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April 25, 2017


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A wall would look much nicer than a chain link fence adorned with concerntina wire. You could have all the Hal Marcus and Chicano murals in the world.



artalejo appears to be spending much time in district 2.

District 8 candidate Robert Cormell sounds like the best of the bunch to me. He ran for mayor a while back, but lost to Oscar Leeser. The guy has operated successful businesses in the past. And he's run a non-profit on the eastside for a long while. He's got actual business experience (those bagels were goooood) and has been involved in the community. I can vote for that.

Who is the Pellicano guy running in one of the districts ? A Jaime Abeytia posted something on Max Powers blog about him, however, that makes me cringe at voting for him for the fact that the Jaime guy supports him. Just wondered if he was related to the developer who developed a few of the areas around Vista Hills C.C. back in the 70's. The developer the street is named for on the East side. And for all you Mexicans who thought some Gringo or Pocho misspelled Pelicano(like the bird)that is not what happened. He name Italian and it is spelled correctly. Pellicano with 2 l's.

The Times is a shell of it's former self, and it's circulation is now so low, that it might be afraid to offend what readers it still has. Look at how it handled the the position of mayor.

In a tv debate one mayor candidate said he was glad not to get the paper's endorsement.

Susie Byrd cannot give orders to Bob Moore. He gets his orders from USA Today. They are the ones that bought out the Times.

The paper did not endorse Tolbert, right? And this is because of Byrd. It has nothing to do with the fact that Tolbert has a lot of issues.

I've noticed that Open-Borders-Beto has toned down his talk to the folks in Round Rock and Dallas. He actually sounds moderate again. I have never understood how open borders would work anyway.

One last thought -- I'm voting for that guy that's going to win the mayoral race despite the fact that Abeytia keeps trying to make the race about who is a democrat.

This is a non-partisan race.

I follow the evidence and report the truth. Not just a version of the truth BUT THE TRUTH! Did I mention that I got a Ben Bradlee award? You guys can all pretty much blow me.

Never pay attention to endorsements, I've always studied the candidate and their platform.

This is what's wrong with El Paso, never bother to get informed and wait for a family member to tell them which candidate should get the vote.

I get asked a lot to suggest a candidate. I don't know much more than you. I pick whomever promotes what a city needs. It boils down what do YOU expect from a candidate. Not which party or leanings.

"Just a vagina" count me not voting for Tolbert now if these are the kind of friends he keeps.

Seriously: What?!? You must have misread the post. Everyone knows Byrd has disowned Tolbert and run her own candidate as well as others in the city elections - all women. DavidK was pointing out that if you want Byrd's support then you have to be "just a vagina". Tolbert doesn't have anything to do with that. I think it's great Tolbert has distanced himself from Byrd and Escobar. They were a bad influence on him.

Jud Burgess is the only candidate that is a conservative. He may be angry, but at least he is an angry conservative. The Vagina will take orders from Byrd on what to vote on to spend more money. Tolbert blew his time on going after the CM and the rep he replaced and on getting free meals. Burgess is the opposite of the other 2 and that is a good thing IMHO.

One small addition to this piece. Speaking about a border wall, please be informed that we have not "had one for ever." We used to be able to drive down Riverside Drive, for instance, all the way to its end, then drive over the levee, and picnic all up and down the bottom land of the Rio Grande. There was grass and huge Cottonwoods dotted the area. There was even, occasionally, water in the river! So, no, we have not had a wall all that long. I will agree that the current wall does not hamper commerce, but the long lines and the meticulous screening by agents of our gestapo-like CBP certainly does slow things down. Yugely.

Mr. Dungan -- Yes, we did used to have a relaxed border. Unfortunately, Mexico no longer maintains a healthy enough economy to provide for up to 30% of its population. That's the percentage that, according to a recent Pew Research pole, want to come to the US either legally or, more likely, illegally. Oops, I mean in an undocumented manner. Unfortunately, no one running for D2 understand how important secure borders are.

Get informed,THANK YOU! You exactly right. And with social media, everyone has a better opportunity of watching the debates. Channel 9 did great with their Facebook live coverage and it is easy to go back and watch if you missed when they were live. Even Jaime Abeytia has contributed video.

Count de Monét, Burgess is a nut. Watch the video of him at the council meeting and read his posts. We do not need any more dysfunction with council. I have to eat my words, because even with all of his baggage, Tolbert seems the best choice.

Judd Burgess is a handsome young man with beautiful skin. Tolbert is weird and sweaty and blotchy. The choice is clear.

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