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September 28, 2017


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At what point does the PAC send its pros to take over?



Now David K I'm really 'confused' by this part of your post: "Same thing with Byrd... who has to run Vero's campaign and can't necessarily get into some kind of primary fight herself. Unless... she gets named interim County Judge."

Would Haggerty, Leon and Perez all really go along with appointing Byrd to replace Escobar as County Judge?

If Byrd was appointed to that position, it would seem to confirm all your prior posts about the bias of the Times, plus hand Dori a ready made tool to beat Escobar over the head about cronyism and political favors. Frankly it would seem a pretty dumb move.

Have you or anyone on this forum gotten any wind of the names now being considered?

If they followed the Dan Haggerty replacement example of appointing Pat Ablin; could or would someone like Ablin, or Ed Archelleta, or even Joyce Wilson be considered? Someone who has real management experience?

Sergio Lewis the "Poet" on the radio???

Old fart. I can't believe you would even think of archuetta or wilson. Might as well consider jones. At least it's believed that he has reformed. The other two just haven't caught yet.

Albion would be a safe bet, not a boat rocker. A good fill in.

There are a couple of more people but since they want to announce I have to keep my mouth shut. One of the two is viable. But that depends on whom they assemble to run the campaign. I sure hope it's not another campaign manager with the "I lost before so I am an expert. I know what not to do".

David: Nowhere are you greater than in your own mind. Stout never intended to run for County Judge. At this time, Susie Bryd does not want, or need the job. Your blog didn't "wreck" anything. You were just plain wrong.

MMI: No Susie needs a job. The last job she had with a regular paycheck was city council for 8 years. Moxie Consulting won’t pay one week of her kids college tuition. County Commisioner makes great money so why not. Stout was a media person and that has lousy pay compared to county commissioner or county judge. He will try hard to keep the good paying job even though he is not very effective at it.

Or maybe you're just not very good at figuring these things out.

Me, myself,

David KKK is correct that Stoudt wanted to run for county judge. He was very vocal about it and other blogs also reported it. Suzy told multiple people i know that she was going to take stoudt's seat one way or another. Then David Crowder asked her about it and reported in the rich people paper. The truth was that Crowder is in daily contact with Suzy and Veronica. The reason Suzy had Crowder put that item in the rich people paper was to see if she got a draft suzy movement going. Suzy was seeing if she could get some support. She did not get any. Suzy did not want this blog or others to mention her possible run. David can be wrong often, but he was right on this one.

"I guess my little exposing of the plan kind of wrecked things for Byrd and Stout."

David, David, David - There you go again declaring that you run El Paso politics. If your blog is so powerful, could you please do something about our streets?

Didn't Byrd represent some employee group over at UMC? If she did or is, was she getting paid for her efforts? Also, wasn't she a paid spokesperson for a while for the Children's Hospital?

"Playfair",& "intheknow":

1.I am absolutely certain that Stout never had any interest in running for County Judge. Regardless of what you heard,(or read) to the contrary, Stout never wanted the job. Being "propped up" or "put up" doesn't mean he wanted the job. I am respectfully telling you, Stout didn't want the job. We can agree to disagree.

2. Susie Bryd: IF and when Veronica wins her congressional bid, Susie has a job waiting for her in Washington D.C., when she is ready to leave El Paso.

I have been a strong and vocal supporter of Veronica's for many years. I'm sorry to say that many of the "anti-attitude" voters that were disgusted with the Reyes family attitudes, are complaining about Veronica's.
Trump's big mouth may be the thing that saves her!

Old fart: you are correct, she was the spokesperson for Children’s Hospital until they went broke and couldn’t afford her. Veronica got her the job. She hasn’t had a paying job since then.

Susie wins in District 2 races. She's never won city wide election. Susie's's a sweet person, with good intentions. Unfortunately, she talks too much, and has developed an exaggerated sense of self. Arrogance is not appealing. Veronica's earned an exaggerated sense of self. Susie has not.

Toldja ... just sayin

David Crowder,

If David KKK was so wrong about Suzy's chatter about running for Stout's seat, why did you feel that you needed to print something to refute the rumor? I think David was right when he guessed that you were implicit in seeing what support Suzy could get if there were to be a rumor posted in the real media. David suggest it would spawn a draft Suzy movement. I would say it did not. Suzy was criticized widely for her comments to your in the Inc. Lionstar has backed up David KKK's rumor that Stout is for sure not running for his old seat. This would leave the paint huffer to gain the seat unopposed. Suzy wouldn't let that happen.

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