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April 10, 2017


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David, broom lady has a lot enemies and incompetent. No way she will win. But if you're correct, there goes the neighborhood. She embarrassed herself and El Paso with her Barnie Fife moment. When she reminded Senator Mc Cain, at a Washington hearing, that she is a COUNTY JUDGE !
I suppose she meant to show the world that she is powerful. Maybe in El Paso but that's it.

Cesar would be a much better choice. He knows the Congressional system and tactful. I don't really like his politics but I hate broom woman's. Plus he knows to maneuver to get a consensus whereas the self legend brow beats everyone.

Let's wait and see who else makes a run. It's a bit early to pick a winner. However, all potential candidates should start now with fundraising, organizing, etc. Don't do the El Paso thing of waiting till 90 days prior to get started.

We need new people and new ideas not the politically inbred crowd that eventually occupies every office in El Paso.

Blanco took way too big a pay cut to be a state legislator. Being a Congressman would get Cesar back to his usual standard of living. The opportunity is too good to pass up. Blanco surrounded by veterans on his announcement wins without even having knocked on a door.



Max, I would agree with but he needs to show substance for his efforts to help veterans. Year round not just election season.

He needs to develop more veteran issues than the Tx education benefit. And he needs to run on the basis of what he can do for El Paso not focused on Juarez's issue. But, they all run for proxy office in Juarez.

To get my vote, all Blanco has to do is run. I will campaign like mad to keep Escobar out of Washington. She is El Paso's worst nightmare.

David, where the do you get your info? Lol. Let me help you out. 1) The party would much rather back Blanco than Escobar. Beto, Susie, and Vero have very much distanced themselves from the local dems. 2) You give the local dems way too much credit. They are nowhere near as influential and organized as you would think. 3) As Max said, Blanco would easily defeat Escobar. Escobar's best play is to somehow convince him not to run.

And then of course the local Dems would take credit for winning Blanco's race. You know for every elected official in town, I come across like 10 people that say they single handily won that race.

Too many people do NOT understand that the Democratic Party has divided completely. You have the people that are with Norma Chavez, people with Paul Moreno, people that are not involved and many other factors. There is too much corruption and I will tell you that there are too many people that are Republicans than turn to the Democratic Party and say they have turned against being Republican. Of course when they VOTE they still vote R. And that is where there is so much against Beto, Susie, Veronica and so on and on. Do not underestimate them. They are professionals that know how to do their job. These people do what they want to help the people in El Paso. Beto has done much for the veterans and he votes his conscious and does what he thinks is best. That is the way these people operate. There is no way that Blanco could win he takes his orders from either Chavez or Moreno. So don't be so jealous of those that do good. And if you will notice, that if Susie Byrd writes anything, she is not afraid of using her name. She does not hide behind a name that fiction.

Lupe, you are gullible or confused or paid or drone or stupid or insane or brainwashed or liar.

Take your choice any one or more would accurately describe you. I feel sorry for you. You truly require a months on a Happy Farm.

Lmao! Blanco takes his orders from Chavez and Morneno! Hahahahahahaha

All Blanco would have to do is post Billboards everywhere about Escobar's 30k(?) raise along with the failed Children's Hospital and Valenti debacle. That would kill her. Nobody liked the raise she gave herself just like nobody liked Tommy's raise. The raise alone could knock her out.

You must really be a wimp and Not have the balls it takes to be a man. Use your real name instead of using a fake name. I am a very experienced senior citizen that talks the talk and walks the walk. I really have an inkling of who you are. You have lost every time you run for office. And I am strong enough to use my real name and not hide behind a fake name.

As far as being sorry for me, DON"T BE. GOD LOVES ME AND THAT IS ALL I NEED.

Oh, if you know my identity no need in using my real name.

You do a lot of talking, none of it makes sense. But, then dogs bark and they do it with purpose.

Experienced senior citizen ? I submit by the time one is a senior they should be experienced in something. In your case jibberish.

Not casting stones, but take another look at the Ten Commandments.

I have seen the 10 commandments and do know what I am talking about. You are still a WIMP because you do not know how to stop being a WIMP. J.T. or J.P. are probably who I am talking about. Besides if you were any good at throwing innuendoes than why would you want to continue to say I am full of jibberish. I do know what I am talking about. Not only that I still stand by Beto, Veronica, Susie and Shapleigh. They are much better people than you or me and smarter too. Another thing is that you are still hiding behind fake names. NOT me cause I use my whole name. And I do not go around insulting elderly people without provocation.

Oh let's hide behind the age thing.

Your heros might be smarter and better than you but don't speak for the rest of us.

You are still hiding behind your fake name so what is the difference, WIMP?

By the way I am not speaking for anyone other than you. You are not as smart as you think and do not know where you stand, know yourself or anything else. A wimp will always hide behind something or mommies apron strings. Afraid that someone will say something bad about them/

So now you don't speak for yourself only me. Since you speak for me I have need to explain anything.

My mother didn't wear an apron. If you want to drag your mother thru your mud we can do that. Just letting you know.

I am so scared of your jibberish, yawn, boring. Go ask your con artists what to do next.

My mother has been dead since I was 12 years old. Wimp, wimp, wimp you must be talking about yourself. Most of the time you do not know how to spell or skip words and make senseless jibberish three times more than I do. And you have more education, LOL!!! OH! and don't forget, I only speak for myself and what I think about YOU! And when I make a mistake and know it, I have the guts to say it. And you are very boring, and like to throw people under the bus. That is one reason no one ever votes for you. How many times have you lost already. LOL!!! And at least I have the courage to use my name and not just a fake name.

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