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September 25, 2017


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This was well put David K: "However, I never doubted for a second that he saw me as an interloper even if he was friendly."

Possibly in time Vince might consider running for that state senator position.

You make a good point and that is why those comments were inappropriate. This isn't about race. It's about the haves and the have nots.

The people in this city who have power are using their power to force the have nots out.

You have stated your view well.

Your comments may help CC Brown come to grips with her Anglo-Mexican Children and her claims that the Senators comments are offensive. [Really]

To me the Senators comments were about the Glass Beach study etc and also the Amazon BusinessInsider.com story.

Anyways its not what we say but what we do. Just look at all Trump says and it don't matter.

Seen it and heard it many times. The disparaging behavior towards white Americans. But, then I've seen and heard the same behavior by white Mexicans.

There's no denying it. Racism does exist in El Paso and it's not all about being a Mexican. Senator Rodriguez simply exposed the "hidden secret". Will it produce public discussion towards improving conditions. I doubt it. There will be proclamations, speeches, fake anger and denials but nothing will change. You can't change until you admit there is a problem.

The Black El Paso community held open discussion a couple of years ago. It was about race. It was good but those that needed to attend never did. It was attended by those that didn't have an issue. Remember a couple of years ago when an El Paso representative to the Texas Dem convention? She was outraged and screaming her real opinion of Black people. She yelled the n word for all to hear. Why? Because an outstanding member of El Paso was selected to be a State committee member.

Where were all the officials ? Didn't see any nor heard any comments from the officials. Remember we don't have any race issues in El Paso (sarcasm).

Go to other blogs and read the veiled anti-Jewish slants towards a congressional candidate. The blogger feigns outrage and states any ant-jewish comments will be deleted. Soon afterwards the attacks continue, veiled but obvious. The blogger is one that's always outraged about Mexican rights but condones disparaging behavior towards others.

At least the Senator was honest about it. Instead of defending himself, he should open the can of worms to open discussion.

For those that denounce the President as being racist. Take a good look in the mirror. Anytime you participate in racist comments, you ARE a racist. It's not ok to whisper among friends and family. Mayate, pocho, gabacho, gringo, pinche negro, the white man. Only your imagination creates many more insults. Look in the mirror.

I have looked at the mirror often and I love me. Everyone here in El Paso has called me a Pocha. Still don't know what it means. Everyone thinks I am a Mexican because that is what I look like. But, NO I am not a Mexican. I am Apache, Comanche, Kickapoo, Irish, German, Italian, Greek, Jewish and Northern African. I have many other bloods also and can prove it. The name of Lupe is short for Guadalupe. OH!! Just hear everyone say she has to be Mexican because she has a Mexican/Spanish name. But, it is neither, Guadalupe means River of the Wolf. It is Arabic and has 7 other meanings. I only know 3: River of Beans, River of Gold and River of Wisdom. And yes there is a lot of racism here in El Paso. Everyone has some bad feelings about one ethnic group or another. You should see the looks at some people because I am married to a black man. He is black, white and Cherokee. So whatif he is multi-racial and I am too. People do not know how to treat each other with respect, compassion kindness anymore. To tell the truth it has always been there,this thing called racist.
Another name for it is Prejudice. Does it matter that's why we need to educate people.

This discussion has finally convinced me to order one of those ancestry.com DNA tests and put to rest what I really am. Please, God, let it be the Last Romanov so I can claim the dynastic fortune on deposit since 1917 at Bank of England.

Then, again, there still might be some outstanding horse theft warrants 😂

The Senator revealed that is not smart after all.

Jerryk, LMAO, im sure my relative came from Scotland on a Penal ship.

Linked below is a political cartoon created by the Duranguito activists.

I believe the depiction of the "gringos" speaks for itself.


is the picture of Paul, Woody, Margo, or Josh ?

oh shit, im taking a knee damn it in protest.

Fact 1: Most of the property owners in Duranguito are not Caucasian. Facts 2: Sen. Rodriguez should have said "gentrification" instead of "Gringoland." Many Latinos support gentrifications.

Reverse discrimination is common in El Paso. Few people even comment on it but it definitely exists.

Steve. Love it!

that was good Steve even though I disagree with you 99 percent of the time. Remember my quote below ?

Ask a brother who's been downsized if he's getting any deal/ Or a white boy bustin ass til they put him in his grave/ He ain't gotta be a black boy to be livin like a slave/ Rich people have always stayed on top by dividing white people from colored people/ but white people got more in common with colored people then they do with rich people/ we just gotta eliminate them. White people, black people, brown people, yellow people, get rid of 'em all/ All we need is a voluntary, free spirited, open-ended program of procreative racial deconstruction/ Everybody just gotta keep fuckin' everybody til they're all the same color !

Funny how Grossman's minions say Gringolandia is just a word and that those who are offended by it are thin-skinned and it is the truth about what is happening to El Paso.

I guess that makes all their bitching about the Glass Beach study just them being thin-skinned about how El Paso is perceived.

I wonder.....

Anglos, Caucasian Americans, whatever you want to call them may joke about being called gringos, but it is like calling a Latino a wetback. No reason to get upset about being called gringo? Not reason to get upset about being called wetback? Let's all agree to be upset or not be upset, but it needs to be fair. I betcha Sen. Rodriguez would not like Durangito to be called Wetbackville.

I travel a lot and when I say I am from El Paso, most don't know even where it is and are surprised when I tell them it is on the TX/NM/MX border, adjacent to Cd Juarez. In response to what El Paso is, I tell them it is the American face of Mexico, a Mexican city (culturally, economically, politically) on US soil.

They get that.

Good discussion. Doesn't change the fact Jose Rodriguez is a notch above a moron! Could be a nice guy, but can't get past he is stupid! We need to set the bar a little higher in El Paso.

What we bring to the table, in the form of life experiences colors our interpretations of what we draw from the article. I wasn't offended by Jose's comment because I was raised in the "Gringolandia" suburbs of a large city. My house was the "A" model home in a 1950's subdivision of three choices. Models A. B, and C. Mine was a stylish tri-level home with a big back yard and a nice front lawn. No character.No charm. Nearby apartments were just vanilla boxes. Now those apartments "turned condo" are still Carl Starr had some good points. Jose Rodriguez isn't a bigot.

Mr. Rodriguez said it like it is. He is not a bigot. He spoke much from his heart and his feelings of times past. I remember many times that people were not allowed in many places. When you got on the bus if you were Mexican, Black, Oriental, etc. you had to sit in the back. I had a friend that grew up in New Braunfels and if they wanted groceries they had to go to the back of the store. They were not allowed to go in. In Farmington, NM they would not allow the Navajos to have office jobs for a long time. They would not allow them to go in the bank and do business. They could only go through the drive through. This was in the 1980's When I went to Landa Park in TX. I was 15 years old and was with 8 white friends of mine. When we went to get food they served everyone but not me. The friends I was with told them off and we left. They wanted to have me arrested for trespassing in their park. I was the only one that was not white. In Colorado Springs we were not served at a Burger King because they did not want to feed savages. This happened in the early 1990's. These are the things that Senator Rodriguez remembers. There are still some places that do not want any Natives, Mexicans, Blacks, etc. So you need to understand what is going on in this land of ours. The only big supporters of Trump are the Klu Klux Klan and White Supremeists. And if you will notice he wants to take away everything that Obama did for this Nation. He has made fun of the disabled, media, poor, the wall, etc. His father was the head of the KKK back in the 1930's. So what can you expect of him? Yes there is still racism and bigotry in this land of ours. So do not crucify Senator Rodriguez. He did not mean to say anything wrong. Only people that are ignorant to the fact will say something else and create hate and more hate. Do not listen to anything that Vince Perez has to say. He has put his foot in his mouth other times also. He does not belong in politics. He has no experience and thinks he knows everything when in essence he knows nothing. He talks from his side of the mouth. Again he is only a child in his thinking. Has never had a bad experience that would make him think twice.

Lupe, you do go for awhile and then you lose it.

Fred Trump was not the head of any klan. He was arrested at a Klan rally that turned into a fight with police. There was never conclusive evidence that he was klan. Although, he was arrested and that dies raise questions.

He has made fun of the media but accusations about the poor, disabled or the wall. The first two have been shown to be fake news.

Vince is probably the most experienced of the commissioners. He has made bad decisions in the past. But since his marriage and disassociation with some of your heros, he has become a seasoned and excellent official.

The Senator was referring to El Paso. He said it and should own it. There is a lot of prejudice against Americans in this area. Also a lot prejudice of Mexicans by Mexicans. The fact is there is racism throughout this world. The Senator should organize panels to discuss our differences.

As for the wall, we've had a fence for many years. Bill Clinton gave a State of the Union address which you would have thought Trump wrote it. Hillary didn't want a wall but a fence was ok ? Obama has deported more people than Trump.

Stick to facts not anti trump fake news and let's not play the victim card. There used to be signs that said No dogs and Irish allowed. Italians still face slùrs and El Paso doesn't actually speak highly of Jews.

Lupe - I agree with you on many issues, but you lost me here. What you are saying about Trump and Trump supporters reminds me of the trash many non-thinking conservatives said about the Obamas. Please do not buy into that kind of thinking.

As for Gringolandia. What that heck is that? The U.S. is made up of people from many ethnic backgrounds. You can go to parts of Texas that have German and Czech influence; French and Black influences in New Orleans; Norwegian and Swedish in Minnesota. Architecture and food will be different. Old parts of cities will have different architecture than suburbs.

So does the fact that people have white skin instead of brown skin make them Gringos? Do they live in Gringolandia even though a Black person may live next door? Maybe the Senator is saying that any new building is Gringolandia. So how about Latinos who live in new houses and like the suburbs? I'm sorry but this word has absolutely no meaning to me, except to say that a person does not have brown skin. Sorry, but that is racism.

The only big supporters of Trump are the Klu Klux Klan and White Supremeists.
Lupe; that would be a pretty small base, KKK just a few thousand and probably half of them FBI since the 60s. Trump got 63MM votes and took 2900 counties to Clinton's 500. If you think all of those were white supremacists you are wrong. It looks to me a lot like the traditional Democrat base that I recall before the Clintons fucked up the Democrat Party and Obama convinced ya'll that you are somehow an oppressed minority.

Lupe, It would do us all good to remember that in each instance of discrimination, your political affiliation was not questioned, but instead, your humanity. I'm sorry that you were the victim. Thank God for strong Democrats like Jose Rodriguez, who does not mince words.

You are very right about Senator Rodriguez. He is vey proud and says it like it is. I have being to 29 states 2 countries and all over TX. I have seen the bad the good and the ugly. Many things that I have seen I will not talk about. As for being racist no I am not. Like I have said before I have an international family and proud of it. Vince Perez is not a good political person. That is all there is to it. He does not have the common sense it takes to be a good politician. He is upset because Ruben got to be in Veronica's place. What a sore loser. And I will always think this way until he can prove that he is what it takes to be a good politician. The Democrats are not as good as they used to be. Too many of them don't even know the difference between any of the parties. And many of them are Republicans saying they are Democrats and still vote Republican. The Independents vote either way. The one that I cannot say much about would be the Liberals because I do not know their agenda.
As for Trump's father yes he was arrested and for a while he was the leader. And you should understand where Trump would be prejudiced about some people. It is no big deal unless one wants to make it a really big deal. Just said what has happened to me and others. That is all! You have to understand also that both the Democrats and Republicans are not as united as they used to be. But, I continue to be a Democrat on my own.

Lupe, I've known former klan members and one was a leader. None of the children turned into racists. Read the reports again Fred Trump was never proven to be a klan leader even for a short period. Was he a klan member or a supporter ? Not proven either way. My best guess is he was a supporter.

Vince split with Escobar months ago before anyone knew that she was going to run for Congress. I really doubt that that Vogts selection had anything to do with the decisions to go his own way. The split was obvious shortly after the county/city fiasco.

Having an international family doesn't prevent a person from being a racist nor an ethnocentrist. I would say you are in the last category.

Lupe, Democrats are liberal and leftist period. There are Rinos and Dinos in both parties. Take a look at Washington. No one knows how the votes will go because of the repeated surprises of politicians voting in contrary to party platforms.

Lupe, I'm sure you're a good person but please do not pass conjecture as fact.

Perez should understand that there's no way he have been the appointed Interim County Judge because he has political aspirations. If there's even a small chance he would run for the office of County Judge, he can't be appointed.

I know that Ruben was appointed. He knows it too. He knows very well what is going on at the court house and knows what to do. He will do good and no he has no intentions of running for County Judge like Vince Perez does. The difference is that one has more common sense than the other and it is NOT Perez. He is a puppet for some one else. Figure it out.

Lupe, Vince has made it very clear he has no plans or ambition of being the County Judge. Ask him yourself instead of creating fiction.

Lupe, no offense, but you are a conspiracy theorist and just bat shit crazy on some of this stuff. Veronica made sure a Shapleighite was still in power in the county. Vince Perez is actually a very good commissioner. He does his homework unlike Haggerty and Stout. How you can say Perez is inexperienced is a joke.

Lupe, Lupe, Lupe, why are thou so poopie, Lupe?

Certainly agree with this statement by Play Fair: "Vince Perez is actually a very good commissioner. He does his homework." In another year and a half Perez will have that much more experience at the county, so then he likely might make an excellent candidate for the county judge position.

Right now he is certainly 'well qualified' to run for a state representative position. And in a couple years he likely might be an 'excellent candidate' to run for the state senator position, or even that congressional position Veronica and Dori are running for now.

Hang in there Vince and don't listen to the "bat shit crazy" experts.

Lupe, if any Anglo elected official stood in front of cameras and said, "I'm tired of seeing all these Mexicans around here," people would lose their minds.

And please do not bring up the Glass Beach study. Did that stupid piece of paper do anything to bring about any kind of ethnic cleansing in El Paso? Did you notice any shift in the demographics of El Paso? Was there a sudden influx of Buffy's and Biff's in El Paso?

No, there was not.

What happened was there was a realization of second and third generation El Pasoans that we could honor our Mexican heritage and bring it with us as we strove to make El Paso less of a dusty west Texas town, and more of a city where people would like to visit or do business in.

I don't have to wear a serape and speak with an accent to honor my heritage. I have to move my city forward into the future like Trost did when he built his amazing buildings, like Fort Bliss did when they chose to build and expand here, like my grandparents did when they decided to work hard and move from the little home they had in the Lower Valley to the home they built on the west side.

Growing and evolving doesn't mean white-washing. It means bettering ourselves, and to be honest with you, if you don't want that for our city, I would rather you sit down and stop talking. We don't need people like you who are determined to keep us in metaphorical huaraches and mud huts.

Move on, El Paso. Let's make things better and stop the stagnation that people like Lupe espouse.

You are just a bunch of trolls following Sylstre Reyes and Norma Chavez!!!

Oh really, Lupe? Grow up and get over your partisan politics. You are better than this.

Lupe, so anyone that doesn't agree with you is a fan of Reyes and Chavez?
Is that really your position ? It's not a very good one and doesn't reflect any logic.

I happen to not support Reyes or Chavez but according to you, am a troll for them.

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