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June 21, 2017


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I wish we could go back to the days of paying a politician $1000 bucks for a vote. Life was so simple, no drama, not complicated. Simple.

DavidK - Agree on some of this but just have one question. Why the heck would you want D2 to reelect Tolbert, SusieB's useful idiot?

AH, good question. Tolbert self inflicted a lot the damage. He didn't develop communication problems overnight. He had issues before the election.

If he was stupid enough to do as told, what does that say about him?

David, I would swear you wrote this same type of article about Byrd years back. Same type of Byrd clone running for something and she bit Byrd back. Can you remember ?

Wow, you really make this Tolbert fellow look like a weak fool. I can understand why you'd want to oppose him and not have him as a friend. Oh, wait ...

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