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June 22, 2017


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Escobar is waiting to announce until December 2017 so that she will not have to step down from office and she can keep drawing her $100K+ salary plus monthly expense account until her term ends in Dec 2018. This is why Byrd and Moore are trying to scandalize any and all viable candidates to intimidate them into withdrawing their intention to run.

Escobar plans on running for Congress on the El Paso taxpayer's time and dime.

I'm new, who are the Shapleigh Campers?


It would appear the same as Dori campaigning and pursuing carnal desires on the taxpayer dime.

Aaron, 100k plus salary that you gave yourself and monthly expense account is not in the same ballpark.

Tough titties. I have a newspaper. You have a crappy little blog. Guess who wins.

The December thing makes sense which suggests the money guys in town have made it clear they don't want spend a whole lot on this race.

Only problem with December is that it makes it way too tempting for someone else to get in around I dunno September...someone like Blanco?



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