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April 22, 2009


It's about time.

about time for what?


Have to disclose your conflicts you little ass kisser you!

Open letter,

What conflicts? Being a member of the newsmedia and having a family member seeking a contract with the city is not a conflict.

Are you that dumb? Or just an idiot. Or both?

You do realize that the proposed rule is unconstitutional, right? You do know that if by a miracle her ordinance passes every contractor in the city can sue the city, right? You will be paying out those lawsuits with your tax dollars.

Pull your head out of your ass.

Besides - I'm not even in the media, dumbass. I'm a blogger.

Are you upset?



Upset someone dumb as you reads my blog.

You're really bringing down the IQ here.

Please repeat...unintelligible.

Whew, from the title I though this was going to be another retread of the six-foot rule for strip clubs.

DK it can't go both ways - for many years bloggers have claimed to be part of the media - can't slip out that simply - having said that i don't think this one will pass muster

not that i really care, but if you write articles for npt and opinion articles such as your open letters to whomever on a regular basis. i do believe this makes you a part of the media and not just a blogger. now if we are unaware that sito,crowder or mahar has demoted you from writing articles anymore then no one has been informed of it. i know you dont have a radio gig anymore. does this mean you wont be writing any more articles for npt ?


you're stupid too!

A contract writer who writes under the opinion section is not the "news media."

I do not report news. I do not investigate news stories.

I can still write for NPT, but have nothing to write for them and may not for weeks.

You morons can't seem to understand what the real problem with the ordinance is here because you ignorant liberals who have no clue what are laws mean.

disclosing the employment of your family members in order to win a LOW BID CONTRACT from the city is ridiculous. They might as well ask how many kids you have and what church you go to. It has nothing to do with the services performed under contract!

I didn't know the readers of this blog were such idiots. My God. No wonder El Paso is behind everyone else.

maybe its time npt canceled its contract with you as its "stupid contract writer" as you call it. to most of us if its on the front page like many of your crap stories its part of the news media. good spin there though.

I think the church you attend matters greatly.

What if you are a Wiccan Coven High Priestest and put a spell on the people selecting the winning bid.

You're not a Wiccan are you?

According to the website "thefreedictionary" the defination of media is: "Me-di-a: An ancient country of southwest Asia in present-day northwest Iran. Settled by an Indo-European people, it became part of the Assyrian Empire and was conquered c.550 B.C. by Cyrus the Great, who added it to the Persian Empire.

So - does Rachel want to keep people of Southwest Asian descent from getting contracts at the city?

My guess is it is unconstitutional but its not a 'right' to contract with city ie they may be able to ask - require much and if I contractor does not like it then he is free to seek other contracts from other gov entitys or private.


must you make yourself look so idiotic in public all the time.

I guess a picture of a guy who just got in a car accident on the front page of EP Times makes him "news media" given that he and his name appear on the front page.


should we all call you a journalist then ? i think sito and david would take offense to that. open letter stated it better. ass kisser would be more correct. having you showing up at the tea party was a disgrace. did you carry around a pro psb sign ?


I didn't "show up" at the Tea Party, I helped organize it.

You can thank me in any way you feel is appropriate.

jafo, if you dislike DavidK so much why are you reading and writing on his blog? Brings to mind the saying, "stupid is as stupid does".

This proposed ordinance is idiotic. Guess she has time to think up these idiotic things because she is certainly not taking care of her district.

Since Quintana is the Author this reminds me to ask about those charges against her. What ever happened to them. Did they get swept under the rug.

BTW this is a really stupid ordinance.

Who cares? DavidK is NOT the media. Get it right! Rachael Quintana is out of her mind...landing a city contract has nothing to do with family in the media.

Right we all know how up and up El Paso procurements are. We all know how the politypes are not able to do anything to help certain bidders.

How do you explain the FBI probe? Isn't that EXACTLY what has been going on? Havent dirty bidders attempted to rig the process? Sure the media connections havent come in to play...but who is to say they will not. I do not see sunshine as a bad thing. Just be open about it. Is that too much to ask?


So if you're brother is the guy who fixes the equipment at KFOX you think that has to be disclosed if you want to do business with the City. The guy is, after all, a part of the news media.

And you're also saying that someone seeking work with the city might not get a job because their Aunt is a reporter in Florida?

Yet, we do not even make people disclose whether or not their relative might be opening their bids at the city!!! where's the sunshine there?

Is dumb idea that is illegal. Why would you promote an ordinance that is illegal?

Another moron... Are you all that stupid?

Thank God we have David K to guide us through these unethical times.

The game here is fixed. That is clear. I wonder how a firm like yours gets government work? I am sure it's because of ethical beacons like yourself who would never use their media gigs to tear down or build up people who control who gets what.

Thank you for your "service" David. Those of us who are not connected appreciate your giving us the unvarnished truth as you see it. I know it's all with the best of intentions and full of nobility.

No conflict of interest from you. That is clear.

Carry on.

Yeah,Yeah,Yeah: I can say for sure the process the city uses for construction bids is probably as foolproof as you can get. It is the lowest, most responsive bidder. Bids are accepted at Purchasing, stamped in and left sealed until they are opened in public and read aloud. There is no way to "fix the process". School districts can elect to use the "Competitive Sealed Proposal" process for construction projects wherein bids are accepted at a certain date and time and may or may not be read into the public record. If they are opened and read at bid time only the names of the bidders is read aloud usually - no bid amounts. That process could certainly be open to fraud because the selection, in essence, is done behind closed doors.

The public corruption in El Paso has mainly been against school board members and the selections of architects and engineers. That process cannot be competitively bid by State Law. It's a "qualification based selection" process and yes, the statement could be made it is a subjective process which could lead to fraud or the feeling something isn't right.

I fail to understand the purpose of Ms. Quintana's ordinance revision. She does not explain what the "public purpose" of such ordinance is. I don't understand what the benefit of knowing if someone has a family member employed in the media means to a construction project. I think, quite frankly, she is just pissed off at DavidK and being a typical female just can't let it go so she wants to get even.

Hi Mom,

The NE masterplan is a perfect example of politics playing a role. I am sure your firm stood to get a good bit of work from that "if" Hunt won.

LOL...there was no doubt he would win. He won and left too much money on the table so he withdrew. Free to bid the next time this comes up for proposal. I wonder why the bid didnt have a clause saying if you withdraw you are barred from bidding again? Probably his constitutional right to fleece the taxpater! Better get Stillinger on that pronto!

No legit firm in it's right mind will waste time to bid on it because they know it's already a done deal. Hunt is very politically involved. I know it's all for good government of course. Wink Wink Nod Nod.


Nope, we had nothing to do with the NE master plan.

Check public record and you will see that Kimley Horn and CEA. Sorry, not us.

It was a high bid situation. They bid the highest and got it. What's political about that? How do Taxpayers get screwed when somebody offers a very large amount of money for a piece of land?

Again, you are trying to prove a point you do not understand. You haven't made an argument as to why having someone in the media as a family member does anything bad to the city.


I am sorry. I was wrong.

I figured that if you could support dead weight like David K, I figured something had to be wrong.

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