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June 15, 2017


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News Flash ! All these people are corrupt, inept and self serving. They do what the F what they want to do.

We have two El Paso whorehouse tour guides and one of them gets lost following the painted footprints outside the county garage. Btw, can anyone explain why the agendas/policies are always about Juarez needs never El Paso

We have a sheik that decides he can direct better and improve education by completely renovating his office, gets himself a nice package that allows him to not spend his own money.

The other decides they say or do as they please and couldn't less.

Who started this hoax, Haggerty or Byrd? Was it the Hag for some free election news coverage? If so, did he end up shitting in his favorite drivers hat?

In a parallel universe, El Paso has a competitive election, the arena that was voted on 5 FUCKING years ago is built and earning some profits, and the politicians are transparent.

Wishful thinking.

Susie and Vero really aren't friends.

Vero just keeps Susie around because she has dirt on Vero.



Max, the way it is J. Hoover would have been super happy and very busy collecting dossiers on El Paso politicians.

I literally live one door down from Shapleigh. I can throw a rock at him from my front porch and hit him in the ass as he bends down to pick up his El Paso Times in the wee hours of the morning. What did you expect? Sheeeesh.

Reading the EPT today it seems there is a war on against the EPISD superintendent and Dori. Could the Times be anymore obvious about being controlled by Susie? EPT has never on a consistent basis looked into the travel spending of any School Superintendent, Mayor, County Judge, City or County Manager, UMC CEO, County Attorney, City attorney on an annual basis unless of course - Susie wants to do it because she is on a vendetta against someone. Is this going to continue when Dori is no longer the EPISD Board President? If Al gets the Board President gig will it end because Susie and Veronica like him?

Susie Byrd is not in charge of USA Today. If anyone would pay attention that is the El Paso Times of the newspaper now. It is awful what you all do to a person because you don't like them. So much hate reminds me of communist and ISIS. No wonder the world is what it is today!

Regardless of who exposed the education sheiks spending habits, it needed to be done.

This is another example of an official acting as a sheik and enjoying the high life of the rich and famous. That is such bs that he needs first class travel because of his leg. What's the excuse for the fancy cars, hotels and food ? What's the excuse for the expensive renovation of his office that would put Qaddafi 's tents to shame. The supe now has the title for the best since Omar is gone now.

He and his ladies entourage are selling EPSID to the public, really I haven't of anyone rushing to El Paso to attend any school in EPSID. They're attending education seminars. Go online numerous educators stay home and do seminars over tv hookups. Btw, those districts have better student grades and graduation rates. Network? Use the free unlimited cell phone or go online. They need to talk with the academic developers ? If those people want to keep the customers happy why they don't visit El Paso, talk on the phone or tv hookup? Who in the heck is paying him to give speeches or lectures? If they see him as an expert, those schools are hurting !

If Susie is working with the media to expose this bs, hats off to her. And I'm no fan of hers.

My big toe throbs, first class plane ticket, stretch limo, five star hotel and caviar, s' il vous plais. Ze beg toe hudrts.

What specifically is or are this super's "severe health issues" which were mentioned in that Sunday Times article? If this guy is in such bad shape with "severe health issues," why was he even hired for such a demanding job? Or is he medically fit to even continue in such a demanding, and high pressure management and supervisory leadership position?

Translation of DavidK's tirade: If SusieB and the Slimes agree on something, it is because SusieB is in control not because there's a real issue.

Lupe is right. This blog is committed to hating SusieB. If SusieB found a cure for cancer DavidK would say she stole it, falsified it or we don't need it.

No one reads the Slims anyway.

AH: if DavidK found a cure for cancer you would still say he stole it, falsified it or we don't need it. Pot calling kettle black. Shouldn't cast stones.

Who Cares - I get it now. You are Tolbert and feel you must defend you best buddy.

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