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May 09, 2017


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I have lived here in El Paso, for 33 yrs. I started to volunteer as soon as I got here. NOT once have I ever been paid or given money or a bribe for doing volunteer work. I have been doing it since I was 5 yrs. old. And I do not disrespect Jesus Christ in any way. My whole family used to be political. Now I am the only one left to keep on with political volunteering. Please do not put me in the mix!

As a local blogger, I think you need to be more specific in your allegations. I don't say much about any particular candidates, or office holders, but what I do say is strictly based on my personal feelings, and has nothing to do with who is paying whom. I doubt if my favorite local bloggers are much different than me. Now, if you want to accuse somebody of something, I'd suggest you go on ahead and name names because your innuendo is off the mark.

Anyone who has followed local politics since the mid 90's knows exactly who DavidK is talking about. It's not rocket science to figure out who the players are.

Who Cares: Some of us are relatively new to El Paso and were not around in the mid 90's so no clue who is being referenced.

Knowing who the players are and falling for how they pitch their candidate are two entirely different things. A few voters may be swayed by campaign rhetoric but many actually make up their own minds. It's too bad more people can't or don't watch City Council and Commissioners Court meetings or the videos. There's no substitute for following the issues and watching first-hand how politicians conduct themselves. With so little objective news in El Paso, it's difficult to stay informed but it's dangerous to depend on the Times or a blog to tell you what to think.

All the wrong people are getting worked up about this post in the comments section. Sheesh.



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