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May 02, 2017


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Best piece I've read in a long time David K. Truthful and telling it like it is.

good assessment.

And what's with Svarzbein and his organizing of a no-fence-welcome-home rally? He has enough problems to deal with in his district. Illegal immigration is a federal issue, not a local issue. All of these rallies and demonstrations are pointless and just stir up hatred from both sides. I was flipped off by an aggressive female dreamer the other day just because I was walking through the plaza where they were demonstrating. What's with all the hostility?

call me that, ill smack you twice. pathetic dinner plates.

Operation Hold the Line was designed as a response not to illegal immigration, but to the high number of car thefts that were happening at the time. Cars were being stolen all over the city and quickly driven into Mexico crossing at the bridges but also across illegal dirt roads.

Once OHTL started, car thefts dropped to typical levels for a city this size. Of course, the insurance rates, which rose in response to the thefts, never dropped.

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