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May 12, 2017


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Without a doubt, Margo would have beat Joe Moody, who won due to the straight-ticket Obama vote. Margo had the respect of and worked well with his fellow state reps from El Paso, all of who were democrats. Straight ticket voting needs to go.

Some people aren't smart enough to push more than one button and they all live here :)

Agree JerryK which is why straight ticket voting can't go away quick enough for me.

IMHO El Paso has lost out on the benefit of far superior candidates and representation as a result of the one punch mentality.

That impact would all depend on the El Paso GOP.

It could make a dent at the County where Democrats argue over who can keep taxes the lowest, Escobar of course being the exception, but if then she also has to pay service to low taxes.

It might make state legislative races a bit more interesting. Still think they wouldn't have a chance at House seats, but Senate COULD be in play.



I am a Democrat, but have not once liked straight ticket voting. People need to learn to vote their conscious. But, when it comes to voting straight ticket it is the Republicans that have been getting voted that way. There should be training of some sort to show people what to look for in a candidate. Back in the time that Reyes was still the congressman, I had a lot of people coming to me and saying how did he win. I asked how did you vote and they would say I was told to punch one button. I let them know that when you do that you vote in people that you don't want. That is why people need to be taught about voting. Whether Democrat or Republican, Libertarian or anything else voting should be for a candidate that is qualified and has the interest of the people at heart. Not because his/her name is Mexican, Anglo, Black or Oriental. There is always a bigger picture to look at.


Well spoken.

Doesn't straight voting help the Republican in the rest of Texas ? So like Max states could be an interesting time.

Yes it does. For about the past 5/10 yrs. that is how Republicans are winning. This is a state wide issue. It seems that some people bought out the votes in other places in TX. Especially in rural areas. So whether a Demo. or Rep. it doesn't matter as long as they push that one button. If the candidate lies or not they get the votes. Now that they are taking it away it is going to be very interesting.

Personally, I have never voted straight ticket, and I would have to say that I don't see it as the apparently grave problem the writer does. For one thing, that is just not the problem. The problem is that we always have too many candidates running, especially for the local judicial seats, unopposed. How can you say you made a choice when there is only one name listed? Ultimately, I think El Paso remains a Democratic hold out for the simple reason that we are a poor city, and our population knows that the Democrats offer more chance for improvement and help than any Greed Over People candidate does.

The last couple of races I took the time to look up, the Rep needed at least 75,000 votes to overcome the straight ticket votes. Yes, there's lots of races that only have one choice, because what rational person will invest their time and money into a losing venture.

Bill Hicks was another great example of a R Judge who was very well liked by everyone and campaigned very hard to retain his seat. He was outvoted on straight ticket by Aguilar. A person who had severe disciplinary marks against him and was widely disliked by most of the El Paso Bar - but he had a magic D behind his name along with cash from a couple of local ambulance chasers.

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