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July 20, 2017


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screw that rag and put the small donors yourself David. The Times doesn't want to show the Hispanics who donated. They want to turn it into a race thing. Fuck Bob Moore.

David K
Vero has been prostituting herself out to the rich Republicans interest in El Paso every since she first ran for office.
See it's cheaper and easier to buy a progressive Democratic prostitute in El Paso to do their bidding than to support a a Republican candidate running for office.
Political prostitutes are real cheap to buy in El Paso which always improves the bottom line for the rich Republicans in El Paso and the Tard Democrats in El Paso eat it up believing those like Vero have their best interest at heart when it's Vero self interest that only really matters.

Affordable corruption is a big civic asset here.

Yea the "usual suspects" may support Escobar, but this ain't Reyes v O'Rourke. The motivation to donate was much larger then. Now? Are Hunt, Foster and the rest of them going to lose sleep over a Congresswoman Dori? Probably not.

Besides they will probably will be asked to pour money in races outside of El Paso to make sure they stay Republican.



Your thoughts and Thomas Dorman. It would be futile to list the broke dick beaners in this town who donated to ANYTHING much less a political campaign. And Thomas, nobody wants what Vero is selling. In order to be a prostitute you have to offer something of value. Did I mention that I got a Ben Bradlee award for excellence in journalism?

Yes Max we know about your award!

I debated Dori on ABC7 news Xtra when I publically opposed the $670,000,000 bond and found her to be a vapid, monotonous bullet-point repeating challenger. Didn’t have anything new to say but basically stuck to her worn out script, even when I blindsided her with tough questions.

Read my James No Bond blogpost series on Dori Fenenbocks’ evolution from educational opportunist to DINO.

DINO DORI Part 1 – Exploiting EPISD


Jud Burgess
Then again you do not mind the long term parasitic relationship between the rich progressive Republicans of El Paso and Vero!

TD - I know virtually nothing about Veronica Escobar save for what I read in these blogs and the EPTimes. It is obvious to me though that she is a typical pol that does whatever is expedient to attain her goals. She has more experience and El Paso street savvy than Dori, that much is true.

Jud Burgess
So Vero has real great experience at conning and screwing the people of El Paso! What wonderful qualification to get elected to office on as she works for rich Republican interest cloaking herself in a Progressive Democrat facade.

Experience ? Screwing up everything one touches is not experience unless you are suggesting "bad experience".

Street savy ? Well she and Byrd did give Playboy Nov 2009 edition a comprehensive tour of all the whore houses in El Paso. Plus Escoba threw in Chicos Tacos guvmint cheese comment for good measure. That article sure gave El Paso some good publicity along with crazy cook chanting "Juarez and El Paso are one the same city. Impression left? Yes, both cities are known as the place. for cheap sex, donkey shows and cheap booze.

This is who you representing El News, she's busy representing Juarez anyway. She doesn't get it, it's Mexico's responsibility for the people not the US. However, when addressing the Juarez folks, she uses the onion juice drenched hanky to create her tears of compassion. Never mind, she keeps the jail filled with the no visa folks.

The other one is just as bad. She treated the education funding as though she won the lottery. On what ? Attend seminars that could be viewed via tv hookup. Then afraid that her and the one legged freak would lose standing among other educators (cough) they chose 5 star hotels and limos. The impression left ? No wonder the El Paso school system is a mess with low scores, dropouts and teacher predators. But, the boss looks good !

Once again, a lessor of two evils. Either candidate will finish off El Paso.

Jud, no one reads your blog but you. Uou are irrlevant. You and jim got beat by a little girl from boston who didnt even know why Crockett school is aptly named.

David K

I like the fact that you post all comments BUT while I find “Just a thot’s” asinine comments quite entertaining, maybe you should consider having an age requirement for anyone who wants to contribute their comments.

Hormonal pre-teens that can’t spell like Just a thot need a blog that caters to their emotional and intellectual IQ and yours is way above their ability to grasp.

Just a thought.

After reading the following Burgess post, really have to wonder where this guy has been: "TD - I know virtually nothing about Veronica Escobar save for what I read in these blogs and the EPTimes. It is obvious to me though that she is a typical pol that does whatever is expedient to attain her goals. She has more experience and El Paso street savvy than Dori, that much is true."

No wonder there was not much support in his run for a council seat.

Old Fart,

unless you happen to be Escobar’s abuelito and live in the mother-in-law apartment behind her house, you probably have gleaned all your info on her through the same channels as I have.

I don’t know, maybe you spend all your time at County Commissioner meetings and take copious notes. Otherwise you are just as in knowledgable/ignorant as the next person.

btw, I never claimed to be a politician, I was just a citizen running to serve my city. I press on. No regrets whatsoever.

Jud, you are full of shit, so thanks for your above unformed, nonsensical post.

Jud, Escobar has screwed up UMC and the childrens. Kept Valenti around and gave him raises while all that was going on and the rumor she was screwing him. I dont really care about the rumor(probably a lie), but i doubt Valenti would stoop that low unless he put a bag on her head. She brought up Bullshit things with the police chief due to his opinion(BLM) and tried to get him fired with Byrd. Filed the bullshit Sanctuary lawsuit which was totally stupid and a waste of money, not to mention gave herself a raise right before the end of her term when what the hell did she do right to give herself one ? If you dont realize this then i'm not sure you know a fucking thing about this town and deserved to lose. I was actually one of your supporters till now.

We have actually dealt with Vero one on one and face to face. Know her failed track record very well. So called street savvy and so called experience has not equaled great success at the county just more debt and good buddies being taken care of. Elected officials in El Taxo like Vero keep taxing you guys like they are selling you a Porsche but you end up getting a a used Yugo and people like you accept the non-sense!

Has anyone compared the County of EP tax rate/debt to the time Escobar has been a County Commissioner and County Judge? Would be interesting to see how much it has increased while she has been in office.

OK, so apparently I know more about Escobar than I stated.

She and Byrd jumped all over Greg Allen’s ass and tried to get signatures to get him fired over his BLM comments. Tolbert didn’t bite and lost their support. . . ..CHECK

She miscalculated on the Children’s Hospital and we are now stuck with it. . . .CHECK

She has two faces when it comes to immigration, sanctuary cities and El Paso . . . CHECK

Tell me something I don’t know besides the idiotic rumor than she and Valenti are in bed together.

Speaking of El Pasoans being taxed into oblivion, get yourselves a copy of this coming Sunday’s El Paso Times paper. I wrote up a column on that very topic and it is slotted to run, so yes, I am more than aware of taxes and how they affect us.

Jud Burgess
Under Vero's leadership
Double our total obligation of debt since elected.
Pushed the expansion at the County Jail to house federal prisoners and was on the band wagon claiming it would pay for it's self when some of us knew it was a load of bull shit.
In the jail expansion claimed the warehousing of the mentally ill would be cheaper which we know it has cost the tax payer nearly three times what traditional mental health facilities would cost to to do the same thing. Oh let's not even get into the moral and ethical issue of housing the mentally ill in jails which Vero supported whole heartily.
There is more the failed home loan program for the poor, through the county, which Vero championed which ended in total disaster. Spending nearly 9 million on software for a antiquated main frame computer, nearly 30 years old, on the claim that it would improve productive at the county but never could show that the county got 9 million in improved productive out of the of this old piece of junk main frame computer. Follow the money on that one.
Vero is so savvy that she did the same thing s championing Ch the first time around as she did the second time around making sure that CH had zero accountability to the tax payers and their tax dollars for this private company. Now God damn how smart is that!
Jud we could go on with a long list of Vero failures at the county but for those like you you really do not want to know the truth about Vero, her leadership at the county and what it has cost the Tax payers of the county.
Let us ask you this when was the last time you set down and read the county books? With our better half we did it always every year and as the better half said creative accounting at it's best!

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