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September 19, 2017


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I agree that the arena has no business plan other than it was on the ballot and will make a few architects and builders better off. Unless...it is a backdoor way for Paul and Woody to get a home for their soccer team built without the messy fight around a sports venue vote. That would explain why Margo is so keen to get that pesky Austin judge overrruled.

That is also why I'm so enjoying the Durangitos and cheering them from the sideline.

Where do you stand on how this all went down? If I remember correctly, you were very much in favor of downtown revitalization and that it was going to be pie in the sky for El Paso.

JerryK, Please stop perpetuating this false conspiracy that the arena is going to be a Foster/Hunt soccer facility.

The proposed expansion soccer team will be part of the USL. The USL plays in full size outdoor soccer venues.

Please do 5 minutes of Internet research before you spout off these ridiculous claims.

Steve, ever heard of JerryWorld ? you know the Cowboy stadium where the roof opens ? That turns and indoor arena to an outdoor and if Steve was so right then why did he get his ass kicked 73-27.

I don't get why posters say the architects and builders will be "better off" - somehow indicating they are getting a kick back, sweet deal or whatever. Who else is going to design and build the damn thing?

I think Margo is wanting the legal battle to be over because it costs time and money. All taxpayers should want the issues resolved ASAP so we quit spending money on legal fees.

Knowitall, Jerryworld is 1,000 feet long by 800 feet wide. Have you even looked at the footprint of the arena? Oh, and JerryWorld costs $1.2B. Do you even have a clue what the budget is for the arena?

Apparently you know notmuchatall

a SMALLER VERSION of Jerry World would work. outdoor is outdoor. no wonder Steve was wrong. he had a few(27%) voters like you.


Brilliant idea! Build a smaller version of JerryWorld. You'll get 13% of the size of JerryWorld for the arena budget of $180m.
Perhaps we can host peewee soccer games.

Thanks for your valuable insight.

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