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August 10, 2017


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To answer your question...with a question...are you what you eat?



Opposites attract.

James Carville and Mary Matelin are doing well in New Orleans. They did not ever run for State Congress or any other political office. Mary Martelin is not a Republican any longer because she is now an Independent. Dori and her husband are both Republicans. So who cares about what you have to say?

We know she's a Republican because she votes in Republican primaries and gives money to Republicans. Doesn't matter what her husband does.

And there are republicans in El Paso that vote in democrat primaries and give money to democrat candidates. So what party do they belong to?

That's a silly question. She's a Republican.

It is a silly question, but here's their party: the Frauds and Fools Party. They're one or the other. Fenenbock. Looks more like a fraud than a fool though.

Hey John Jacob Jingledumbass. What 3 Republicans gave the most money to Steve Ortega when he ran against the Mexican Jew Leesor for mayor ? Try Hunt, Foster, and Cardwell ?

We get better representatives when we vote for the person, not the party. There are many losers running as democrats, ditto for republicans. Many voters make their choices based on party...not a wise decision.

I don't give a crap who gave most to Ortega four years ago. So what? Fenenbock is clearly a Republican but knows she can't win the general election as one.

I've asked Abeytia to keep the anti-Semites off his page and he declined, but I suggest it to Refuse the Juice as well.

John Jingle your full of shit. I was making a point above and not being anti-Semitic. The Republican money went to the democrat Hispanic Ortega and not to Lessor who is probably more of a Republican than a Democrat even though most Jewish and Hispanic people in this town are Democrat. You don't know what Dori is, but percentages say Democrat. I voted for Leesor and would have voted for him in this race had he ran against Escobar.

Escobar is completely ethically bankrupt.

It seems Escobar is running a campaign with out officially announcing, with lots of help from her media buddies, so she won't have to step down and give up her 6 figure salary.

Here is her latest threat on Pleters appointment.


That said, Piñeda added that any potential opponents of Escobar's, could open themselves up for attack should they choose to make Pleters' appointment a campaign issue.

According to EP INC. Whisper column Taylor Moreno has a new job as the director of business development at El Paso Children’s Hospital.

Expect an official announcement in a few weeks.

That would be the Children's hospital that is controlled by the county thru UMC.

And just coincidently Moreno is on the National Committee of Latino Victory.

That would be the political organization that Byrd and Escobar recruited via Moreno to fund raise for Escobar under the pretense that she has to be "drafted" to run for congress so that she would not have to announce and resign as county judge.

The quid pro quo between Escobar and Moreno on this deal reeks to high heaven.

Don't forget Escobar's new BFF Houghton is on the Children's Hospital board.

Mary, thanks for the website. At least Channel 9 had the 'balls' to cover the issue. Regardless of what that UTEP professor opines, with the issue out in the public, voters can make their own decision on the matter.

John Jingle This, what point were you making when you wrote "Mexican Jew Leesor"? Whatever point it was, you failed.

His point is that you don't know what party Dori truly supports just like Oscar. Your just a Veronica minion trying to ruffle feathers. Dori is running as a Democrat, therefore, she is one.

No, if you call someone a Jew as a complete non-sequitur it's because you're an anti-Semite.

I have not yet decided who I'm voting for in the primary or general election. But I don't like candidates who prefer one party their entire life and then suddenly decide to run in another one.

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