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April 27, 2017


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there are plenty of tolbert signs in manhattan heights and some jud burges signs by the railroad tracks. marisa marquez old house has a dee margo sign too. tolbert actually went to every house on good friday.....and saturday....jud, never heard if he came by

Funny, your 'lil friend Tolbert ran on getting rid of the City Manager who is city staff. Does your declaration about candidates making promises about staff apply to the fair-haired boy?

AH: your comment is not the same thing. This is about someone spreading a falsehood about an individual who has made a decision to stay or go based on who wins the seat. No one is suggesting a city employee be fired because of an election outcome.

Judy is a very nice and well liked person.

She was also Byrd's assistant for 8 years the she worked for Romero and now Representative Tolbert.

She is very dedicated to D2 so it is unlikely she would refuse to work for a Byrd candidate, if that is who wins.

Maybe Judy said that because she might not like the Byrd candidate at all - but likes the others. Ever think of that?

Who Cares - I can guarantee that it doesn't matter who Judy likes or doesn't like. She's a long time City employee. Like all government employees, she is used to elected official changeovers. I really doubt she will refuse to work for any specific person. She's much more professional than that.

Also what is the ethics complaint here? Seems like she's the only one in the race who hasn't been threatened by this, so you're pulling at strings...

Just for disclosure's sake: David's mother contributed $784.81 to Tolbert's campaign. Why doesn't David ever address this contribution?

Jose - It's more like $1500 she has contributed this time. Tolbert also has generous contributions from Woody Hunt, Paul Foster, Robert and Randall Bowling, Stanley Jobe and others, amounting to over $13,000. Alexandra Annello has a recent generous contribution from Steve Ortega and the Jose Rodriguez Campaign.

If I were voting in District 2, I’d give Jud Burgess a chance. Have never met him, but I like that he has been a business owner, raised a family and is not indebted to campaign contributors.

Check out the figures at this website and make your decision.


damn ^^^^ the usual suspects giving nice amounts of dough to tolbert. stadium, arena, the mountain.....

The senator and his wife are in serious opposition of the arena site, it makes sense they would support Annello. As for Jud, listen to that guy, it's always " I, I, me". No thanks.

Seriously ? and Tolbert's not ? What about the free steak he didnt get ?

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