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June 06, 2017


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Someone not connected to the Shapleighites or Ted Houghton.

Political Musical Chairs. I love it.

vince perez best choice


If Vince Perez runs for her seat, who replaces him? Any names?

Claudia Ordaz will replace Vince. House of Cards EP County version.

Escobar is the worst possible choice for Congress. She made an a-- in front of a senate. That appearance enhanced our image as backward. She tried to insinuate that she is on par with Judge Roy Bean, the no law degree or training. He like Escova made his rulings on whim.

As for Vince, it's a transparent and coordinated move in an attempt to create the appearance of independence from Escova. He will announce for judge soon. Who is qualified for his seat, too soon to guess. I will say it will a Escobyrd protege.

Once again we will find ourselves with a horrendous choice.

I don't think Claudia Ordaz can be in County. I remember seeing a law regarding spouses working in the goverment. Don't qoute me, google it.

Not too long ago in a posting on this blog, didn't someone indicate Cookie was going to run that county judge position?

You are correct Old Fart. Of course they are staying quite on this one. Sure hope it does not happen. I do like Escobar and Beto, not any of the others.

Not Perez -- he'll be more of the same. And, please, could we get a really strong candidate to run against Escobar for County Judge? Would Richard Wiles be willing to give up Sheriff for that seat?

Abbé, Escobar is going to announce a run for congress soon.

Don't forget John Cook has already set up his campaign for County Judge.

Perez is a milquetoast, I'm willing to bet that if I shook his hand it would be damp.


Norma would be better than Perez or a Shapite.

We could have a Draft Norma committee. Think of the drama of Norma as Judge. It boggles the mind and will keep us entertained for four years.

Worth it for that alone.

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