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June 05, 2017


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You may be trying to clear Tolbert's name by saying there isn't an investigation, but he has still been an terrible city rep. He is rude, never responsive, has aweful judgement in his political hires, and can't make a decision to save his life. He talks down to his constituents, and is bought and paid for by old people outside his district that could care less about the people in it. He is a weak leader, with no knowledge of city department issues. He would be wise to just give up and let younger, more community oriented people take the reigns.

Tony, I agree with you. Keep this in mind "youth is good to a point, then experience takes over". We have some pretty spaced out young people in office now.

Tony - You are right on target. Tolbert is hurting D2. There's more truth in your few words than in DavidK's rambling 10 paragraphs in Martin Paredes style.

Let me explain something to you man boobs. I'm the last white guy that visits Juarez. I go down there to get my "medicine" and visit my "niece". When I visit they look at me like I'm a Unicorn. Did you see my latest expose about the EPISD scandal? Sheeeeit. It rocks.

Well let's see - there have been plenty of rude, unresponsive members of this city council. Some of them are women - but no one seems to care that they were card carrying bit**es most of the time. Some of them had really crappy hires too. Some of them are old, some are young. So don't just pick on D2 - how about evaluating all 9 of them and let's see who comes out winning the congenialty award. And at times totally clueless - all of them.

Who care - Who cares is some of them were women? Doesn't change what Tolbert has done. Watch out that sexist stuff is creeping' up on you. Actually, Limon did not get in the runoff, Niland is not running, and Emma Acosta - well she's history. Are you happy now?

I agree with Tony about Tolbert. David your best friend Tolbert is gonna be history!!! From a D2 constituent.

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