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May 15, 2017


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So they "walked" over to the Plaza and probably talked about all kinds of city business and then had a photo op. Too funny!

Jesus. What's up with Lily Limon's pinkie finger?

Maybe their frustration and failures are related to being horny.

Niland is looking good these days.

Fun fact but photo ops, and other public events are excluded from walking quorum and meeting notification regulations. Apparently whoever wrote those laws thought it would be stupid to set things up so that any time you had some random public event you ran the risk of getting all your council in trouble.

That's not to say there couldn't be any incidental discussions about policy/agenda items, but I've been to city council and listened to them before and after meetings, and when they aren't talking about agenda items, most folks on council just chat about life and random stuff (*gasp* shocking, I know!).

It's not impossible that they could violate the open meeting rules, but I don't find it hard to believe that they'd just be walking along bullshitting with each other and their staff on their way to take the photo.

Dr Noe seems to be the only one who knows the UTEP pickaxe signal

Niland is flashing UT's Hook 'em Horns

Everyone else appears to be doing a really bad version of Little Bunny Foo Foo.

Except for Svarzbein who seems to be giving the universal sign for "stroking oneself"

IMHO Good pic axe from Noe. Peter looks like he is hitch hiking with that thumb which he probably would be doing if he didnt have this job. Either that or trying to stick a thumb in the Doctor's eye. Maybe trying to get even for his last prostate exam. Emma's looks thumb's up like yeah bitches im still getting 90k a year even though I lost. Niland has lost some weight and looking good. Damn. Leeser protecting himself from the sun. Good luck Mayor. Limon showing how wide her ass is compared to everyone else's. Is Carl giving the black power fist ? Ordaz looks like she is asking for a handout, but still looks hot. It looks like Tolbert( cant see his eyes for the glasses) is telling us how long his is at the instant after the great view Ordaz's arse.

limons pinky looks like a sausage. what a loser

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