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May 19, 2017


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district 2 neighborhood association members may file a complaint with the texas rangers because suze byrd is harassing them with this anello kid. no one likes her but she did beat the pants off Jud Burgess.

I think you and Jaime need to get a room.

Thank you for giving Susie so much power. Boy you have her down as being more potent than the president.
Needless to say that NO ONE is going to say anything about an investigation. When the investigators go out to do their job, they do not hold a press conference for it. They do what they need to do and do not talk to no one about it. Not until it is over. You can ask all you want a million times and they will not say a thing about it. That is an investigation and you are not the powers that be to ruin their investigation.
If they are doing the investigation so be it and leave them alone. They are hired to do one thing and they do not have to say anything to you or anyone else.

I am the one that started the association in Dist. 2. And no one has been harassing me with Annello. I like that young lady and hope that she will take over Dist. 2. Quit lying for other people when you do not know exactly who and why. This is for damaged goods.

Here is Jaime's reply to David K!
The problem neither of these super geniuses understand the law or who would be responsible for the final decision to bring charges if hypothetically the Texas Rangers followed through with any type of investigation. The final decision to prosecute would fall on who else Jaime Esparza. Then the case could be made that Esparza should recuse himself for his close connection and ties with many in the case and appoint a special prosecutor which will never happen. Esparza no matter what will ever recommend prosecution no matter what any investigation says he will just set on the case until the statue of limitations run out to prosecute.
This is all about which one plays the convenient fool for special interest in El Paso but we think Jaime has David K beat in this area. At least Jaime tends to make something off of playing the convenient fool where David K does it for free.


You're an idiot. By kicking this over to the texas rangers (who rejected the investigation) Esparza recused himself. You can't be this stupid without really trying hard... right?

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