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May 23, 2017


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Regardless, state test scores just released are down. No one at Boeing is doing their job other than managing real estate and spending taxpayers' money. Academics is a thing of the past. Now its all active learning and having fun. Wait till yet/not yet grading is adopted. Politicians can only get so far until the parents revolt. Winter is coming.

Once again, we could be faced with the better of evils. El Paso sure knows how to pick them.

The super needs to go anyway, he's decided the school funding is his personal piggy bank. Need more coins for the piggy just say it's for the children and raise taxes.

Dori is about to learn a tough lesson about dirty politics and its self taught.

Escobyrd will get theirs in the end. There's always a faster gun that shows up. It's only a matter of time before they choke on government cheese.

Emotional stability - Susie on a unicycle on ice! Too funny. Getting a visual.

I read the EPT story. You know it was a set up against Dori - no other way to interpret the story. Escobyrd (like that!) has moved on from these local elections and now working on Vero's primary run for Congress.

If Susie is brow beating the EPISD employees in D2 all they need to do is nod their head and tell Susie yes, I am supporting your weirdo candidate and then go vote for Tolbert. Susie won't see what button you press - unless of course she has contacted the Russians to figure out how to influence this election.

That hospital guy only did it because he was in love. And all is fair in love and in war.



You guys are a bunch of compulsive serial masturbators. I have a BEN BRADLEE award. Did you see piece I did about the EPISD cheating scandal? Sheeesh.

Beto Moore - funny!!

Time to Shower,

Escobyrd - love it! And we're still suffering the effects of Betobyrd.

Wow so this is what it looks like when a Republitard starts to lose his mind.

You know, it's possible that Dori loses because she helped push forward one of the biggest bond sales in the history of the City and plenty of folks are probably going to be feeling sticker shock once their tax bills go up. Not just those of us who voted against it, but everyone who owns properties is likely to start looking at Dori a little more critically since she went to some lengths to take credit for getting us such an awesome gigantic tax bill.

I really don't understand how you expect anyone who isn't one of your adoring bots to take you seriously when lately so much of your commentary revolves around name calling and insinuating things about people you don't like. We get it your mommy didn't breast-feed you enough because she was busy screwing the City and other business people out of as much money as possible and that's why you left town so you could find someone who would let you suck off their teat.

Why don't you try providing some facts and sources that can be verified to some extent instead of just insulting folks? Hell even some of the other bloggers who like to "connect the dots" do a better job of putting forward a coherent story that doesn't revolve around insulting people for the hell of it.

Dori is going to run as a democrat. I am curious why chuco reads this blog if he thinks Davidk is full of it. I guess Chuco just can't help himself. What a wuss.

chuco geek,

your obsession with breastfeeding is at best odd, at worst something that is limiting your ability to have quality relationships with other humans. The good news is that there's an entire genre of porn dedicated to your fetish, but you probably already know that.

David K

Great blog about Juan Cabrera, Susie Byrd, Dori Fenenbock, Veronica Escobar, and Shane Haggerty.

Great blog!
I am absolutely looking forward to Menopause Escobar being elected to Congress. She will be a crazy minority in the Minority Party that is becoming more irrelevant by the day. She will cause less damage to El Paso than her tax and spend ways as County Judge.

El Paso Inc reports today that Susie Byrd emailed all the trustees to discuss Cabrera's conversation with Haggerty. So isn't that some sort of violation of the Open Meetings Law? That's what Bernie Sargent did and he got kicked off the commission and turned into the Texas Rangers.

Someone should do an ORR on the email Byrd sent to her fellow trustees.

Funny, funny, funny, a real hoot because we now know at least three people are interested in running for Beto's position, and it won't be a coronation. What ever the motivation behind these stories, it seems Dori gets a lot of free publicity out of it.

And it seems this Haggery guy also gets free election press out of it too.

The life cycle stay of large district school superintends in El Paso is only about five years. If this EPISD super is run off his supporters can ask the state for a school master.

Hope the media keeps digging on this story as I'm glad to hear others are interested in Beto's job.

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