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October 19, 2017


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Ah yes, another example of Escobar using people ! She uses people till they're of no use then dumps them.

And people actually consider supporting her ?The only good result if she's elected is that she will quickly that she us nothing and will be chewed, spit out by pros. Not the lame and amateurish politics in El Paso. The down side is she and Kim Jung will be a major embarrassement to El Paso.

Can you imagine she and Byrd giving whorehouse tours of Washington ? Guvmint cheese anyone ? Her Immigration Judge will keep the county jail open by continuing the collecting of Mexican cash crop aka immigrants. Remember she was against jailing Mexicans before she decided it was good for them to be jailed. Ka Ching, Ka Ching, Ka Ching, we need at least three more to keep the jail open!

The new blog you repeatedly quote is written by you li’l friend Tolbert. Yes, I know he refers to “Tolbert” in the third person, but he is clearly the author. A reborn, less angry version of the same guy.

David K wrote: "Part of that process was using Jim Tolbert to issue an ethics complaint I heard Byrd wrote."

The truth: Tolbert willingly let himself be used for what he thought would be personal gain. He apologized to Gonzalez but Tolbert never apologized to Larry Romero or to District 2. The “most audacious political attacks in history” were leveled by Tolbert, Byrd’s puppet. Byrd later cut the strings but Tolbert is a 60+ year old man who is responsible for his own actions.

David K wrote: "I'm going to assume any further action from that district's rep will be coming straight from Byrd's pen."

The truth: If the current rep allows herself to be used by Byrd, as Tolbert did, it will be the end of her political career.

Her D2 career is already over. She has done nothing except focus on the arena.

Tolbert probably felt obligated to Byrd and Escobar because they did help him get the seat when Romero resigned. I guess he figured why not - I still need to run for re-election. Unfortunately he found out just months into his term that they were two-faced and used him until he refused.

Don't kid yourself - virtually everyone in elective office has a Puppetmaster behind the scenes. Few if any think for themselves, do for themselves and defend their decisions without blaming others or events.

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