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June 27, 2017


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I can't tell if you are being funny here. People would not pay and would not send their kids to school is my guess. They would keep the money and home school.

We would not be talking about any of this if Escobar had not promised Jaime a job as district director when she gets elected. Jaime's new boss will be Suie Q the chief of staff. That is why Jaime is trying to pin all these things on Doris. He forgot to mention that Susie missed a big budget meeting because she was in Washington with Escobar illegally soliciting donations to Escobars campaign. I think they tell PACs to post date the checks forward.

Jaime is stupid if he thinks Veronica is going to give him a job. He's got a record that will be a problem for her. She also promised a lot of people jobs when she was elected judge and many did not get them. I think Jaime is stupid for doing the dirty work for a white chick and he won't get a job.

interesting but not surprising about these revelations.

People can hide their activities but sooner or later those activities are exposed. It's taken a while now we know that these people only care their personal enhancement, increased income and comfort. They couldn't care less whether or not your children are prepared for the future.

He travels all the time to promote EPISD, that's a joke. He's more concerned about HIS image do he does the "millionaire lifestyle thing". He's worried about his leg so he needs the royal treatment when flies and met with a luxury car. Hey listen up, when flying sit in the first row of the cattle section where there is no seats and plenty of leg room. When driving, push the seat back ! A man that has money brags about how he saved money. A man that has none will brag how much he spent to enhance his image. If the other educators judge you on the quality of your hotel then you have a serious image problem about YOU.

EPSID has the last administration on trial and terrible student progress and that flaw is happening on your watch. You're NEVER in the area or in your office. You're never available for any reason. Everyone is referred to staff members. Perhaps we should fire you and give them a nice raise. After they're doing the work while you go on junkets. Btw, a lot of the education seminars can be seen and allow for audience participation, all via Internet TV.

So you cancelled your salary review, that's nothing. Want to impress us and the other educators show us you really care about the students. Put bennies where your mouth is. Ask for a salary and benefits reduction. Then show us a vastly improved school system and students.

So super genius what happens when you end up having one or two generations who ended up not getting some level of an education because their parent did not care or did not have the money to send them to a private school? David wish you could talk to a friend of mine who has to go out and drag kids in EL Paso county to school and the kids and parents to court because the kids are not going to school or the parents will not make then go to school and the schools are free for the most part. What happens to your economy when a large majority of your people are uneducated and unemployable? YoYep that should bring big business and good paying jobs flocking to El Paso.
That should work out well for the Texas private and public prison system!
David not defending the tard left who run the present school system but your buddies and your idea are just as regressive to the education of the people as their failures to make public school educate the masses work. Put money on it you wouldn't live in El Paso if half the population couldn't read, write or have the skill set to hold a job. How safe do you think your family and you would be in your upper class, up scale, west side homes? Both sides on this are talking non-sense and are delusional.
Sorry David UTEP will save the day for El Paso we forgot!

Thank you Mr. Thomas Dorman. You said it just right. Just like now with the big government and their new health bill they want to pass. How many children are going to die because of their disabilities and not be able to get any health care. How many elderly are going to have to die in order to make room for other people to get the health care instead. And no one is saying why they want that money so bad. Lawyers do cost a lot don't they? And funny that Mitch McConnel. The Majority Leader. He is the one that is trying so hard to push this bill through. When he was a young boy he got polio and had to have medical assistance. Who gave it to him, the government! He forgets that he is not the only one that needs help. This is where David stands because he has no clue about people that have to struggle to make ends meet. He has had hard working parents that have always had everything for him. Of course those parents had an education. There are those that for some reason or another have not been able to get educated. How about people that have had bad accidents and find themselves not been able to work because they were left unable to. These are only a few examples of why we need public education. And it is wrong for a superintendent to take advantage of money that should be for the children and their education. Maybe I am wrong on how I feel, but it is the truth.

Lupe the statement that children and old people are going to die if Obamacare is repealed or reformed is just flat out a lie. People age 65 must enroll in Medicare. Medicare is not part of Obamacare so to make the statement they will die is ignorant. Medicare doesn't cover nursing home care and Medicaid does, after meeting certain income restrictions. For those 65 and older bitchin about the changes to the ACA are dumb too.

Texas and other states have offered CHIPS for children. It's very inexpensive compared to the ACA. It's been around for years. There is no reason for a parent not to enroll their children in CHIPS if they don't have other choices. As usual the Democrats are misrepresenting the facts and their hair on fire rhetoric makes them look stupid.

Parents are responsible for making sure their children go to school-not the school district. Parents over the last 25 years have basically given up parenting. Look at the Millenial generation. School districts are placing more emphasis on expanding real estate and buying the latest in technology instead of actually teaching. My generation received an excellent education and we didn't have computers, electronic white boards and online classes. We had discipline at school and at home and parents would never threaten to sue the school because little Johnny or Susie was denied access to a bathroom, a sport or rules they didn't like. School boards in my generation had the courage of their convictions but now they won't speak unless their lawyer says it's okay and nothing gets accomplished. Every parent in El Paso is responsible for the education system we have. If they don't care then why should a school board care?

Lupe and Who Cares
Lupe how is the Republican plan any worse then Obamacare? Many people have Obamacare because by law they must if not they lose part of their tax returns or are fined. Many got Obamacare for this very reason not that they can afford to access the insurance. Many have health insurance to say they have health insurance not that they can use it or afford to use it.
This is the dishonesty of the Democrats on health care.If Obamacare is left in place as it is now it will collapse in the next couple of years as it is doing now in many states as the Health insurance industry pulls out of the market place. The only people Obamacare has been good for is those who do not have to pay any thing for their health insurance under Obamacare, for most the rest it sucks.

I know this as a fact since I have cancer and was unable afford treatment while paying for Obamacare. We are lucky now we have private health insurance and can now afford the cancer treatment.
Lupe none in Congress can act on this matter in the people's best interest because they are beholding to the Health insurance and Health Care industries whose lobbyist have given Congress more than a billion dollars since 2009 and 2017 is shaping up to be another banner year for Congress in possibly getting nearly 300 million dollars from these interest lobbyist this year. So Lupe and others who interest do you think really matter with this kind of money being spread around Congress? It sure the hell will not be average Americans, because most average Americans do not have the bucks to give to Congress to count or matter to even come close to matching what these interest are pouring into Congress!
Who Cares, Lupe and David K
Where we now live is a perfect example of what happens when the state does not fund public schools at appropriate levels for a couple of decades. A couple of generations lost education wise and it is having a hell of an impact on the local economy and to drawing business to the area.
El Paso and El Paso county school districts have luxurious level of funding compared to where we now live. The school districts here are near the point of collapse. Even after passing lottery for the schools in 2008, in the end the politicians at the state level, for years siphoned off much of the money for other projects. The state has just now mandated that a large percent of the lottery money go back to the schools but it is looking like it will take a decade or more to recover if then.
The problem with El Paso school districts is you have an obscene amount of money being spent on bloated administrations of the school district and not to the teaching of the children. You have a system in place that it nearly impossible to get bad and crappy Teachers removed and heaven help the administrations are asked to get down in the mud , the blood and the beer, with the good teacher to help teach the children. Basically you have a whole lot of money being wasted by your school districts on "Bulls Shit" and administrations that is not improving out comes of the districts to dollars spent or to turning out well educated students.
Most the school districts can't even be successful, in El Paso, only teaching to the test much less to the real education of the children!
Also there is plenty of blame for many of the parents in El Paso who use the schools as no more than a baby sitting service which it is not. Only engage the schools if forced because little Jose or Mary are in trouble for bad behavior or not doing their work which for a lot of these parents they feel it's not their fault because they couldn't be bothered about getting their children educated and how dire some one demand their children get an education. Watch the hell break out if some one at the school demands their children have or been shown discipline while in school.

!. El Paso is already the perfect example of what happens to a city when the people are uneducated. Low pay, high welfare, no jobs.
2. I say just let Obamacare collapse. How anyone can defend it is lunacy. Yes, it has a couple of good provisions like coverage for pre-existing conditions. But it did nothing to contain the cost. I personally know two families that had insurance before Obamacare that can no longer afford it. Just let it die and hopefully that will shut up all those who defend it.

Agree with Thomas and voter.

Medicare enrollment is not mandatory for everyone age 65. If you are still working and have insurance thru an employer you do not have to enroll. However, once you retire, quit or laid off get into the SSA office with proof of insurance until the relationship is terminated.

One of the problems with Obamacare mandatory enrollment or get fined is that people kept the insurance long enough to get pass the tax man. Some people used to try a similar game. In order to not pay the medicare monthly fee they would cancel and reenroll just prior to needing a doctor. The excuse was why pay when you don't use the insurance every month ! SSA finally ended the game because of the adminstrative chaos that would require withdrawal then quickly reenroll. Remember there are processing schedules with deadlines.

Even under obamacare, not everyone had the coverage that was promised. There were 4 million that did not qualify. So there isn't an insurance that will cover all people and situations.

Some people point to Canada, we'll ever hear of "medical tourism". Can't wait forever to get treatment, combine treatment and vacation. No long line here. Point to Europe ? We could have the same benefits but the taxes are very high. Last I heard it was 60-70 per cent of your money. So is it worth it ? Depends on the person and their situation.

We should return to physical labor or exercise, increasing activity thus less medical problems. Sedentary lifestyle will do you in everytime.

One size doesn't work !

At age 65 Medicare enrollment is mandatory even if you do not use Medicare. Failure to enroll when eligible will cause the enrollee to face a penalty when they finally do enroll. Because of the ACA, employer group insurance plans now require the age 65 employee to make Part A Medicare (hospitalization coverage) their primary coverage and the group insurance their Part B or secondary coverage. So very few 65 year olds still employed can escape the mandatory Medicare enrollment. I agree with "If it doesn't fit's" comments otherwise.

negative, I did 20 yrs as a SSA employee. So long as the person is employed and the employer provides insurance medicare can be deferred until the person is no longer employed for any reason. ACA requires proof of coverage thus an employer provided insurance meets that criteria.


Going back to school funding. Back in the 1980s we had several conferences here at UTEP and Community College. It was about funding for education. We were all fighting for more funding for El Paso education.. We found out that all along the border from here to Brownsville they were getting 2% of the funding. San Antonio, Houston and all that area were getting 5-7 %. All the rest was going to the Midland, Odessa and all the hill country side of TX. With some going to Lubbock and Amarillo, Wichita Falls and that area. Where was the fairness in all these? That is the way it has been for years. Just like with NAFTA, there were at least 1000 people there for that and only about 200 of us protested against it. Where were all the people when we needed them? We need PUBLIC EDUCATION!!!

You have to explain your last post to me. How is throwing more money at school districts that are already squandering the funding they receive going to fix the problem? If the school district leadership cannot control themselves with the money they have and are generating poor outcomes to the money spent then how can they be trusted to do the right thing by giving them more money to squander? Just do not understand the thinking and logic on this one.
Once again many schools in El Paso have failed and are hard pressed to be able to even teach to the test much less educate the children. Do not get me wrong we are for public education but not in the form we have now that failed across the board to educate but are driven to support Administrations keeping them in the life styles they think they should be accustom to which doesn't do anything of substance to the education of the children.

In my free time I like to stick feathers up my butt and pretend that I am
a chicken.

Yep David see your not calling out that last fake poster using my name who can go fuck them selves! Yep David you know they are not real because their not using my email addresses which you have both but haven't pulled down post. Speaks volumes about you David and your cowardly double standards. So since you banned me for far less let's see if you man up on this one.

Thomas - I agree with what you said to Lupe about giving more money to school districts to squander. Regarding fake posters, DavidK doesn't care. In fact, he might even be the fake poster.

Abandon Hope
Since it's hasn't came down David K is one of two who could of posted it. Wonder if we complained to his Blog provider they would demand David takes it down which that non-sense David posted some time back about my post was all bull shit! No one every told David to take down shit and all the other claims he made he couldn't back them up either with proof.
David has always been heavy on innuendos and short on proven facts.
David has always been brave as long as he can hide behind his key board. Just like his hand buddy Ali Razavi AKA Max Power.
For change there was a good discussion taking place until as usual some turd showed up that could add any thing of merit to the discussion.

Yes I know much money has been squandered. But, in reality we do need public schools. One thing I noticed is that all the schools here never get maintained. That is one big reason that they all are falling apart. If a door in your house breaks don't you fix it right away? If no one maintains a place how in the world do you expect it to stay on for years? If parents would go and put it to the trustees right away, where they would not have the time to squander any money maybe then things would be different. Here in El Paso everyone is so complacent.
We need to back up these schools and demand they keep them up to par. Another thing is that people around here do not protest much of anything. The only time I have seen a big protest is when everyone was going for Mexico for some reason or another. What about the schools and the children? PTA's never have meetings about any of these issues that I know of. And when we vote do we explain things completely so that every one understands the problems of voting. It seems like if one person does something good the others get upset. And if one does wrong they have the tendency of trying to hide it completely. So really it is the people here that do not care what is going on except for a few. If I am wrong than forget it!!!

El paso isd underwhelmed us on staar scores although they did it with lots of money. Stay in school Lupe or use spell check.

You might think you know everything but you don't. I am 72 years old and proud of it. If I made a mistake in spelling why don't you check some of the other posts. I am not perfect and neither are you!!!

I like to stick feathers up my butt too. Thank you Thomas for helping me come out of shadows.

Ali Razavi aka Beto Moore aka Max Power just same of the many screen names you go by.
You were outed long ago!

Thomas, its probably your suck buddy dead beat dad Jaime and not the camel jockey.

the Dice Man Cometh in your ?
Nope are you that stupid. Jaime no longer even speaks to us because we called him out and and spanked his ass on his super genius "bull shit"!If any of you believe half of the "Bull Shit" David K ,Ali Razavi or Jaime put out there is something seriously wrong with you people. All of them are for the most part propaganda outlets for some political faction in El Paso. They are much like Pavlov's Dog, these factions ring the bell and they howl!

So Thomas why do you read any of the blogs? Why waste your time reading blogs that are full of BS? A new bookstore opened in El Paso - go over there and read something. Maybe it will make you feel better.

who cares
We were the smart ones and got the hell out of El Paso. Just maybe others and you need to learn some critical thinking skills.
Maybe you moron haven't figured out or been told but there is a exodus out of El Paso and the County. The City of El Paso is bankrupt they are living on credit cards now. The county is well on it's way to going this same way also.
Your Tax rates are some of the highest in the nation which the rate of taxation to the poor out comes you are receiving is nothing short of lunatic fringe at it's best.
How many of you have actually set down and read your City or County books! Most of you are to lazy to sit and read them, have read a slanted summary, provide by those who are screwing you if even then. Such geniuses I'm impressed.
You have some of the poorest communities in America and tax the people like they live in a first tier city which El Paso isn't even close to being.
Yep we maybe a dumb ass but were at least wise enough to know when to get the hell out.
El Paso could be so much more than it is but the mind set of the political leadership and a lot of it's people of El Paso Stupid, El Paso Proud will always keep El Paso being nothing more than a rest stop on the way to somewhere else. Proof of this fact you have to look no further than those appointed or elected in El Paso and El Paso County over the last three decades who no longer reside in your city and county.

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