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June 20, 2017


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Nor has Wilson been held accountable for adding an extra $20MM to the cost of Woody World.

Byrd was harrassing people on my block who had not voted. I can attest to her and annello driving people to the polls. they did a good job of putting people on the spot.

I did not see the Romero fiasco as you have explained it and I'm now doubting my vote for another Suzy candidate. The cover up of the sale is a crime on top of another crime. I think political favors end up costing only the voters. Suzy Byrd is going to use annello to cover up her past crimes. I see that now.

I didn't like Jim because he has changed. He was never this angry all the time. I will assume you are going to say Suzy made him that way. It will be interesting to hear if that is the case.

Jerryk: Texas Rangers were supposed to investigate this whole thing. Wait - nothing, zero, nada has happened. I am beginning to think the Texas Rangers are a myth when it comes to investigating public corruption. We are better off reporting it to the FBI.

DavidK - You give a good explanation of what Romero tried to do. Look forward to where you're going with this.

I figured - SusieB did not make Tolbert angry. He's been that way all his time in El Paso. Having a low boiling point doesn't make you a bad person, it just means you should shine your light elsewhere - not in public office.

You were right on facebook David KKK!!!!! Jaime is Suzzzeeeesss BITCH! All he does is write about Dori like the paper does because Suuuzzzeee is mad that Vero has an opponent. Suuuzzzeee is abusing her access as a board member to feed the el paso slimes all the information. Suzzeee takes the info and then shows that reporter what to ask for under open records.

I guess Jaime became her bitch when she made him her bitch by beating all his candidates. Stupid jaime doesn't realize that his other boss is going to support dori and Jaime is soon going to be without friends.

what about jaime's new complaints about his behavior at his old job? they had to keep him away from the girls so they didn't get sued.

let's put suzzeeee in jail for conspiring with the witch wilson to sale the bonds really late to help hispanic erkel win for mayor.

Eh, I've lived in district 2 and I've never seen this harassing people to go vote behavior. I have a half dozen friends who also still live in district 2 and none of them ever mentioned seeing anything like that in their blocks so I'm not sure where "I Figured" lived that they felt they needed to drag folks to go vote but that just isn't the kind of person I've known over the past 15 years or so.

David - WRT Holguin don't forget that he did manage to kill Independence Dr right by his house and get a really nice little park put in on the City's dime. He also got the street he lives on paved and I've heard a lot of his projects were areas that he or his friends/family cared about. Other areas didn't get fuck all.

WRT Romero - Same thing. Leaving aside the weird race thing you jumped into, Romero did what Romero wanted. I personally heard him order City Staff to not do something because he didn't "like" it. He got a traffic circle removed because people were complaining and instead of fixing the problem he made it worse. The Cathedral speed bumps were stupid because he was told that the street car was going to need to remove them within a year and he didn't give a shit. He was appeasing the Cathedral "mafia". Those alleys he paved? They looked like they might have been a little quid pro quo.

You keep acting like some people are angels and other people are scumbags and I would argue that most of our politicians are somewhat well meaning folks who know hardly anything at all about government or construction or management. I don't think Romero was trying to make a mess and cost the city as much money as he did (he wanted to dictate the order that streets were worked on) but he did. I don't think Byrd is some evil overlord planning to take over the world starting with district 2. Hell I disagreed with her a lot when she was the city council rep, but I could still deal with her.

Finally I think Tolbert just killed his chances at reelection through a series of self inflicted wounds (steak-gate etc.). He seemed like a bit of a know it all and I suspect that rubbed people the wrong way and he also had the misfortune of being the one who kind whined to get into those Duranguito meetings and he's the one that made them potentially violate the open meetings act. I'm sure he didn't mean to but that's probably why people fixated on him more than others. He whined to folks so they'd let him into the meeting, someone tried to appease him so they walked out and whoops, open meetings violation. I doubt anyone with a badge really cares or will ever do anything about it but Tolbert came of as a bit of a whining jerk and despite the narrative that you and others have tried to spin, Tolbert is the one who appears to have been responsible for the meeting becoming a violation. He could have just asked for any update when they were done and that's that but he demanded he be allowed to go and I think a lot of folks remember that part of it. The others were at a meeting that was 100% ok and it only became a mess when Tolbert jumped in. Heck that might be why hardly anyone has been spoken to (if that's the case). It's obvious what happened and that most of the "violators" weren't even trying to break any rules, it was a screw-up caused by one guy.

Chuco Geek- You sound like some one who works at the city. Wont you please enlighten us on who you are? "I personally heard him order City Staff to not do something because he didn't "like" it."

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