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May 11, 2017


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As quoted by David K in this post–

“They can only lie to voters to get out the guy they don't like (because he's not a puppet).”

Like I’ve said before, you have a very selective memory.

If memory serves me correctly, Tolbert under the supervision and puppet strings of Byrd got out the guy (Romero) they didn’t like and who stood in his way so that he could fulfill the Byrd agenda.

Everything was going swimmingly UNTIL Tolbert thought for himself and cut his puppet strings and refused to sign a Byrd/Escobar petition to remove Chief Allen.

Unfortunately for Tolbert, he can’t walk a straight line when there aren’t any strings to keep him focused and now he is paying a steep political price for it.

BTW – Nice try to save face for bailing out on your promise to your readers to reveal your juicy secrets about Claudia Perez. I guess they got to you.


Please don't rewrite what I wrote in my blog post in the comments section and then claim it as your own. It's easy to see that you just copied what I wrote...


DavidK -- You insult District 2 voters by saying SusieB can tell them what to think. It hurts to lose, but get over it. Tolbert has sunk his own ship and you are on it with him.

From a D 2 voter ... I tried to like Tolbert but there were just so many blunders. And to top that off, his attitude and bad temper cause him to be unsuited for the job. I don't like the female candidate either and have not decided if I will hold my nose and vote for Tolbert or stay home. And another point... I do not know S Byrd, have never had one of her campaign people approach me nor did Tolbert ask for my vote. So don't blame Tolbert's loss on Byrd. Its a case of 2 bad candidates.

Do you even read the comments before you write your knee-jerk responses David K?

I did NOT claim your quote as my own...in fact if you would read my comment, I attributed the quote to you on the first line and then went on to prove my point that you see things as you want to see them in spite of reality.

Try reading comments slowly and carefully before responding, you’ll save yourself a little embarrassment.

Bingo D2V. Tolbert went after Romero because Romero basically got the City Manager a cheaper price on getting his taxes done and the City Manager got Romero some paving done in his district IMHO. What Romero did isn't really ethical, but if your in District 2 you don't give a shit. Outside of the district your pissed. Tolbert replaces Romero and then goes after the City Manager which was useless. The quorum thing is just bullshit and the in investigation is too. David is correct on that and he did go after Tolbert a little on the Romero-city manager thing because he thinks there is nothing wrong with what Romero did to get streets paved. He supports Tolbert due to family and he is right about Susie not liking what Tolbert did on Chief Allen. Susie brings in some out of towner who looks like she did a little photography work at one time and is a female hispanic who is not a "looker" an she get more votes than anyone in the election.

Tolbert's biggest problem is the Free Steak deal. He acted very "entitled" and acted like a little bitch and i believe this is why he didn't do well more than any other reason. Now if Susie's candidate had been left out of the Steak deal I'm sure she would have complained too, but not for the same reasons as Tolbert. She looks like she hasnt missed many meals in a long time. Aye, why couldn't Susie had run a Melina Castro ?

Jud was the best candidate, but " all work and no money makes Judd a dull boy."

So you either hold your nose and vote for Tolbert or close your eyes and vote for Susie's girl.

Count de Money - I've never said this to anyone, but your comments are sexist. Guess you voted vote for Ortega over Lesser because he looks better. Or, who so you think is fitter - Margo or Saucedo? Really, judging a candidate on not "having missed many meals" (in your words) is pretty shallow. Talk about the issues, please. Talk about what Tolbert stands for, or what Annello says she will do, but please don't diminish this election to body type or gender.

AH, my point was that Susie would never run someone who looks better than her like Ordaz. Its all about control. Susie couldnt control Tolbert on everything. Thus, the new Duff appeared. yes, the comments were sexist, but i was trying to make a point that Susie could have ran a great dane in place of Anello and got the same vote count. She has that many robots in D2.

CDM - Consider the fact that a lot of people in D2 do not like Tolbert. That's part of the reason Annewllo got votes. The other part is that she has knocked on doors and talked to a lot of people. Voters in D2 apparently want change. It has nothing to do with whether SusieB has a candidate or not.

This Annello person is the fiancé of the legislative aide that works for Commissioner David Stout. David Stout and Veronica Escobar and Susie Byrd liken themselves to power brokers. Byrd couldn't find anybody to run against Tolbert after he refused to go against Chief Allen. It appears Stout's loyal employee offered up his girlfriend. D2 will be getting a puppet and I guess that's okay with D2 because that's better than bitchin about a steak dinner. Be careful D2 you could get the next Melina Castro without the looks. In other words, airhead. Susie wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack the 8 years she was D2 rep and she did nothing for the district and neither will this chick.

But Commissioner Stout broke ranks. Bigly. He opposed Duranguito, when Judge Escobar and Commissioner Perez enabled the colonizers. If candidate Annello is aligned with Mr. Stout, that's not a bad thing. Mr. Stout doesn't get a lot of airplay, but his politics make sense. So far.

But I don't endorse candidates. My heart's been broken too many times.

Didn't Stout vote for his and Vero's big raise ? That alone should make up for what Tolbert has done.

Elrichyboy. You have a big hug waiting for you any time you want it. Did I mention that I got a Ben Bradlee award?

Who Cares, you're complaining about Stout and those "power brokers", why don't you mention that Claudia Ordaz is MARRIED to a member of Commissioners Court, one Vincent Perez who is as slimy as they come. Everyone better understand that the connections between city and county government is almost an incestuous relationship. The same players are battling it out constantly.

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