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October 17, 2017


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David K your Duranguito comments are right on the mark: "What this does do is add another brick in the wall of delays. Pretty soon it won't be feasible to build an arena anywhere downtown because the price to do so will exceed what the voters budgeted. City council is going to have to get honest answers about how viable the project is now that the Duranguito crowd has scored another victory."

One option is to just tell the truth and do nothing, and then let this project die, because voters and property taxpayer will get royally screwed simply trying to cover the operating costs.

The likely downside associated with letting this project die is, who will want to invest money downtown because those enhancements will have a high potential to be losers.

I suppose that since Escobar has been exposed as being supported by Kim Jung's meow and antisemitic attacks. So the switch is to throw in the family factor. I don't know of any family that doesn't talk with one another. Escobar is running a dirty campaign which reflects on her reputation. This just proves what we know. Underhanded and slimey.

Give them time, they will find a way to get it built. They haven't placed enough cash at the bottom of the contract. Once the proper amount is placed, it will happen.

Forget about investing ? Only if you're into demolishing homes and being subdized with tax money. There is enough garbage being exposed that no business or family will relocate to El Paso.

Dirty politics, scams, corruption, low wages, high taxes, hidden racism, politics that work for Juarez not El Paso, gateway for drugs into US, you name it if it's no good, we got !

I haven't read the exact wording on the petition but if it is like the last one the Group wants to basically zone private land and that is not done by a vote of the citizens. I think state law will prevail. For all the high dollar lawyers this group has employed you would think they would know whether or not a vote of the citizens can cause whole parcels of private land to be re-zoned without the consent of the private owner. Isn't that a "taking"? Give up on the $180M for the arena and re-purpose that for street repairs - everybody would vote for that!

Who Cares, your incorrect understanding of what a taking is makes me question your ability to interpret the law in this matter. You must be one of the dummy high-dollar lawyers you write about.

There is no taking because a historic overlay does not effect zoning therefore no change in land use.

The Union Plaza area has had all the requirements of a historic district in place since 1999 (i.e building design guidelines, approval process by HLC and HPO etc).

In this case the effect of a Historic Overlay is a formality and not a mandate for any change.

The only effect is a benefit to the property owner in that it makes certain buildings eligible for financial incentives/assistance for historic renovation/preservation if and only if the building owner chooses to pursue designation.

Union Plaza district was created by a vote of city council. It was paid for by Federal money.

A city cannot back zone private property. In a sense its a taking because it could possibly reduce the value of the land/property. Its amazing that the 20 or so people - mainly UTEP students that stand around protesting this issue have no stake whatsoever in the area. They don't live there. Until I see thousands of El Pasoans flocking to the site and throwing themselves in the middle of the street begging the city to not put an arena there - then this issue is just ankle biting by a very, very small minority. As for the petition I am amazed at how many people will sign anything without truly understanding what they are signing.

For every candidate, 10 years of government service builds a track record, and (always) breeds contempt. The Captain goes down with the ship, even when the problems aren't his fault.

The Congressional Race is the best political contest that El Paso has seen in many decades.

Dori, I hope you were really in this to win, because there is a very strong chance you shall!

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