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September 13, 2017


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Found this on that referenced new blog: "During this election cycle, expect the Times to tout that Escobar’s Court has maintained a flat tax for a few years now. They won’t tell you that the El Paso County Hospital District has been leading the pack when it comes to tax raises. They won’t say anything about the Children’s Hospital sleight-of-hand fix. The Times won’t say anything about Escobar’s pay raises or her naked attempt to takeover the MPO last year. They won’t say a word about her 100% unfavorable rating (in private) by Municipal Judges. Etc."

Then just start digging into and report on the referenced Children's Hospital issue, along with that shitty, underhanded attempt to strip power at the MPO, and the other items! Just go around the Times and use other sources to get information to the public.

Read that Sunday Times article on Dori by Aaron Martinez and thought she came out much, much better than an earlier El Paso Inc interview article. Dori hit on numerous key points which should be of interest to voters' and taxpayers, plus she added the human side about her background and experience from the private sector.

It should be a lively and interesting election season.

Old Fart: I agree. If EPT won't do their job and report on what actually is happening at EP County then someone else needs to do it. Of course EPT only reads Lionstar blog and quotes from it.

This new blog sure sounds like DavidK's li'l friend Tolbert. He's baaaack.

David started a new blog and is trying to pass it off as just a convenient coincidence that "they" happen to be plugging each "other". But Who am I to judge whether David should plug anyone besides his wife?

DavidK doesn't hide behind a blog. Let's see- this one he has his name, email address and doesn't edit comments before they are posted. I doubt he needed to start an anonymous blog. You just hate DavidK and always have and made a really immature comment your last sentence. Jerk.

@Who Cares: Well, whoever is behind the "other" blog is certainly hiding. Last time I checked, that person doesn't have their name, email address, etc. showing. Could you maybe try to find out for us who this mystery person is that has prose nearly identical to David's and echoes his points nearly verbatim? What a coincidence, and just what El Paso needs; an exact duplicate of David's blog.

LMAO, who are we kidding? The "other" blog will quietly disappear after a few months as David gets tired or too lazy to maintain it. Maybe he can (or has) farm(ed) it out to someone for $10/hour to keep it up?

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