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May 07, 2017


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I totally dislike Tolbert but he is the lesser of the two evils (yet again, this is what the voters have a choice of and it is sad). This woman is bad news all the way around and district 2 needs to open their eyes. Susie Byrd needs to go far, far away. Sucia!

Sacedo? You're absolutely wrong. He received half the votes that Dee received. Only 5% of the voters showed up.

You call that a stellar performance and refer to him as a rising star ? That's as bad as when cook won, only 30% voted but the Times called it a landslide, a mandate.

I hope you don't play the pony races because you certainly can't pick them.

Again Bob Moore does not take orders from Susie Byrd. He takes his orders from USA Today. That is his biggest boss ever. I live in Dist. 2, and not afraid of Susie at all. She is a professional as far as I am concerned. Tolbert is going to LOSE! He is a sour puss and does not know how to act or know how to be loyal.
Hope that everyone will vote for Alexsandra!!!

DavidK - Get over your obsession with the "Byrd Mafia." If you think that's such a factor, where was your obsession when Tolbert had her backing? Don't you get it? This was a vote against Tolbert, just as the runoff will be. Born-and-raised-in-the-district counts for nothing when you're unsuited for the job. Tolbert's bad judgement, lack of control over his emotions, flip-flopping, and self-centered actions are not what D2 needs in a representative.

I understand that Byrd is still on a mission to get rid of Chief Allen. She was in Jim's corner until he refused to sign the document trashing Allen over black lives matter. If anyone has been watching the politics, that was the day Bryd started looking for someone else to run in D2. AH: show me an elected official that has never ever flip flopped on an issue, got pissy at a council meeting when the citizen was being a total asshole and let's look at the tape of Byrd pitching baby fits when she didn't get her way for 8 years on council. I understand she used to slam her office door, cry, refuse to talk to other council members when she didn't get her way. So quit putting her on a pedestal.

I agree with "Who Cares".

Bet on "never won", when a landslide of the people who voted vote for one person, it is a landslide, period. Not sure where your logic comes from. I will agree that Saucedo is not a rising star. The more he gets out there, the more skeletons will come crashing out.

Lupe Weaver, clueless as usual. Susie Byrd is an evil, egotistical person and needs to disappear.

Never won,

Your ignorance is quite obvious. Saucedo beat a sitting member of council and out raised her and all the others. If I'm looking at a new candidate, these are the things I'm focusing on. Then again, you're an armchair political quarterback and really don't know what you are talking about... so there's that.

Who Cares - It's actually DavidK who puts Susie B on a pedestal by thinking she can tell people how to vote. I'm not a fan of most of her "progressive" ideas. And, I give voters in D2 credit for making up their own minds.

AH: There were 800+ votes between Baca and Burgess that didn't like any of the other candidates. You obviously don't understand how the political class in this town works. Byrd's ego about how important she was and her ideas started when she was an Admin in the Caballero administration 2001-2003. She ran in 2005 to avenge Caballero's historic embarrassing loss to Joe Wardy. That revenge also brought in Ortega and O'Rourke. Read the interviews from way back on how the 3 of them were targeted by Caballero/Shapleigh to run for council.

I think the Mexican American kid is gonna win this one. Just one man's opinion. Did I mention that I got a Ben Bradlee award for exposing EPISD corruption?

David K, does losing an election qualify you as a politics expert ?
Obviously, you ran your campaign from an easy chair. Oh that's right, in El Paso campaign managers are hired because they know what not to do instead a winning record.

Horseless jockey,

Now you just sound stupid. You have no idea what I do for a living, do you?

Everybody that does is laughing at you.

I'm sure the laughter was louder when you lost the election and then crowned yourself "El Paso Political Pundit".

horseless jockey,

who crowned me that??? I was also on the radio and had a blog for years before I ran. Unlike you I didn't sit on the side lines crying like a little baby behind a fake name. I at least tried. You can't even express your opinion under you own name. You are so unsure of your own thoughts that you refuse to own them.

But hey, that's your prerogative. Most Americans aren't spineless like you otherwise we'd still be under British rule.

There isn't anyone here except DK and L Weaver using their own name and they are all expressing opinions!

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