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April 03, 2017


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If the witch is elected, then the district deserves to be razed!

Like a true El Paso politician, she is more concerned with representing Juarez than El Paso. I would be curious as to her supporters and type of support. It could be an interesting connection.

Blanco would be a better choice but he too is more concerned with Juarez.

Cook as a commissioner, guess he wants to finish the destruction of the area.

Vince Perez is the dark horse candidate.

He knows D.C. and now that he is married he needs income. With the money he would earn as a Congressman, Claudia wouldn't have to work. She hang in D.C. and "work" at a non-profit.

That Vince is surrounded by super sharp political consultants.



City leaders are so obsessed with dumping our tax dollars into downtown and the disastrous arena project, that they can’t see beyond DWNTWN.

It’s obvious that most El Pasoans DO NOT WANT an arena period.

The $180,000,000 price tag is just the beginning. They haven’t included yearly maintenance, major parking and traffic issues that need to addressed, and what is sure to be an under-estimated cost to build.

I’ve been against building the arena in favor of better options and tax savings/or use of tax savings for infrastructure needs for months now, and that is one of my campaign talking points while everyone else is still stuck on where to drop this “bad ideas of bad ideas.”

Click on the link to my much better world-class Latino Cultural Center in Lincoln Park option which actually saves us $80,000,000 in taxes that we can use to pave our streets and light our neighborhoods while killing the arena and building the LCC.


Here's what I'm wondering. What happens if Beto loses to Castro (assuming he runs) in the primary? Will he go for one more term in the House? And how will that shake things up?

Alfredo, good point. But if he runs for the senate, while keeping a toe hold in his current representative seat, is that basically saying he is just another run of the mill politicain, really no different from the rest of the long termer herd?

Seems like Castro, and his brother, bring greater name exposure simply from were they live in the state. Beto seems to have nothing lose in this race, plus he will come away with good name exposure as an up and coming Democrat. Would his background provide valuable in a Democratic administration for a political appointee office?

Would Carlos Leon make a viable candidate for the County Judge position?

Beto can't be on the ballot twice.

You're welcome,


Max, of course not. That's why if he wins the Senate primary (or has no opponent) he can't run for the House again. But what if he gets eliminated in the Senate primary and doesn't face a challenger in the House? I'll admit it's highly unlikely but it's interesting to speculate.

He would have to run as an independent.



I promise you that I will MOVE if Escobar is elected to the House. I can hardly stand her as Judge. In the House, we would be exposed to her "Mexicans First" agenda every time she could score an interview. Can we please have another viable candidate???

Any intel you can share on the out-of-towners coming to protest the arena? If it happens, this could be big.

Saucedo lives in District 1.

Jud, so you think you should disregard all of the voters who voted for the arena?

Escobar would be a good candidate for Congress and Beto for State Senate. They have a future. Both are educated and carry themselves well. As far as Cook coming back to be County Judge he should give it up NOW! He is the one that could only raise property taxes every year and left it to carry on. He thinks that all El Pasoans should be rich and famous and to hell with the poor. Sorry, I just cannot see him coming back, ugh!

Smart, strategic move by Cook on yesterday's announcement of interest to run for the County Judge's position. It will suck up a lot of early, free media attention. Cook is a hard campaigner, plus has kept his name exposed with that failed, state wide run for land commissioner. Cook is no dummy and certainly should not be under estimated.

Lupe's above concerns are certainly valid. Now that voters know all those QOL bond project cost estimates were understated, will voters hold that against Cook? And would he consider bringing JW back to run the administrative side of the county?

It will certainly be interesting to see who else jumps into these different races.

David, have you teamed up with the Russians? You don't even live in El Paso yet you're planting havoc seeds to see what grows.

lol, old fart. either stop smelling your own farts or do it down wind.

It's the only explanation for your admiration for crook.

Good morning 'Squeeze nostrils,' so glad I was able to provide a cure for your post nasal drip.

Cook might also make an equally good candidate for to replace Beto, should Saint Veronica decide not to run. He's a Vietnam war vet, so would have good knowledge of the value of Fort Bliss and the local VA. As a former city representative and former mayor, he certainly has solid knowledge of border issues, along with an good understanding of how federal dollars help local communities.

Smart, smart move by El Cookie, who apparently still has a 'lot of gas in his tank,' and is not ready to ride off into the sunset singing "Happy Trails."

lol, like your return serve.

Cook has a military history that is known throughout the veterans community. One that should be scrunitized before deciding.

Don't forget his infamous statement that to vote against the partners insurance would be a vote against her. Notice not one word about the gays. His daughter was unmarried, children and a live in unemployed paramour. She married shortly afterwards.

He flipped flopped his facts of why city hall was demolished. According to him, the building needed minor repairs not anything that indicated the building beyond repair.

His constant meddling in the affairs of a sovereign nation, obsessed focus on Juarez while ignoring El Paso. He corrupted the Sister city program ! It was never met for nations to meddle in matters of state.

His traveling vaudeville act is an embarrassement to the area. Also instead of welcoming of the President with the Key to the city, on national news he gives him his sauce. A sauce that he wanted to market and set up a nonprofit and be the director. The proceeds were to be used to help veterans. Sounds noble until one realizes that as a director, he could. decide his own salary.

Old fart, too much baggage.

'Squeeze nostrils,' you just gave a concise list of negatives in El Cookie's run in this County Judge's race. Earlier in her above post, Lupe also astutely listed some Cook negatives.

Two negatives you forgo are:, we got stuck with that damn Times building, and he wanted taxpayers to pay for that lawsuit that council never approved.

I would certainly be interested in hearing some additional possible names for this County Judge's race. Earlier I had asked if County Commissioner Leon might be a viable candidate?

Since I'm not voting for a saint, but only a human being; and until others decide to announce, for me El Cookie would be a more viable candidate for Beto's Congressional seat, than Saint Veronica.

With Niland resigning, this election season is now becoming much more interesting.

Thanks for the list of negatives you submitted on El Cookie.

I am surprised Perez is staying silent on a run for CJ. For a good candidate, we should look outside the usual suspects. Which is one of the reasons El Paso stays in a rut. Small gene pool and inter marriage creates what ?

If the broom woman was to get elected to congress I would strongly encourage a modern day Pancho Villa attack on El Paso. Who knows Aberdimerjaber of Tehran is looking for a job. Can't do any worse than our selections. We have a broom woman style of sharia law anyway, Juarezism.

Don't mean to sound negative just believe in reading the fine print before signing. I omitted several things about cook as it would take an entire page.

Glad to see County Commissioner Perez, take up the battle against El Paso Electric, on behalf of home and business solar customers. Perez is a very good policy wonk, who certainly doesn't mind digging into the details of policy.

At this time not sure the timing is right for a County Judge position run, but he is well, well qualified for a Texas House run.

He's not a flashy guy, just solid and smart.

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