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September 19, 2017


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The news isn't fake unfortunately, do remember there is at least one other paper in town. The Inc has been looking into Dori's actions and is aware there is an open investigation. How they choose to run with that remains to be seen.


You're reaching when you don't have to.

And that overreach is gonna cause your candidate's camp problems.



Aaron Hernandez,

You're proof of their plan. Just say there's an investigation enough times and people will believe it. Problem now is that you have people backing Dori that will come back at you. The bullies are going to get bullied back. I can't wait to watch. You guys will win, but the cost will be truly incredible.

News flash! Investigation into Aaron Hernandez! Facts at 11 or not at all, but he is under investigation.

The day he leaves the Times office for good is the day the entire county should declare a holiday ! I will even consider resubcribin to the Times. Now if the Inc will get their jerk of a so called reporter to retire.

The TV stations need to shake up their staffs with actual unbiased reporters/anchors. Then the area will have a chance to clean up the corruption and cronyism that has hampered a chance to develop into a great city and county.

Is it an oddity that Escobars errand boy has the initials AH ? Lol, those initials should tell you exactly the type of campaign she is running.

Dori can win if her campaign can get their act together. Make some changes in the campaign staff !

This is a golden opportunity to finally break the back of one of the corrupt and inept clique. We can destroy the other clique later.

With Moore's departure time will tell, especially with this upcoming election, if he was the problem with the skewed reporting at the Times, or if it's a deeper problem within the organization? The complaints that its reporting was skewed to favor certain people certainly has merit.

It will be interesting to see if those who remain at the Times now chart their own course?

Old Fart, good point. They still have Schladen. He is so pro-progressive aka socialist that nothing may change except the band leader. Ramirez is another one that slants the news so much Western World will have have design their next slide.

Marty Schladen doesn't work for EPT anymore. Texas Tribune.

The ElPaso Municipal Police Officers Association and C.L.E.A.T. have endorsed Dori Fenenbock! Video on her facebook page!

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