was hilarious that even as she is quitting, she has to have all the attention on her. The big story of the day should have been the Trump thing. Instead it was the rich white lady's exile from neverland. An attention diva to the very end. By the way where was all this sympathy when members of council and staff lost parents and had health issues? Don't feel bad for her, she wouldn't feel bad about you for one second. Ask all the assistants shes fired.

Mayor Lesser buying his daughters house is nothing more than a father helping his daughter free up equity fast so she could buy another house.

There is no guarantee that there will be a mayoral run-off in June. Scheduling it this quick is a disservice to everyone, unless of course they already have a candidate ready to step in. Kinda like the stunt the Escobar pulled in trying to stick us with Cook. IMHO that's the bigger crisis.

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