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October 18, 2017


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Every candidate or committee who receives a contribution through Act Blue or other conduit has to report it that way. https://transition.fec.gov/rad/candidates/documents/Earmarks_000.pdf Act Blue is the primary online donation mechanism for federal Democratic candidates. It's what many if not most Dem candidates and liberal organizations use in their social media and digital fundraising pitches. Act Blue has been the conduit for almost $2 billion in donations since 2004.

Fact Checker,

Nah, you can simply report the total amount from ActBlue on one line and then attach sheet with names etc. That's how most do it. You only do it this way when you want the report to seem huge. it's an intimidation thing and it has also led to reporters counting smaller donations twice out of ignorance. That way you can do the math with twice the smaller donors and say "see, we have an average donation of $400 so we get a lot of small donors"

I do this for a living - it's a game.

Here's Nancy Pelosi's filing. She reports the Act Blue pass-through donations the exact same way as Escoobar.


Here's a random candidate from Iowa. Same thing.


Find a candidate who does it differently and post here.

Fact checker,

each candidate doing the same thing escobar did. I'm not saying everyone does it the right way. I'm saying you can do it the right way, but hey choose not to for a reason. You can do it the wrong way and trick reporters into doing the math wrong. It's not an accident, it's by design. Hell, Bernie Sanders had a firm help him pull the same scam during his run.

David is correct. Wasn't Trump attacked for legal filing of taxes but questionable because of ethics ?

Escobar campaigned on transparency and end corruption. So she greases the skids a bit and slides thru a legal but very questionable ethical method.

So once again she talks a good game but uses anything and everyone to her advantage. She was against jailing of immigrants before being for it. Now she was for transparency before sages not.

Still want to vote for her ? A politician that will use her middle finger to test the winds and signal to the constituency what she thinks about them.

The inclusive and anti discrimination advocate that uses and is supported by an antisemitic blogger. Antisemitic blogger that plays with the words although he attempts to make a living as a communicator. A dirty one at that.

All of the examples follow exactly the sample form outlined by the FEC in the link in my original post. David's sputtering about right way or wrong way is nonsense. There is only one proper way to report earmarked contributions, and Escobar and the examples I showed are doing it properly. David is just making stuff up, which isn't exactly breaking news.

did you track her bitcoin donations, ya douche bag? heheheheheheheheheh. what a fucking maroon you are, dinner plates. how bout you start a blog where you live? fenenbock asked what bitcoin was wwhile she searched her fake louis vuitton purse. fucking wannabes, why do you even come back to EP when you actually acknowledge there are places you're not wanted and are scared to go? that's fucking laughable.

this is you, david kkk


"If my parents owned AT&T, and I was saying things in D.C. that were wrong, yeah, it would be kind of the whole company suffers; it would be at arm’s length.,"

-David KKK.

You're parent/fake parents/mistresses will never come close.

Dave is correct here. I used actblue last year and you have the option to create an addendum and it's much more simple than having everything double posted on the form. In training we were told that double posting would give the appearance that you have more small donors than you actually have. When Obama won the small donor became a huge talking point because McCain had big donors. Since that election Democrats have held onto the goal of looking like the small donor party. I have no doubt that anyone using ActBlue and posting the double instead of the attachment is trying to throw off reporters or researchers.

How interesting...Woody Hunt supported Veronica Escobar and TED CRUZ!.... What happened, Beto?

F.E.C. website info


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