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June 07, 2010


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Look at Besco and ask how strong the GOP is in El Paso

This city is so backwards it is almost funny. For one thing why is it that city council would rather pay millions on another stupid bridge instead of paying the policemen. We also are in need of getting more police in the force. What no one is saying, is that crime is rising slowly but surely here in good ole El Paso.
But, notice the TV news on all the stations. We here about what is going on in Juarez, but not here in our own city.
My neighborhood was seen as one of the most quite neighborhoods in El Paso, now it is not. An example is a couple that was moving in their new home.
They had just taken in some
piece of furniture inside when they went out their truck was almost empty. Both are in the Army, and that is what makes it even more shameful. This couple did not need to be robbed like that. Graffiti is up also in almost every part of El Paso. But, it seems that the news in Juarez is better than what happens here. To tell the truth I am sick and tired of hearing about Juarez they can all burn in hell as far as I am concerned. I want to know what is going on in my community and my country, not somewhere else. America love it or leave it!!!

Ken Sutherland is a good guy.
He does not ever hurt anyone
and he does his best to do his job. Yes he is a Democrat and so am I but, our
thinking goes back to earlier
Now if you think that Mr. Diaz is wrong in running as a Republican and being Democrat. Well, if you look back in the 90s and you will see a column by Gary Shawyer (don't know if this is spelled right} he wrote about Reyes endorsing only Republicans.
Brian Haggerty, won this election by running as a Democrat and he is a Republican. Also, take a look into Nepotism; the Reyes Clan has almost everyone in their family in higher up careers. Look at the Gandaras and the Haggertys they all are committing nepotism and no one is doing anything about it. No I don't like Diaz but, I am just commenting on this subject. Because it has been there all along as far back as I can remember.

Police and Fire took 60% of the General Fund budget in this present budget. This upcoming budget could see Police and Fire take upwards of 65% of the General Fund budget and debt should be close to their self inposed 25 cent level. So that means that Debt,Police and Fire could take 90% of the general fund in the up coming budget leaving only 10 cents out of every general fund dollar to run the city on.

let's see in a blog war re; the John Uxer campaign, refuse the juice got more voters out than the lionstar! Great job David K

What about the investigation going on now. It seems that Shapleigh is with the people now and wants this TRE to fail. Something real fishy is going on. But, no one is really saying much of anything. Also, why haven't they looked into Canutillo school district too! Murphy is also corrupt and Garcia's girlfriend is working for him now. Isn't it time that they start cleaning this city. It really needs a good Spring cleaning.

This is another subject that needs to be answered. It seems that Eddie Holguin is now pushing people to vote for him in the November election. Why is he being so corrupt about it? Why hasn't he gone public. According to the talk, it seems that Norma Chavez has got Holguin telling people to vote for him in November because he is going to do a write in. The date for this write ins,is on June 26, 2010. Who is he going to run against of course you got it!!! Naomi Gonzalez!!!

Another thing why is he so interested in the land that has been owned by some white family here for years. He wants it so that another bridge can be built to let all the trucks in from Mexico. Why are they trying for eminent domain when there is no crucial need for this land. Unless they belong to the drug cartel?!
The money the city is paying for this bridge could be put to better use by paying the police and fire people than to use it in such a stupid way. When is the city going to learn to use money wisely instead of just throwing it away. This is our tax payer money and should not be used unwisely.

Another thing that just came to mind is that if Holguin goes against Naomi in November. Think about it that means that he is NOT A DEMOCRAT. Will he be an independent? And he goes on the radio and says that Susie should be thrown out of the hall of fame. And I know they want to do that to me too. All because I don't believe the way they do. Well sorry to say but I am an individual and do what I want and not once have I ever voted for another party. I am a Democrat and a good one at that. I am an old fashioned party person and no one can tell me I cannot be. I am a moderate and proud of it. I do not push people to vote my way that's why people in this country have choices. I believe in my country and proud to be an American. I am not into Socialism or Communism and do not believe in the progressive way of doing things. I am a human being first and than an American and will remain proud of it until the day I die. Another thing we need to do is to get rid of the straight ticket vote in both parties. People need to become more self sufficient and be able to know why and who they are voting for. People need to quit being lazy and look at the whole list before they make up their mind of who they want to vote for. I have had individuals that have come up to me and asked why did a certain person go in again in whatever capacity they were running for. When I ask if they voted they say yes and than let me know they voted straight ticket. So I will explain what they did wrong and they get upset and don't want to vote anymore because they feel cheated.
This is not the American way that's why we have choices. And again I will repeat myself don't be lazy and look at why, how, when and who you are voting for.

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