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May 10, 2017


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Why does Susie Byrd hate successful black men i.e. Chief Allen?

Was it because of something that happened while she was at Emory?

Or to be more precise because of what did NOT happen while she lived in Atlanta...no black man wanted to sleep with a dirty bird?



Exactly Max. I will never figure out what Byrd and Escobar (and Stout) were trying to accomplish other than to embarrass themselves.

Susie thinks she is a power broker and can control EPISD, EP County and City Council. She was indoctrinated by Caballero - drank the koolaid.

I read your link to Abeytia's blog. So funny the stuff he says about DavidK. There is a reason I don't read his blog because he has zero credibility and we all know he is a lap dog to whatever politico will talk to him. And for whatever reason he will never understand the reason why people write blogs. He is totally clueless about that. Apparently it is some kind of sin for friends of a candidate to openly support them. Somehow that is collusion or something in Abeytia's thinking.

Everyone knows Claudia can't form a coherent thought without someone texting it to her. She is a sad puppet controlled by large Mexican men.

What is it with you and Abeytia?!

You two have onion-paper skin and egos as fragile as abuelita’s fine china.

You both have a big red button in the middle of your foreheads that says “PUSH ME” and when someone presses that button you go off like a four-year old who just got his Menchie’s taken away.

It’s gotten to where I read your blogs more for the rants than for the actual substance…not to mention the chicken-shit commenters who are too scared to put real first and last names.

Your “Short open letter to Jud Burgess” was a classic, unhinged and megalomaniacal rant fueled by blind rage at a perceived slight. It was regarding a different David who spent his time hurling insults my way without the guts to reveal himself. I called him on it and you went ballistic, thinking I was directing my comments towards you. After you posted that very long, short open letter a couple of your readers even informed you that I was talking about a different David.

Much ado about nothing but you did show all the local pols and media your tendency for knee-jerk writing. I was embarrassed for you.

But it was entertaining, I’ll give you that.

And then there’s Jaime Abeytia – The Omnipotent Blogger come down from the Lionstar.

Don’t let that imposing frame and 10 inch cigar fool you, when it comes to having his feelings hurt he’s Virginia Slims.

He screens all his comments because he knows if he was to allow unfiltered replies on his blog he would never hear the end of it. That would explain why he only averages 2 or 3 comments per post.

Jaime and I have had a couple of online tiffs and he always resorts to his famous “Go “F” yourself” line when he can’t stand the heat anymore.

You two need to get a grip.

By the way, you give Susie Byrd way too much credit.

99% of District 2 doesn’t know anything meaningful about her.

Most probably think she’s a children’s book they read when they were kids.

So Jud Burgess proves yet again that he is mentally unhinged. I post with my name, but I DO NOT meet up with people who seem to have anger management issues.

wow went to love to hate to incoherent faster than a drake record

Oh Jud... the original thin skin guy calling everyone out as thin skinned is as funny as a Trump tweet these days. And you accuse of knee-jerk writing! ha. So funny. I mean, are you trying to make a joke here are you so unaware of yourself that you believe you're in a position to make those calls?

All the local pols and media know all about my writing - more than ten years now they've all been fervently hitting refresh staring at this blog. But hey, you're not into facts and details, so I won't bore you with them.

Thanks for reading.

Jud Burgess is right. Just look at the length of this latest post. Don't have to read it to know DavidK has become Martin Paredes in white boy pants.

"The guy who doesn't let anyone comment on his blog."Kind of like you David!

Thomas... it seems you are commenting on my blog. Yes, I have removed your vulgar and violent posts in the past because the company that owns this platform asked me to.

Abandon hope,

yet you still read daily. And Jud burgess is never right - he's just obnoxious. Big difference.

You are a lair as always David, the platform owner never asked you to take down my post! I took you out behind the wood shed and gave you a good ole spanking and you could not handle it. Never once said anything violent or was any threats made of violence to any one. Once again you are being dishonest as usual. I only posted here because we used another e-mail address not our normal one and yes David we knew how to post by using another e-mail address a couple of years ago.
Just look at your post here can't get much vulgar than that.This is just one example:
"After I called him out on Facebook for lying about me being a "hypocrite" because my parents are in a picture with Jim Tolbert (at a fucking dinner they invited him to - he's too dense to realize that)." So David you can be as vulgar as you want and the platform owners let you do as you wish?The platform owners have double standard just for little David?
Then again you have the same issue as Jaime you both think you are super geniuses and your not Pinky!


Thomas, as much as we don't like some of the things David K does or say, it's his blog.

Horseless Jockey
David is the one who is always claiming is is wearing his big boy panties when most times he is wearing his pampers to keep the shit from running down his legs. David is a coward. The only real blogger for El Paso who as any balls is Martin. Nope do not agree with with a lot Martin post but he doesn't run away like David and Jaime from those who post to his blog that give strong opinions by banning them from posting to his blogs. As I said before David is nutless and gutless and David you were given the chance too come speak to me face to face any time you happen to be in El Paso. David is like Jaime they have to control or at least have the delusion they themselves control the narrative.

Oh there is one thing I do agree with David on is his parents are honest and honorable people and have heard Jaime say as much also others I know who know David's parents but clearly it did not rub off on David.
Also before you once again try and fly the violence non-sense a couple of years ago we were in arms length of you in passing and you did not even know it. Me jumping on David would be like Mr. Roarke kicking the crap out of Tatto on Fantasy Island then again David does live in a fantasy about his big boy panties!

Sounds like Thomas has some sort of weird obsession with DavidK. Not healthy. Why would Thomas torture himself by reading this blog if he thinks its horrible and full of lies. I don't get it.

Read most the blogs in El Paso Go Away Abeytia! Childish attempt to look smart and suck up to David, guess that goes along with your screen name speaking of weird obsessions.! Go change your diapers,and bring David a change too! Geeez!!


You lost your mind and threatened people in the comments section of my blog. You slandered people. They contacted my blog provider. I was told to block you and remove the posts. You're not a stable person and are likely capable of violence. It won't be long before you write something I have to remove again and they will block you again.

You took me behind the wood shed and I found out you're crazy.


Nope David not true little boy! Oh you just slandered me publicly. Never once David have I been arrested or every even remotely charged with a violent crime or have I ever been brought before a court and found mentally incompetent. Little boy you can do a records search and you can't even find where I was ever issue even a single speeding ticket.Little boy I have been looked at under a microscope by law enforcement and oh the intelligence community and they could not find nothing on me of substance, zero but you claim you have such proof. Once again David show proof of what you claim the truth is but I know you want and you can't. Then you on the other hand have a record.

David I challenge you to show proof of what you claimed. Put it up little boy for all the world to see! We want to see where we have had charges brought for a violent crime or even found guilty of such a crime. Show the proof David, you are coward and gutless if you do not and you lose any remaining little credibility you have left as being some one who tells the truth. Also in the passed you claimed you had other information about me please put that up too. David you are being called out and it time to put up or shut the fuck up. How about it little Boy! No what little super genius David says but documented proof!

As one of several El Paso internet bloggers commenting on local issues, the Lion who was a KTSM TV election night guest commenter, possibly might be the Hispanic Krauthammer.

Pretty sad that local print and electronic media give Lionstar Abeytia any press, credit or acknowledgement that he is some sort of political pundit. Since our local media is too inept to understand, seek out and report real political news they have resorted to reading Lionstar blog and using that for their political coverage. I would prefer Greg Rocha over Abeytia.

Jud burgess, the one who disowned a family member who came out as gay? hahaha. this jud fool lost to anello and she didnt spend half the money he did.

Just a thot, quit thinking, Jud's campaign finances were very low. He spent hardly anything. Susie probably spent more on meals with Anello.

Just a thot — WHAT?!!!

One of my daughters is gay and I along with my wife and kids have done nothing but support her in every way possible. Publicly. She is an incredible human being and she is graduating from an Ivy League university this month.

I brag on her every chance I get.

I have written guest columns for the El Paso Times that reflect my absolute support for LGBTQ issues.



Here’s a thought “Just a thot” — READ

I wrote a great article about the EPISD scandal in today's paper. Check it out.

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