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June 01, 2017


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Per David K., "Did I tell you the Susie Byrd is having secret talks with Congressman O'Rourke's staff to secretly take land from Ft. Bliss for another school? Chew on that."

OK, I'm chewing, so where on Fort Bliss property would it be built? And if it's a good location, will it serve both Bliss students and EPISD students in the area selected?

Suspect you will be right on the Times actions' and positions on the race to replace Beto. Not sure why Dori won't make a viable and creditable candidate for voters, especially since she doesn't carry all that UMC & Childrens Hospital bankruptcy baggage.

In addition, she likely won't be a Joan of Arc firebrand, pissing off her fellow congress members. She will likely understand the importance of federal funding for border operations, Fort Bliss, the VA, in addition to helping locals in need of office constituent services.

Again David K., you might be right about the Times, but I'm at a loss why Dori would be a such a bad choice for local voters?

Old Fart,

Dori is great. Doesn't matter. Democrats are bussed to the polls and told by local heavies who to vote for... oh and they are first fed beer and sandwiches.

Old Fart: Ask Susie what land she is talking about. Time to get this issue out in the open "Ms. Transparency".

Dori Fenenbock is a very capable, reasonable person and would be a much better Congressional Rep than we have had in the last 20+ years. But EscoBryd will destroy her by the time the March 2018 primary happens.

It all doesn't really matter because, as we all know, "IT IS ALL FOR THE KIDS".


In April a district court judge ruled that the walking quorum provision of TOMA was unconstitutionally vague because it failed to identify an actual crime. That case was about a group of commissioners who met with a political consultant to put together a bond.

Tolbert et al met with 4 historians and a resident in the impacted area who were representing complaints with the process. Specifically evictions before xmas, and 3 employee complaints. None of these items require a public meeting. Employee complaints are only allowed in closed meeting i.e. executive session and constituents are not allowed in executive session.

Mary: are you saying our media in El Paso has no earthly idea that a district judge found walking quorum's unconstitutionally vague? So does Esparza not know that too? If it was April 2017 then I would assume he would tell the Rangers never mind. Only in El Paso do we determine all parties are guilty until proven innocent. I think Byrd is desperate to get her puppet elected and has pulled out all the stops to lie about Tolbert and make it sound like he alone did this - which is funny - because he would be alone in this - not a quorum. Susie has apparently determind all the other parties involved, including her fave Svarzbein, not guilty.

If we desire an image of stupidity, arrogance and low morals then all means vote for Escobar for congress. Stupidity-review all the disasters she and Byrd created, arrogance-very dismissive of others(people love chicos guvmint cheese and she in a sarcastic voice reminder Senator McCain that she IS a county judge!, low morals-review Nov 2009 Playboy to see the Escobyrd Brothel tours of El Paso. That sure helped El Paso.

There's a lot more that can be stated.

Tolbert is a total walking crisis. Needs to go.

Democrats don't bus people to vote, they cattle chute them and prod them for the voting. Like cows in a slaughter house they have no idea what awaits.

Mot quite sure why DK keeps saying "you people voted" etc., in references to every dumb thing EP City and County does. "You people" do not read this blog. "You people" are the ignorant voters who do not read the paper, do not read blogs. do not read anything on the internet and still think Escobar is for the people. Give it up DK and talk to your readers, not "you people."

Mary and Who Cares - That TOMA case is being appealed. This is what the Texas Attorney General's Office said about it: "Members of a governmental body who knowingly conspire to gather in numbers that do not physically constitute a quorum at any one time but who through successive gatherings secretly discuss a public matter with a quorum of that body violate section 551.143 of the Open Meetings Act," the opinion states. " This section is not on its face void for vagueness.” The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans has already upheld the Texas Open Meetings Act, saying that TOMA promotes good government.

AH: so 5th circuit upheld TOMA-I assume based on a reading of the entire law, but lawyers are really good at finding a phrase or a sentence to challenge the legality of the law. Happens all the time. Goes back to intent. We all know now that you can't be indicted for "intent"-ask the former FBI director Comey.

Dori certainly is incredibly smart, talented and very charming (when you're useful to her). But the suggestion that Dori ever does things out of the goodness of her heart is comical. If social climbing had a picture definition, her face would be on it. It's why she, the Republican, now wants to be the Democratic nominee and is controlling the board and district staff to serve her interests. But hey, if you like Trump, you'll like her. Just don't make pretenses that she's some sort of bleeding heart Mother Teresa. She's our homegrown vapid Ivanka. Poor Susie is outgunned and outsmarted by the fox she thought she could trust. Welcome the new regime progressive fools!

Why does everyone talk about how smart Dori is? EPISD is in terrible condition. Teacher morale is at its lowest, teachers are leaving as fast as they can, they are being pressured to "raise" grades, and finally no longer does EPISD have the teachers' backs. It's all about "customer service" and the parents are the customers. Teachers are being punished if too many parents complain. And this is the tip of the iceberg. If Dori is so smart why is EPISD so bad? And you can't blame only Caberea. I tell everyone to send their kids to private schools and to avoid EPISD.

Who Cares - I’m referring to the meeting in December in the mayor’s office attended by Leese, Svarzbein, Tolbert, Limon, Niland and Grossman.

Tolbert texted the mayor that he had heard there was a meeting going on and he wanted to be included. The mayor texted Tolbert back, saying,

“If you want to be a part of the meeting, I will step out. I just didn’t want there to have any questions regarding quorum.”

Tolbert then made his way back to City Hall and the video shows him entering the meeting and others stepping out to “avoid quorum.” So the rolling quorum began.

I believe this fits the legal definition of intent, which means knowledge of wrongdoing or a conscious decision to commit a crime. Violating the Texas Open Meeting Act is a crime.

At least the mayor turned over his text messages. Tolbert has not, saying he “might have deleted them” from his personal phone. Oh, yes, and using one's personal phone rather than the City-issued phone is also a violation of TOMA. City business is required to be stored on the City server. And, yes, it is also a crime to destroy City records, i.e. deleting text messages.

Yet the owner of this blog would have D2 voters elect Tolbert, the guy set the rolling quorum in motion before destroying City records. Pretty unbelievable.

Who cares if the Rangers ever get around to investigating. It’s clear what happened. Voters beware.

So why didn't the city attorney file charges against Tolbert for deleting texts? Why - because they have no real law behind it - a policy - but not a law. Go back to the Steve Ortega drama over his personal emails, etc. Even TX legislators have failed repeatedly to pass a law - TOMA changes this year failed also.

AH: you obviously have not served on board or commissions. There is always a conversation about "quorum" when meeting outside of a called public meeting. You have not responded to a question about - what if 5 reps are standing around the water cooler on the 2nd floor talking about the weather and then someone brings up an agenda item and they talk about it - is that a rolling quorum? How do you police that? No wonder that court found it unconstitutionally vague. It appears to me the group was trying to avoid a quorum issue - so they took turns stepping out of the room. This happens all of the time. You obviously live in a Pollyanna world where you expect perfection in all humans on the earth including elected officials. Yet you have no problem with DavidK's statement about Susie meeting secretly with O'rourke and staff to grab some Federal land on Ft. Bliss without daylighting it to the EPISD board and the citizens of El Paso. You must be a Bryd/Annello puppet too.

Who Cares - Your accusations come from nowhere. Try sticking to the issue rather than attacking me. I've never been a Byrd supporter. Yes, I do expect transparency especially when Council is dealing with major issues like where to put an arena. El Paso will experience the Byrd/Ortega/Wilson mess over and over as long as no one holds elected officials responsible. I'm tired of everyone overlooking what Council does by saying it happens all the time. If 5 Council members are talking in the hall about a City issue, I expect one of them to stop the conversation. That's called principals, not perfection. David K's statement about Byrd is hearsay from one of his "sources." Until he reveals his source, I'll continue to be concerned with reality.

As someone who has known Dori for many years I am surprised to see the positive comments on her. Credit where credit is due as she apparently has done a great job misrepresenting not only her past "successes" but her current opinions as well as character.

Since she is choosing to put herself in the public light, the choices she has made in her life will be brought forward as/if her campaign progresses. Many in the community have first hand knowledge of her purgering herself twice in the past year. As someone who possesses the evidence of a recorded call that will be brought forth I can assure that this is not conjecture but fact. Additionally, I am am absolutely dumbfounded in regards to her scandalous behavious with Juan and how the community has turned a blind eye to their affair. This also will of course be brought forth in due time in a campaign.

It is one thing to be an EPISD official. To run for a federal office and not think the past will catchup is crazy, as crazy as the decisions made in the first place.

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