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October 17, 2017


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If that is true - then Veronica is extorting money out of the local high profile Repubs and developers using the excuse "you owe me" since I helped you. That looks worse than a family feud.

Embarrassing ? It will pass, we all say things that comes back and bite us. Just go back to blogging.

Looks like Davey Boy touched a nerve with the Gaddy klan and was told to print a retraction. That means what Davey Boy wrote the first time was right. I know this because everybody knows this. Dori's husband doesn't get along with the Gaddy side and that is not news. Do you think that Queen Veronica is going to help little Gaddy with his downtown development deals from the capitol? I don't think so. Queen Veronica is of no use to Gaddy and the young guns in congress. His donations are a middle finger to Dori. It doesn't matter what Davey Boy apologizes for because the message was sent and it was received.

I guess Davey Boy's parents have contracts with the Gaddy and the Young Guns and had to stand down. Money is a motivator like no other!

One post is right and one is wrong. The comment above makes a good case for this to be a family feud. David's wife is friends with the "young gun" crowd. I think she may have received a call and he was forced to post this or sleep on the couch.

I agree that Escobar does no local rich kids any good in congress. Diverting tax dollars to pet projects as county judge serves them much better. I don't like her, but I hope she wins. That will get her ass out of town. I can see it now with FoxNews running a story about the Latina activist congresswoman whose husband deports innocent dreamers for President Trump. What a laugh!

We don't know Mr. Gaddy and never did any work for him. He has done a tremendous job with his re-development projects downtown and I applaud that. Have never met him or anyone in his family.

DAVID'S MOM, how about David's wife knowing them well?

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