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June 10, 2010


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Got no problem taking a stand since there are $250,000 bounties on our BP and LEO's.

I appreciate your reasoned approach. I wish everyone would refrain from commenting about what happened until an investigation has been completed.

Whatever happened I don't care. I am sick and tired of our people in America being put down and told how ugly and mean they are. The president, governor and mayor of Mexico all keep saying ugly things about us Americans and we have a president that allows all these. Which Truman was still around he would tell them to take a hike. No one seems to want to protect Americans. OOOOOHHHH but if it is Mexicans, Iranians, Africans or others forget it. Even soldiers that kill are put to trial. Yet if they kill any of our people it's ok! To hell with all of this hate American attitudes, we need a good Civil Disobedience again! America love it or leave it

That is what i am talking abou!!!!!!!!!!! We need Joe Apacio here in EL PASO instead those weak links like Silver Reyes and the city council......I swear to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that includes MEXICO when i joined the US NAVY......THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE!!!! VIVA THE USA

NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL "GOOD BORDER SECURITY". a few more of these incidents and you wont have to worry about texas needing the arizona law. it still sux that a kid had to die though.

He wasn't a kid. He smuggled people.

It is curious when there are THOUSANDS of murders in Juarez there are no witnesses. No one saw a thing. But in this case there are witnesses all over the place. Very curious!

And by the way....if there were a very tall electric wall separating the border then that kid would still be alive. I never saw a leader like the Mexican President, whining loud and hard about the US keeping his citizens from running away from their country. How about a boat lift to Canada and just skip the US.

the kid was actually 15 and had a rap sheet as long as my johnson.

"the kid was actually 15 and had a rap sheet as long as my johnson.

Posted by: johnsons johnson"

well, if that was the case, i believe what the family was saying:

"he was a santo, just a little boy playing in the canal, oooh whaaa whaaa whaaa..."

Since the 60s I have seen many cases where the parents are the ones that taught their kids in Mexico to smuggle drugs or people or whatever else they can smuggle. Yet, it seems any time something bad happens they have to blame the good ole USA. That's why I keep repeating, America love it or leave it. I agree with gossip girl and candy man.

Remember the City Council vote to deny the Feds access to cross city property to put up the new fence along the Border. Well if they had allowed the 18 ft.fence to be built this situation would not have occurred.

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