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September 11, 2017


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LOOK AT WHO IS CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK! Dori just resigned from her job and has been campaigning forever. What has she really done all these time for her students or schools? NADA. So don't put the carriage before the horse!

I still say you are jealous of these women because they are much better than you.

Haven't been taking your meds lately maybe time for a check in with your therapist!

Lupe, your comment makes Zero sense. Dori has not been campaigning forever. Dori doesn't have "students". EPISD has students. If Dori has done nothing then so has the whole board since they were elected. One person cannot be the whole board, unless you are Susie Byrd.

Thomas, put your entire name in this blog. Do not hide like everyone else. Sure would like to get you for impersonating a psychologist. People who try tactics like you are the ones that always get in trouble. You are not better than me or am I better than you. LEARN.

LOL. Stupid liars and the stupid fools who believe this shit. How can the district spend $2 million on an audit when it has an entire internal audit department staff on the payroll that collectively don't make $2 million a year even if you add benefits. They're paid to conduct a bunch of audits as part of an approved plan. They'll just add this one. So next time you lie KKK, try being more creative, although I suppose for your loyal band of idiots, facts and common sense don't matter. Just say it's Dusie's fault and that's all they need.


When you are stupid as you are, I'm not sure it's worth my time to explain how and when an external audit takes place. Any idiot with half a brain knows that Byrd won't let the Super audit himself with his auditing department. That's like asking my kids to grade their own paper. They will hire an outside firm of Susie's choosing. That way they can feed her all the juicy stuff so she can leak it before the full report comes out. It's public works auditing 101 and I'm pretty sure I got the concept when I 18. I'm sorry you're too stupid at your age to understand how the world works.

You're like a little Trump, as racist and as lose with facts and resentful of women. It's no wonder that just like him you got sued for lying, but since you're a poor ass devil, you had to crawl and beg for public forgiveness until some other loser politico throws you a bone to promote lies and slander. Fact: The entire board sans the sleeper from the NE, voted for the audit. Yes, even Dori's new puppet president Hatch voted. As much as you want to conjure up gossip and fake lies like a menstruating 16 prom queen, Byrd isn't queen. Other trustees would have to vote to spend $1, all the moreso $2 million on an outside auditor. And anyone at that meeting knows it will befell on the district internal auditor to do it. And second lying stupid cowardly lie 2, Texas law requires that the auditor report the board not the Superintendent. You remember a guy named Lorenzo Garcia and what happened when he hid the audit report and the former trustees were stupid enough to allow him? Well he went to jail and the trustees were removed. Oh and that auditor is gone. So try harder to come up with more believable crap or go suck a Tampax to cure yourself of your vagina insecurities.


So you say I'm resentful of women and then use several female references to criticize what I'm writing. You really are that stupid, aren't you?!?!?!

The board does not have to vote on every dollar spent. That's the most asinine thing I've ever heard. I have no idea why I'm even bothering to speak to someone who know as little as you do.

And yes, since Byrd demanded an outside audit (I hear she had a firm in mind that did city work!) the board pulled a fast one and voted for an internal audit to be run by the Super (since he's the guy they have to ask everything of since he's the guy who screwed up and he's the guy who gives their reviews and Carmen - the other person who may have screwed up) and reported back to the board. Believe me, Byrd wanted to spend $2 million on an outside audit she could control. Now she's got her audit and no control. The board is learning to deal with Byrd.

Duh, a typical snowflake Liberal. What an idiot.

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