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May 16, 2017


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Smoke and mirrors, my boy, smoke and mirrors. Got to divert the little people's attention from the arena boondoogle. What better way than play on the sympathy of those who fear Tia Rosa will be deported back to Mehico and she has been here 40 years!

How can we stop this? Do you think calling our County Reps will help?

Get over it. Its a done deal. Many think they are untouchable cause they get food stamps & Medicaid. NO break the Law- & Out you Go. How simple is that. Veronica Escobar needs to go - always fighting anyone who disagrees with her- Why? Because Veronica uses our MONEY NOT hers.

Vero is planting her "voter seeds" for Beto's seat in the U.S. House. The informed voters will not forget her political grandstanding.

It boggles the mind that our elected officials, their attorneys and the media have no idea what this law truly says. They seem to forget that both the Sheriff and Chief Allen have said they will not stop people on the street and ask them for their papers. They have said that when an illegal alien is arrested for whatever reason their name, etc is now in the law enforcement system all around the US. So ICE sees it and ask that they detain the person when the city/county is done with them. Simple. The law says - if the Sheriff, the Chief of Police or an elected official purposely ignores the request and releases the illegal alien - then there will be consequences.

It is probably too late but the City Council should delay any decision on this matter until the new mayor and council members are sworn in. It should not be decided by a lame duck council.

It is really a damn shame that city council can't just do their job of taking care of the citizens of El Paso and leave trying to avoid Federal law..

Great assessment by Commissioner Hagerty.


Fernando Garcia, founding director of the Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR), stated

"We just turned in a petition of more than 900 signatures commending them for taking this step.”

"That’s exactly what the community's wanting in El Paso."

CBS4 spoke with 10 people on Monday trying to get some opinions, and not a single person even knew what the Sanctuary Cities Law is.

1. Interesting not one protestor knew what SB4 was about.

2. Garcia's 900 petition signers hardly represent "the El Paso community" and should be validated as legitimate residents before being accepted.

3. Word is the "protesters" he shows up with are recruited from the colonias and paid to act as protestors. It appears the "non-profit" pays them off under the pretense of community education and training.

Sick and tired of Escobar's activism. We pay for her political points. And I bet NO ONE on city council has the balls to vote against this suit. They are all concerned with being politically correct.

When Fernando was asked when does Mexico become responsible for its citizens. He had no response, looked stunned.

Would $150,000 help pay the salary for one, or possibly one and a half, new sheriff department personnel? Aren't people outside the city, who rely on county resources, always demanding more QOL services like parks and libraries, in addition to animal control assistance?

And don't many who live in the county, also get to avoid El Paso city property taxes and associated property restrictions?

Local groups that stage these protest events before local governments, in order to generate media attention, don't they also enjoy nonprofit status? Possibly the media should also report on where that funding comes from? Candidates running for local public office, are required by law to submit campaign finance reports, which the media always makes sure to report on. Why not equal treatment for nonprofit groups demanding government services?

Go to the IRS website under "Charitable/Non Profits" and look up the 990 for this organization. 2016 will not have been posted yet but 2015 990 should be there. If more people would research these non-profit agencies through the IRS website they would learn a lot about how they are set up, who runs them, who is on the board and where the money comes from. If their assets are less than $25,000 they literally file a post card 990 - so there will be no details.

This whole thing is an absolute waste of money. El Paso admits it is not a sanctuary city. Sheriff and Police chief admit they will follow the law (and have been following the law) and detain alleged criminals and convicted criminals for ICE to pick up. So what is the problem? Sheriff and Chief have said they will not train their staff to walk around town and ask for "papers". Much ado about nothing.

You have 4 out of 5 individuals on Commissioner's court who have zero experience in owning a business, that's why it's very easy for them to spend someone else's money without a care in the world. It's a shame! Unfortunately, we should blame ourselves for voting for these idiots! I truly hope that El Pasoans are not fooled by Escobar, it would be a disaster to re-elect her!

Or elect her to Congress.

Here is a link to research non-profits and foundations. It is usually up to date.


The EIN for BNHR is 74-2493012

Escobar supports spending $150,000 rather than join a coalition to fund her congressional political aspirations at taxpayer expense in an effort to look qualified for public office, Plus she wants to control the message regardless of the contrary position of many El Pasoans.

The only thing SB4 requires is that immigration detainers are honored for people who are booked into jail.

Nothing states the LEO's have to check immigration status.

The reality in El Paso is if you are stopped and cannot identify your self Border Patrol is called to make the identification properly.

This is even true with state troopers as we recently witnessed in the arrest of the "Dreamer" who was not eligible to enroll in DACA therefore not actually a "Dreamer"

'political ruse in play,' thanks for the above http; and EIN in order to get information on that nonprofit, plus others of interest.

What everyone fails to mention here is Contract Law 101...A Bargain was struck and not between 2 private parties ie one is public, thus there is Third Party Beneficiaries to the Contract. The Contract is staked and its value keeps rising as the discussion progresses. If the contract is or was ever broken, then the Beneficiaries are aggrieved and would demand "compensation" for its loss.

It is very true, no one owns a issue. Not BNHR or the ACLU.

No one is walking around handing out Rights.

When is the last time you ever saw that? So to quote U.S. v Johnson "Rights [do] belong ONLY to the Belligerent Claimant"

The County is in what could be considered the legal choice of a "Hobson's Choice" and a the issue is: "The Policy [change] predates SB 4" SB 4 is about the policy maker, going to Jail or paying $25,000 a day for having a policy THAT PROHIBITS ENFORCING IMMIGRATION LAW as the Contract demands.

This is a total waste of taxpayer money - but the County and I guess the city don't care. They will just raise your taxes to cover the cost. In the meantime, nothing gets done, nothing gets built, and our local government will continue to try to be the Federal government.

I wish the candidates in the run-off would promise to focus only on local issues and their effect on the citizens/taxpayers of El Paso. Wouldn't that be nice? It would certainly be a different way of governing.

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