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July 19, 2017


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The Russians are involved. They are colluding with DavidK's parents to affect the outcome of the primary.

On the serious side its getting really tiresome to hear about Abeytia's rants against any person that donates to a political campaign. This is America and so far no one has outlawed campaign contributions to candidates of the same or opposing party. Guess Abeytia is a closet communist - maybe he is colluding with the Russians.

Glancing through Abeytia's dribble a commenter stated that Lane Gaddy would support Escobar. Lane Gaddy is related to Dori. Now that would be funny - wouldn't it?


I was first dismayed that the El Paso Times would attack Dori for attending an AIPAC meeting on her own nickel. I am Jewish and I am sensitive to rhetoric around my faith. I felt that AIPAC was mentioned as a trigger to those who might harbor ill feelings toward Jews. Then I saw comments on the story. I then followed links to Lionstar and saw what was being said there. I'm very sad Judge Veronica Escobar would let her ally Lionstar post such awful comments. I also question why no one publicly scolded the El Paso Times for encouraging antisemitic sentiment when they could have simply wrote that Dori attended a nonschool related function in Washington DC.

I think it is awful that people are saying bad things about your parents, David. Your mother volunteers for a lot of nonprofit boards. I know she has been on committees at the city and that you had to refrain from doing business because she chose to volunteer her time. Your parents also employ many El Pasoans. They provide benefits for their employees. I have seen your parents purchase expensive auction items at charity events. I know the give money without people seeing as well. This is a lot more than Lionstar has done. Your parents are good people who have good judgment. We should following their lead on who is best to represent us in the future.

Totally agree, the issue should be qualifications not the place of worship. It happen to JFK, Romney and Obama.

Escoba is making a huge mistake by aligning herself with lion star. He is obviously conducting a double role. Think about that.

Is Dori the better candidate ? Honestly, no. She made a decision to hang with Cabral. The gossip is widespread and having the hubby fly back with her from a meeting. That was very stupid. It is over explaining an action.

Raising big bucks ? That's what a candidate is supposed to do ! In El Paso we know who the donors are and to cover their bases to 1 1/2 parties. ????, the half is the Reublican "morning coffee group". It damn sure is not a party.

Back in 1998, Clinton gave the city of El Paso millions of dollars. It was meant to be used to revitalize and renovate downtown El Paso. No one knows what happened to that money. It was during the tenure of Congressman Sylvester Reyes. Reyes was on the Paul Strelzin Radio Talk Show and people asked Reyes about the money and he refused to answer. Reyes is another person that is Republican but ran as a Democrat. And why was it that the day of voting Reyes people were going on the streets especially where Mr. Sanchez had his campaign office were they going round and round yelling that Reyes had won. This was at 5:30p.m. If you all remember voting does not end until 7:00p.m. So how could they know so quick that he had already won. He is backing up this Dori that is nothing but a corrupt person. A Republican running as a Democrat. That is vey devious in itself.

Empowerment Zone money. The director of that group left town in a hurry and was later questioned by the FBI, and others on what happened to the money. The city eventually took over the remainder of the fund. Reyes was a Congressman, not the Director of the Empowerment Zone, not on the Board of Directors and not running the organization on a daily basis. As with any government hand out there is always someone that gets put in charge of the money that knows how to steal it. The volunteer board of local citizens has no clue what is going on, never asks, but loves listing that board on their resume.

Reyes won his seat because of Operation Hold the Line - Pure and Simple. If that means he was a Republican because he did his job as a Border Patrol Sector Chief then so be it. Clinton and Janet Reno despised Reyes for doing that but couldn't stop him. Sanchez was Coleman's bagman/chief of staff and Coleman had to retire because of the House banking scandal where he was one of the top Congressman that wrote thousands of dollars in hot checks. A Republican did run against Reyes - Bobby Ortiz.

Some of my best friends are Jews.

Clinton was upset with Reyes. Listen to Clinton's state of the Union speech in 1995. You would swear that Trump wrote the speech. Gov Clintons instructions to Arrkansas state troopers was to specifically target Hispanics.

Does that make Clinton a Republican ?

Way too many Republicans in the Democratic Party. Your headline nails it. El Paso may be the only city the USA where the Democratic Party has always been just shy of being fully Republican. No foolin'! I can't blame Dori for running as a Democrat. It makes sense. Now if we only get Willy Cager in the race.

the Deadbeat Dad is so full of shit. Remember the Mexican Jew(Mexican Jew who speaks better Spanish than the Pocho Abeytia i'd bet) who took his own money and stomped (76-24)the Foster Hunt Shapleigh candidate Steve Ortega ? Remember the 50k from the Foster Hunt PAC we found out about after the race. Remember Oscar Leeser people ? David, your parents giving money to Dori is o.k. and it has nothing to do with race. Are Arabs considered brown or a minority ? I saw a bunch of Lebanese and Syrian Christians on that list not to mention a Hispanic Maria Francisca Teran. I would love to see Hunt, Foster, Cardwell, and Sanders change their mind about Escobar. They may not want to lose that money like they did with Ortega. Maybe Dori can be another Oscar Leeser and kick ass.

CLINTON DID NOT KNOW REYES IN 1995. It was in 1996 or maybe you are right Dec. of 1995 that they met.
Anyway all I know that Dori is running a crooked campaign as usual.
Hang me if you don't like it.


Thanks David K you are just one more that realize how Jaime holds tight control of who gets to post on his blog even though he acts all butt hurt when called out on doing so and claims he doesn't. On that one Jaime is a liar.

You are so full of it. Your hypocrisy and dishonesty has no measure except maybe by Abeytia standards. That's what you political whores do for few coins that are tossed your way. First, it's obvious that Dori's little attack lapdogs like you are going to throw in the Jew card. But readers should remember how you bashed Peter Svrazbein for all sorts of things. Were you anti-Semitic? Guess he didn't pay you to silence your bigotry. And if you're going to crucify Jaime (yes, pun intended) for allowing supposedly anti-Semitic comments, why is it ok for you to allow disgusting posts accusing Dori of having an affair with Cabrera. That is by far nastier. The lady has a husband and children and he also has a family who must all be subjected to that filth now all because she chose to pursue political ambitions. It's the same with Escobar and Byrd, Criticize their politics but the nasty gossip and lies and low class slander and vitriol you spew and enable is despicable. It's this kind of shit that turns people off from public service or from voting. You political slugs do more to damage our community and the country and serve no useful purpose in society. It's shameful that you're a father and that this is the world your creating for them. Have some decency man!

Somebody went to bed mad last night. I don't recall DavidK making comments about politicos having affairs etc. The commenters have. See any ads on this blog? Abeytia has a bunch-that's who pays him.

Long before the internet, social media and blogs, the locals in this town made every attempt to discredit and lie about certain individuals that run for office. So none of this is new. Just more available to people. Is it cool-no, but in today's' world people eat up this social media, blogging stuff and decide it's all true. Remember-if it's on the internet it's gospel truth.

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