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June 08, 2017


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David, this is a question for you. Why and who changed the voting? In other words we the constituents of El Paso voted to have all voting in November instead of having voting so many times during the year. Especially in May because of Mother's Day, Graduations of all kinds, vacations and everything else that gets started around this time. Now look at what has happened. Lower voter turn out. It happens all the time. Can you please explain?
By the way voting was supposed to have started this year in November. So what happened?

The charter amendment changed city elections to November of even-numbered years (2017 is an odd-numbered year.) The next city election will be November 2018, and the next mayoral election will be in November 2020. Here's the backup on that: http://legacy.elpasotexas.gov/muni_clerk/agenda/03-19-13/03191305A.pdf

This is a sad situation when 8 % of the people decide for the rest. Even worse it indicates that we have lost confidence in the voting process. Most are convinced that it doesn't matter.

My two cents worth. We have one party that controls the city and nothing changes because our choices don't change and are very limited. We can guess what the platform will be year after year. The other party has more voters and better informed. Their problem is poor and antiquated ideas. An old guard that refuses to change. They blame El Paso for being Democratic and that's the excuse for doing nothing. Do nothing year after after year produces nothing.

Democrats winning formula is they have well organized and committed precinct chairs. From the precincts they get volunteers, contributions, transport voters to the polls. Republicans still don't get it. Therefore their precinct chair system is more miss than hit. This is basic politics.

The list of what's wrong is endless. What is certain is the low voter turnout is going to get worse. That's a major disaster on the horizon.

Well when your only choices are Escobyrd candidates why bother showing up? Look at the under votes for today's election. We now the Democrat party wanted their members to under vote in the mayors race but there were a lot of under votes in other council races.

Well why don't you run yourself?

I don't give a shit if you fundraise $50, go and bang some doors, tell people how fucked up we are, and maybe, just maybe you will attract some eyeballs.

I know that since I'm running in 2020 for Texas House. And IDGAF if I lose with double digit votes. I'm doing my civic duty.

My condolences to Jim and your mom. Bye Felicia!

Ed, I'm am so occupied in projects to help others that I wouldn't be able to campaign. Like the political parties a lot of people talk a good game but do nothing. I don't waste oxygen I DO get things done. I DO my civic duty.

Ed, wish you success in your campaign.

This is what Annello's quote last night really means "I am very excited and really happy and thankful to Susie Byrd who took the time to mold me into her puppet and sold that to the uninformed voters of D2. I will be the representative you can be proud of because I will do everything Susie, Veronica and David Stout tell me to do. People went out and voted because they wanted a surrogate for Susie. I want to be like Susie was as a city rep, she was difficult, hard to get along with and did nothing to improve D2 in the 8 years she was in office."

D2 Gets what it deserves - Don't accuse Annello of plagiarism. That was what Tolbert said when he was elected.

The worst thing you can do is "get out the vote." All that does is get a bunch of people to vote who haven't studied the candidates or the issues. Their vote is uniformed, at best. Leave the voting to those who are informed and voting for a reason -- not because Susie told them who to vote for, not because they're a democrat and their daddy was a union member, not because they think they'll get a "benefit" by voting for one or another. Do NOT encourage those apathetic people to vote. Terrible idea!

Voter, people throughout the world do not have the right to vote, are killed for voting, beaten, imprisoned and you want only certain people to vote ?? And discourage the rest ?

You're in the wrong country ! No candidate is going to support ALL your concerns and to believe so is very naive.

Everyone has a right to vote but its a sad day when we have to work to get them to the poles. If they do not care enough to study the issues and go the polls on their own, then they are voting "blind" -- voting by party, voting for the first name on the ballot??? Uneducated voters lead the failure of democracy.

In 2020 Texas will no longer have straight party ticket voting. So voters will be forced to go down the line and select a candidate.

The Texas ranger card is what Eparaza uses to make the silly people of El Paso think he is really going to do something.Count how many times that card has been played by Esparaza in the last five years! Did the Texas Range ride into town and do anything? Nope!


hijack, if Susie was gonna run a Russian why not a Anna Kornakova look alike instead of a Limon look alike.

Don't hatch your eggs before they hatch. No one knows what is going to happen now. Annello might be the best rep. we have ever had. I believe in her because she does not try to carry her prestige on her shoulder. Unlike too many other candidates or politicians. She is very professional also. So we have to wait.
Now for Susie Byrd, she is the one that cleaned out that discount center and all those ugly buildings where she had a Wal-Mart put in. Where Dyer and Fred Wilson meet. She cleaned out a lot of those
places along Dyer St. that were not useable. Here near Canyon Hills Mid. Sch. she got rid of an arsonist we had. That was about 10 yrs. ago and she did a lot for this district 2.. So please do not put her down if you do not know what she has done.
She might have made a couple of mistakes but, than she is not perfect and neither are you. No one is except GOD.

Lupe, some good points on the Suz's efforts.


You get dumber with every word you write. Byrd literally did none of those things. Annello doesn't even know where city hall is... didnt' know until someone showed her. Don't defend your bad decisions with lies.

Giving writers a tour of whore houses and knowing the particulars of each place is a lot more than a simple mistake.

DavidK - You are wrong, again. Byrd did clear out the Dyer flea market. I look forward to the day when you don't have to call people names such a lier and dumb to make a point. We can only hope.

Abandon hope,

Now you're a liar and an idiot. She did no such thing.

Dear admin,

Can you please elaborate on the first part of the post? It is quite vague and I, for one, would love to know who/what you are talking about. If you are going to peddle gossip, at least provide ALL of the gossip. Thanks.

David I have no idea why you hate Susie so much. This I can tell you I am not a liar I believe in being as honest as I can and at my age I have nothing to lose. And yes she did clean out a lot of those places that were disaster areas on Dyer St. And people that hate too much it's because they have not learned to love themselves at all. If you do not love yourself how can you really love anyone else. Really feel sorry for you.

Helpful neighbor, you are mistaken. ALL city elections will be held in November, starting in 2018 (those whose terms were to expire in 2019 will now have them expire in 2018. It has nothing to do with even and odd number years.

DavidK - You prove over and over my point about your immature behavior. So if Byrd didn't clear out the Dyer flea market who did? If Byrd didn't enforce codes on some of the burned out, run down properties on Dyer, who did? And please don't give the City code inspectors credit because that's a laugh. They only do their job if a representative gives them hell until the job is done. I'm not a Byrd fan, but do recognize what she did. I also watch City Council meetings and have a good memory.

That was Joyce Wilson initiative that she pushed through council. All Byrd did is vote yes. No hero there. AH must be Byrd.

D2 Gets what it deserves - What was Wilson's initiative?

Abandon Hope,

Joyce Wilson did what you claim Byrd did. Byrd had nothing to do with anything other than showing up to vote. It was the previous city manager who cleared the flea market.

And I wouldn't be wagging your finger at "immature behavior" folks like me when you are arguing on the internet with strangers. Pot = kettle

Geraldine, it was not gossip of any kind. I asked a question because I believe that the voting was supposed to have started this Nov. There was an election that we voted to have all voting done in Nov. instead of so many times during the year. It did not happen. That is why I was asking David to elaborate. It came out all over the news when it happened, that was about 3 or 4 yrs. ago. I think.

Susie Byrd put the item on the agenda that lead to closing the flea market. I remember it well because I didn't want it closed. If Joyce Wilson was behind that, once again she overstepped her authority but what else is new. What does it matter anyway? Some people think Susie did a lot, others don't like what she did, others don't think she did anything at all. Take your pick.

Lots of people argue on the internet
in a civil, mature way,
alas not DavidK.
And that's my poem for the day.

Lupe Weaver,
What the hell are you talking about? This is what I was referring to.
{What elected official is claiming to be "sick," but won't give any details? The "sickness" only allows them to work minutes (not hours) each day and business is seriously backing up.}

Geraldine sorry that I ruffled your feathers. I asked the question because I had no idea how else to get in touch with David. So like I said I was the first post and had nothing to do with the subject at hand. It just seemed like a good idea since no one else had put any posts. And because this is David's web.

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