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May 18, 2017


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Aren't some of the city reps and mayor being investigated by Tx Rangers ?
Perhaps you can explain.

who's on first,

Due to bad reporting by the local media that story has been twisted. The only thing that ever happened was that the district attorney asked the Texas Rangers to investigate. There is no indication that the Texas Rangers accepted the request and opened an investigation. In fact, zero people involved in the incident have ever been contacted by a Texas Ranger or other investigative body outside the city's ethics commission. At least one of the people "under investigation" had their attorney's reach out to the Texas Rangers to cooperate - the Texas Rangers told them they aren't pursuing the matter.

The investigation was invented by Bob Moore at the direction of his bosses - the Shapleigh Campers. There is no investigation. The matter was dropped by the ethics committee. What they did may have looked bad, but was in no way a violation of the law.

However, as Trump has also demonstrated, it is uncommon for law enforcement to actually tell you if you are under investigation until it gets to the point where they are serving search or arrest warrants (think back a few years to how things went down for County Judge Cobos). Really all that any of us know for certain is that the DA asked the Texas Rangers to investigate.

Personally, I agree with you that it is unlikely that there is a full blown Untouchables level of investigation targeting any of the City Council folks over those stupid meetings, but you're trying to equate someone spinning the truth in an election to Tolbert actually going out of his way to break the law and insisting that he be included in meetings that he should have known weren't appropriate.

I used to live in District #2 and I still have quite a few friends who live there and most of them are just really disappointed in all the little stupid things that Tolbert has done in such a short period of time. Really that's the reaction that most folks I've talked to have had, just disappointment at all the self inflicted wounds he's given himself and his district.

Agree with Chuco Geek. I really don't care if the Rangers ever get around to investigating these meetings or not. What I care about is the fact that the meetings even happened. Obviously there was a quorum problem. Obviously those in the meeting knew about the quorum problem. Obviously, once again, Tolbert's ego and poor judgement got in the way. The meetings happened and the purpose of the meetings was to make decisions on a major issue outside of publically posted Council meetings. The Rangers can sit on their hands on top of their horses and do nothing about this if they want, but it happened and should not be shrugged off as political intimidation. DavidK is making that part up.

Not entirely true. The ethics commission did not "drop" the case; they only stated they had no jurisdiction as it was filed.

As much as I dislike Bob Moore, the Times, nor any other media, did not make this up. The text messages and videos speak volumes. They did, in fact, try to circumvent the law by having a rolling quorum.

That being said, it is very sad indeed that even with that hanging over his head, not to mention all of his nastiness, he is still a better candidate than Annello. He seems to have at least stopped following that witch Limon and is behaving better.

Again, District 2 was stuck with the lesser of the evil candidates. Not a good person in the bunch that ran. Byrd was a nightmare and it is not getting better.

This whole "rolling quorum" non-sense is looking at things through a straw.

The only reason you all have this issue is because of something you all should not have to be dealing with...the downtown arena.

"But, but the voters..."

Voters can change their mind.

I am sure if presented again, the voters will in fact change their mind.

Yes, you would spend money on an election.

But even if you spent $1 million on the election you would still save over $200 million.

But hey, let's play small ball here.



There were 4 other elected officials involved in this issue and no one ever mentions them. Tolbert did not set up the meeting with the Arena opponents. Limon did. I guess since Niland, Limon and Leeser are out then it's not a "crime" on their part. So the only one left to pick on is Tolbert. Everyone has forgotten that Peter Svarzbein was part of this "crime". He gets a pass because he is not up for re-election until 2018.

Chuco Greek, we have the same problem with Peter and that name suits him. That guy is a major disappointment. He's there for now, there is some chatter about getting rid of him in the next election.

Max, you only change the subject. Of course lots of people not do not want the arena. That has nothing to do with Tolbert's insistence that he be included in the meeting, as shown by his text messages. The guy has an inferiority complex and a quick temper. Nasty combination. And, no, WC, no one is excusing the other offenders and I hope people remember this when Svarzbein runs. He cannot keep his attention on his district. There are just too many other tempting issues out there. Good grief...he's turning into a Escobar!

Non-sense is trying to claim members of the CC weren't trying to criminally circumvent the open meeting laws. The problem is the DA Esparza who is a scam bag. He has been shown proof over the years of elected and appointed officials committing criminal acts and does nothing. The Progressive Democrats and their buddies know Esparza won't prosecute and they get away with it. This is fact! So what do they have to fear if they violated an open meeting law? Nothing! Oh,Oh,Oh, I know them Texas Rangers are going to get you! Right!A snowball's chance in hell of that happening!
Esparaz worked in the County Court house where criminal activity was taking place and even the County Attorney knew about it but Esparza saw and heard nothing.Speaks volumes! Esparza does what he has done many time in the past throw the Texas Ranger card to make it look like he is doing something to stop the corruption when he is really not.
Hell people in El Paso are so stupid when it comes to Esparza they even paid for him to have his concubine to have a job, in house, in his office. Once again fact! Then again most in El Paso have the long term memory of a gnat when it comes to their elected and appointed officials.

anello is not from district 2. she is renting there so byrd and escoba, the wet mexican broom, can control her puppet strings. big dinner at vayros house last week and all the players were there, except Tolbert. hope he spanks little boston girl

Hopefully everyone in D2 has learned that Susie and Vero will support an elected official up to the point the elected official doesn't follow orders. Seems like they have found another puppet to be the Puppet Master over. I hope D2 residents are smart enough to see the game being played here and vote accordingly.

For voters in D8 - find out which of the 5 candidates running are supported by Susie & Vero and do not vote for that candidate.

D3 - the female candidate is a Susie/Vero candidate. Vote the opposite.

damaged goods - Get your facts right. Annello's finance owns the house they live in in D2.

I disagree, Max. I think you would be surprised at the number of people who support this. Naysayers just scream louder, like maniacs.

Max - The only thing I dislike more than an arena is Council deciding issues behind closed doors. We might as well go back to the good 'ol boy system is this is the way things will be done. If rolling quorums are no big deal this time, let's just repeal the Open Meetings Act and let Council, in their wisdom, dictate.

AH: you must be from another planet. All elected officials at every level discuss issues with other elected officials, line up their votes which includes promising to support the other guy's issue and on and on. It has been happening since Jesus was a kid going to the temple.

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