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July 10, 2017


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Well maybe the VeroByrd will lease an apartment together in DC if Vero manages to win and they can party, party, party, especially if Beto wins a Senate seat. Lobbyists throw the best parties! The band is back together! All they need to do is get Ortega to move to DC too! Oh joy! Shapleighites in DC - can't wait. The good news is they can't harm El Paso anymore if they go to DC.

So Byrd and Escobar met a Russian. I demand a federal investigation.

I don't think Escobar has the race won yet. Can she get out the votes? Or will "her people" stay home like they do most elections? Fenenbock needs to remind the voters of Escobar's hospital and the clinic screw ups. I would not vote for Escobar for any reason whatsoever.

David K
Got to believe Escobar will make sure her staff roster will be more than sufficiently thick to cover that issue. Burrito dangling, sorry carrot dangling has always got progressive little soldiers like Jaime to fall on their sword for the progressive leadership of El Paso by the promise they will be taken care of with a job if they are good little solders and follow orders.
Now what other little progressive Democratic soldier got told the same thing, who give services above and beyond but at the end of the day got kick to the curb like a used beer can. Now who could that be?

Should be a very interesting race. Wonder of those in the law enforcement community, along with those in the federal government sectors that daily deal with border protection issues, will really go for Escobar? She's now been in county government what, 10 or 11 years, so there a record that can't be erased that can be examine.

And how will Dori handle these same issues, or will she get caught flat footed in the many local debates? She certainly had better be on the top of her game in the debates, because there will be a lot potential to stumble. If she turns out to be a light weight, the public is very good about catching bull shitters.

If Dori wants cross over voters (Republicans) to vote for her in the March primary - she needs to carefully word her platform on the border fence and illegal immigrant issues. She can't win without cross over voters - that's how Beto won - conservative platform in 2010 and then went all in liberal when he won. Veronica won't get cross over voters - as Old Fart says - she has a record she has to defend. And the Hispanic Democrats in this town won't cough up $350,000+ to fund her campaign. Individuals can only give a maximum of $2700 to a candidate for the primary.

who cares
Of course Vero is going to win this seat! They could have videos of Vero and Susie having sex on the County Seal then walking out of the court house with bags of money she would still get elected. Hey it's El Paso it historic, cultural and the standard for generations!
If the voter turn out is like it normally is in El Paso Vero only has to get a very small percentage of votes. Remember in just they last election believe it was 8 percent voter turn out and the two before that were not much or even better.
Then if Vero can get one or two men to run she ccould cut into any votes Dori may get and with a man running Vero can throw the misogyny card that the misogynistic culture of El Paso does want a strong woman like her in Congress to represent them.
The lunatic fringe progressive Democrats will eat that bull shit up by the bucket loads and she may be able to generate enough interest to get 12 to 15 percent of the voters to turn out if that. Even then she would only have to get a little more that 6 to 8 percent of the votes to win!
The only way to beat Vero if some one or some group had a lot of money to burn with big time back up of boots on the ground they maybe able to defeat her but it would even then be close. See people like Vero only can stay in office when there is a lot of voter apathy and Vero wants to keep it that way in El Paso.

Dori should put up signs all over town saying " remember the UMC and The Children's Hosptial fiasco and remember who gave herself a raise" !

Unless another candidate, with great qualifications appears we are screwed!

This could be the true test of whether El Pasoans have thrown in the towel or have had enough of the bullshi-.

The test will be which of the two candidates have ate less from the trough, have made the least amount of stupid decisions and were those decisions to enhance themselves. Then which is more likely to represent El Paso or Juarez. We NEED someone to represent US for a change. Forget the wall issue and all the other Juarez issues. Just represent US for a change.

Want to represent Juarez then file to campaign in Juarez!

Which will it be bullshi-Rosie ODonnell or Mrs Bernie Sanders ?

Dori has not been in elective office as long as Vero. So she has a 2 year record as an EPISD Trustee - and those issues are not the same as County issues.

But - Former congressman Reyes is supporting Dori - has anyone factored in his supporters? They sure don't support Veronica. In addition to Vero's obscene salary increase, UMC Clinics and Children's Hospital bankruptcy,let's not forget Veronica's push to fire Chief Allen.

I agree it will be a low voter turnout for the March primary - there will be few contested Democrat held offices and virtually no one running as a Republican for anything so it comes down to cross over 100% voters and which person they like. NE and Westside always vote, not so much Lower Valley, Downtown and most of the east side.

Dori's votes depend on how many get their new school tax bill before the election. Most people have a mortgage and won't notice the difference... hopefully.

I don't think Escobar can get out the vote like Reyes. And there is no way any westside republican is going to vote for Escobar. They may chose not vote in the primary but they will not go our to vote for Escobar.

If voter turn out is 5 percent or less which is possible with the level of voter apathy in El Paso Vero could get the seat with less than 3 percent of the votes. Now that would be insane even for El Paso!

If El Paso voted "for" a "Peggy Rosson" and a "Nancy McDonald", it can vote "for" a "Fenenbock".

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