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October 16, 2017


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The best part of the video for Dori is that it’s cheap.



So with all the GOP money going to a Democrat, is there any left over for a GOP candidate?

How much of Vero's contributions were from PAC's? That's the only way she could have raised that much - PAC money - or in-kind services that gets counted as money even though it isn't cash.

The anti-Semitic comments being condoned by the meow factor and Escobar promoter has just convinced me to vote for Dori and encourage others to do so.

Escobar not a Dino ? Facts say otherwise.

Hey David,
Do you think Dori should make a video highlighting the Tornillo Port of Entry debacle?
Weren't Vero and her crew interested in taking as much farmer land as possible and districting the Valley so only their friends could open businesses there?

Really good point, Curious. Another Escobar / County debacle.

The Times is predicting a loss for Orourke. His numbers don't cut it. This is what happens when the candidate starts to believe their own pr. One bill in six years ? And he thinks he's ready for US Senator.

Escobar is on her way out and hopefully she takes the Kim Jung twin down as well. All his antisemitic blogs. She will bite the bullet just like Acosta. You can't use people and get away with it.

Remember she was against jailing immigrants, said it was racist. The secret is out. If it wasn't for jailing immigrants the county jail would be out of business. Now she is for the jailing. Says it's good for them. Code for they're a cash crop. She uses anyone and everyone.

Look at the facts. Donations are Republican, Republican judgeship for her spouse, supported by an antisemitic blogger. Definitely a Dino!

I'm sorry to say O'Rourke hasn't a chance of defeating Ted Cruz. Sadly, Veronica doesn't seem to understand that she's lost credibility with too many democrats. Who gives money to whom means absolutely nothing in El Paso.Jaime Esparza's endorsement didn't help her.

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