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June 17, 2009


How about

Humility the Lost Virtue by The "Fabulous" Strelz

Education for the long haul by Norma Chavez

Sorry I switched from dream jobs to book titles

Singing in the Rain for fun and profit by Ed Archuletta

LMAO, these are all great.

Top of the (Political)World Ma - by The Lionstar

If I had a Hammer - or better yet a Clue - By The mostly Honorable Congressman put some silver in my pocket Reyes.

Indictment the real definition of a County Leader by Gil the Swill Sanchez

How I became a criminal while driving drunk by DavidK


"Personal Gerrymandering: The Political Benefits of a Second or Third Home" - by Melina Castro illustrated by Emma Acosta

"Playing to Lose: How to Use Endorsements for Defeat"
by J.O. Perez

"how to win friends, get future projects and influence people" by davidk part 1, how i sucked up to the progressives on council,mayor,psb,pdng and woody hunt.

"its all about the benjamins"
by eileen k with rude comments by her son.

"why i appointed david's mom to the civil service commission "
by beto sanders oroarke

"why i fired david k and tapped so many women"
by keith mahar with comments by sito negron.

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