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June 21, 2017


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David K, interesting: "She's a political consultant and a lobbyist," so who do you or your local news sources show as her clients?

Equally interesting is how that one newspaper only concentrates on one school district. Is their goal to run this super off?

Susie Byrd is Veronica's blue falcon.



Old Fart,

Susie has four city council candidates. I'd have to look at her lobby registration to see who she's been active with lately... and that's if she filed everything she was supposed to when she was supposed to.

The newspaper concentrates on this one school district because Byrd wants the Super fired for apparently being nice to Dori.

Eh... I have to call bullshit on this hit piece.

It's kind of amazing that you're calling out the paper for a sourced article with actual backup information that can be verified and yet you turn around cite "sources" at EPISD? I have sources at EPISD that can verify that Byrd has very politely explained for folks interested in posted jobs what EPISD's hiring process is and explained how she's not involved in it and wished them well on more than one occasion. Were these close personal friends of hers? Nope, but I can cite sources that are as verifiable as yours are.

Before you start I am no one important to Byrd or Escobar's master plan. I'm just someone who has lived in district 2 and currently lives in El Paso and has actually spoken to these people on more than one occasion. I'm not a fan of a lot their decisions/comments/actions but I have to point out that your obsession with them in your posts (and the comments on your blog) border on sexism. It's a free country so you are welcome to continue doing that but I just thought I'd point it out. It's almost like you don't like a couple of women who have been more successful at politics than you were.

Now as far as the non-chisme part of your past, wrt the Super's travel I think you and one of the EPISD trustees have the same problem. You think that paying $1400 for first class airfare is peanuts. You've lost site of what that means for a lot of average El Pasoans. Sure taxes suck and democrats are evil blah blah blah but you don't appreciate that $1400 could easily be 2 or 3 months rent for someone and while they might understand the Super or a trustee flying to meeting x and paying $y for a normal plane ticket, it just looks bad when the super is flying off to nice places to stay at 4 star hotels and go to "conferences" as often as he has.

Also his claim that he has a disability is horseshit. Per ADA any airline would accommodate him as much as necessary whether he's in first class or luggage class. You claim to do so much travelling and yet you haven't heard the standard "those needing assistance please line up over there" announcement?

the only part of his story that makes some sense is that he might need flexibility on dates so I think it would be a non-story if he did all of his travel on business class or thereabouts. Most people can understand that. It still looks bad that he goes out as much as he does but that's another issue. What sucks for him is that first class is just that little nudge above what's reasonable in most business settings and that makes it hard to defend when the top dog is doing it.

If it's a private company then sure, rent the most expensive cars, fly first class or better, etc. Spend your company's money. If you work for a public entity like the school district rent a fucking sedan man. Stay at a nice business class hotel. Act like you give a shit that you work for one of the poorest school districts in the country and save a few pennies when you can. Will it give teachers a raise? No. However it won't make them feel like you're kicking them in the nuts quite so hard when you raise their insurance rates and don't give them raises for a few years. Will it lower property taxes? No, but property owners won't feel like you're a rich douchebag living the high life on their backs.

Keep in mind I'm not saying anything about the news articles or what other folks do etc. I'm sure there are plenty of skeletons in everyone's closets and I have my opinion about those whether they're real or imaginary. I'm just talking about what was revealed about the EPISD Superintendent right now. No, he didn't do anything illegal but this is almost worse because he (and you) just don't understand that taken as a whole flying first class and renting SUVs and staying and 4 star hotels is just one notch higher than it should be and that's before you even consider how many days he's out globetrotting. At least if it was illegal he could claim he didn't do it until he was found guilty then give us a canned Tearful Apology (tm) and explain how he was wrong and ask for forgiveness blah blah blah. Instead we end up with this mess where you really see the difference between the haves and the have nots and when so many people in the district are have nots it feels like the Super is rubbing our collective faces in it when he acts like he's absolutely in the right and beyond reproach.


I think the concern from the paper, other EPISD board members, and most importantly the general public is the fact that the EPISD superintendent as been having a long-standing affair with the president of the board. This would in any scenario be an issue. Especially, however when the latter leads a pay increase for the former, and when they are both using public money to travel to engage their personal relations. And to go ahead and head off the obvious question, yes indeed there is proof of the affair. It will be released in prime time 6 months out from the election for the House seat, and not a moment sooner. Put it on your calendar.

Chuco: Carlos Gallinar (formerly a planner for City of EP) hired by EPISD to run Facilities was a super BFF of Bryd when she was a city rep. He was the chair of the Bond Committee and right after the bond passes BAM! He's hired as the new Facilities guy - forcing the competent, experienced Stresow guy out.

Air fare on SWA from EP to Austin at Business Select Rate is normally $400 one way. So if the guy can get First Class all the way to Florida for $1400 RT - man what a deal. EPT didn't ask if Cabrera used airline points to upgrade - did she? It wouldn't be reflected in his expense report - but the ticket would show first class. Did she get a copy of the actual airline itinerary with the breakdown of costs? Or just a credit card receipt. All hotels - even 5-star offer the "government rate" to all public officials on the city, state and federal level to include school board trustees - and its significantly less than what the general public pays. I am sure that is what they book - government rate every time.

OMG - Chuco - spitting out the same old "El Paso is poor" rhetoric. Get over yourself. This town spends more per capita on lottery tickets than any other city in Texas. $1400 is not 3 months rent unless you are in public housing and paying less $400 a month for rent. BTW - driven through a housing project - Cadillac SUV's, BMW's, let's see - we are poor.

I am appalled that EPT has now become anti-Jewish. Really? Wow. I am sure the Jewish population in El Paso is just thrilled with Lindsay and EPT taking the time to point out that Dori is Jewish and attended a function in DC - on her own time and dime.

Who Cares: Oh wow. One guy who was an assistant director of planning at the City (so it's not like she hired her illiterate cousin Bubba) and iirc he moved into a new position that was created to handle Bond stupidity (Personally I hate hate hate that stupid bond and I am just gritting my teeth to see my house payments go up thanks to that). It sounds like you're just reaching and you don't know anything actual about what happened there. Bottom line, Gallinar is qualified for the position he's in was it a favor? Who knows but the Super and the Trustees all presumably were ok with it so... I mean it's not like Byrd can actually hire or fire anyone at EPISD

WRT travel and hotels etc. With relatively few exceptions for the same flight first class costs more than business class, for the same days/nights a 5 star hotel costs more than a 3 star hotel and an SUV costs more than a Sedan. If it was incidental it would be ok. Yeah then cool HE got a deal or used points. Nothing wrong with that and if that was the case he could say "Hey I always travel on the most economical option I can but on these occasions I upgraded for my comfort and paid for it out of pocket" if that was the case there wouldn't even be an article I bet you.

I hate to break it to you but El Paso is poor. I don't hang out in public housing but I live in Central and there are apartments you can get for $450 a month. They're not great but they're habitable (ish). I used to live in a duplex where the rent was $750 a month. Can you do math? That means $1400 can be 2 or 3 months rent for some people. If you knew fuck all about Central you'd know that $400-500 is NOT that unusual for some of the apartments that are carved out of the old houses. Heck, a lot of those little old houses also rent for <$800. I'm just pointing out that your math sucks, and it's a little hard to justify paying 2-3 times as much as coach fares cost for such a week excuse like "I have a mystery disability called I-don't wanna-sit-next-to-poor-people-itis"

I'm not even saying that any of the poor folks are actively complaining but I know folks notice. I talk to my neighbors and friends and they remember that the Super lives pretty good off of us. End of the day, it looks bad when someone can't even acknowledge that first class is an unusually nice thing. SUVs are very nice rental cars. Staying at a 5 star hotel is a very nice thing. I guess I would point out that I'm not anywhere near the bottom economically and I can't live the high life like the Super does. I'm all La Quinta and SW Gotta Get Away fares when I travel for work. Once in a while I might have to fly business class but it's not all the time. In the end that's what bites them in the ass. It's not just the poor people who get annoyed. Almost no one else can live like that (I doubt even you can) and that's not cool when you're asking the taxpayers to pay for it.

I don't know what you are talking about as far as the EPT being antisemitic (that's the word you wanted). It would suck if they were but I haven't seen anything that actually meets the definition of antisemitic.


Is this like the affair between an elected official and county agency head?



From what I understand you don’t even live here in El Paso but like to blog from your armchair in who-knows-where, USA.

You are so far off the mark when you suggest El Pasoans couldn’t care less about what is currently going on with the “Tonedeaf Twins” Cabrera and Fenenbock.

You think the El Paso Times is getting little reaction from their EPISD articles? Try going to their Facebook page and looking at the comments and reactions their posts are getting. You’ll see different.


voters just gave EPISD hundreds of millions of dollars. pretty sure nobody gives a shit about this issue. Facts are hard to swallow when you're not sue dot having them in your mouth.


David K


David K, proof your comments. I can’t understand your last sentence.

C’mon man, you know better...

and like I suggested, check out the reactions on the EPTimes fb posts unless you want to stay in denial.


three comments... that's all I see. But what I also see is a district that was handed hundreds of millions by tens of thousands of voters. Not sure they care about your crusade against the Super. Fire him, who cares. The next one will do the same. You don't seem to understand the the problem with government is that it's government.


David K

Chuco: so, any other government agency can spend any amount of money they want for travel anytime, anywhere. By damn - it better not be EPISD. All the trustees admitted they approved the travel budget with no questions asked, no remorse (until this week). So blame the trustees. Who wouldn't take advantage? What is the written travel policy of EPISD. Did Lindsay (wants a Pulitzer) get a copy of EPISD travel policy?

The biggest rip off for poor El Pasoans is the EPISD bond issue. Even the poor in their cheap apartments pay that tax through their rent. But the pro-bond people sold it to the over 65 crowd that it wouldn't cost them a damn dime. If you study the voter turnout in the precincts the "uneducated" poor voted no, the "educated" rich and retired voted yes. And of course every teacher everywhere. Kinda like the uneducated voted for Trump and educated for Hillary.

Jud: go away. You lost. Who in the hell would read EPT FB? EPT can't even get people to read their newspaper.

Thanks Mr. Burgess and Chuco Geek, you have said it like it is. I for one can barely pay taxes now due to so high taxation here. But, we have to do what we have to. I am very sure that what is being said about Dori and her affair with Cabrera is true. It happens all the time. There have been other superintendents that have left because of the same thing happening. If it is not true than I am sorry that I believe it. But, again I say thank you to Mr. Burgess and Chuco.

Lupe: be careful about making false accusations. Got proof? Pictures, recordings? At least Garcia's wife provided actual proof to the board he was screwing around - which they ignored.

There is something wrong with EPT/Anderson's story regarding the amount of money spent. She is using a 12-14 month time period starting in January 2016 which is not directly related to the EPISD Fiscal Year which is September to August 31 (or Oct 1 to Sept 30). The budget for travel is based on that time period. So she is misleading the public on exactly how much was spent for travel in EPISD each Fiscal Year. She needs to compare apples to apples and not oranges and nuts. Note to Lindsay: it's not really hard to figure out "fiscal year", 12 months, budget. A 5th grader could do it. Thanks for lying and misleading the readers.

There's pretty compelling evidence that Cabrera and Dori have been doing the humpty dump out of town in high dollar hotels on the public dime. Not that I would ever engage in that sort of salacious gossip. That just ain't me.

Who Cares – you can stop with your Trumplike middle-school moronic “you lost” nyah nyah nyah attempts at an insult. It makes you look like an idiot.

Yes, the El Paso Times are in a world of hurt in today’s print news cycle BUT they still have almost 30,000 print subscribers and 140,000 likes on their FaceBook page so do the math and chew on that for awhile.

BTW – here is my James No Bond blogpost on one aspect of this matter:


Jud. Take a breath.

Beto: as people always say to DavidK - prove it. Show us the compelling evidence. Otherwise its a lie.

It's only a lie if I tell you it's a lie. Don't Worry. I'll tell you what the news is. We are professionals. Please go back to sleep. See. Isn't that better?

Also. Did I tell you about the digital wall? That shit is TIGHT!!!

Watch the slander, why would they want to sue me. I said I was sorry if I was wrong in believing what someone else said. As far as the other superintendents, it came out in the newspaper and tv news and radio. It is a known fact.

Don't worry Lupe. We are protected by God's holy fire.

Lupe - Get over it. No one can sue you for slander if you fall for unfounded accusations. What everyone should be concerned about is the travel allotment for the EPISD superintendent. Cabrera himself should have self-budgeted and not spent even near the limit. The school board should reduce the allotment. It's obscene to have a $60,000 travel allowance in one of the poorest school districts in the nation. The superintendent has to really try to spend $5000 a month on travel when he should be in town minding the store. Shame on everyone. Unfortunately, this is again a pre-election year and we have to hear about accusations from A to Z. Look at the numbers. That's what matters.

CPA: Thank you for pointing out that the Times is reporting totals from 2 budget cycles not 1, which puts the travel expenses well under what was reported and less than a non-story.

The other sticky point that is not being reported is that Cabrera's travel is mandated/required in his contract.

The contract stipulates in addition to local meetings, 13 state and national meetings as well as other appropriate meetings. His contract also stipulated that he may use his phone for personal use.

In reading his contract it seems that he is complying with his contract mandates. Some of which require him to report directly to the Board President.

The final sticky point is that the entire Board approved the contract, budget, travel etc. and all the activities that Byrd wants "scrutinized"

It seems people would be asking why Bob Moore and the EP Times are not holding Susie Byrd accountable for her obvious complete failure as a Board member.

Buried deep in the story she admitted she did not review the budget line items.

Isn't that one of the primary functions of a Board?

She approved the Superintendents contract amendments and raise as recently as January 2017.

Why is Byrd's incompetence not the story? Seems she should be held to some standard, preferably the same as everyone else or at least scrutinized.

In order to avoid being held publically accountable for all her "claims", Byrd was a no show at yesterdays board meeting which had the Superintendent's contract on the agenda. The item was pulled as a result of her absence.

Whether she likes it or not Byrd will have to face the people she has falsely accused and injured with her fabrications and innuendo of "wrong doing" or miss every meeting until the end of her term. Although I do not expect Bob Moore and the EP Times to write an accurate much less truthful version of that story.

Very good comments Mary. Too bad Byrd got re-elected for 4 more years. Maybe Escobar will resign prior to December and appoint Susie as County Judge. Susie needs a real job to pay for college expenses.

Man, this is interesting and crazy poop, especially because of the diverse ideas offered. If Saint Veronica goes to Washington as a number of posters are predicting, will she take Super Suz and the Lion Pup with her, or will they run the El Paso Office? Your thoughts?

CPA the only person that went to school and paid with tax dollars was Norma Chavez. It is a known fact by the media of all kinds locally. I have not ever seen anything of the kind on anyone else.

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