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June 29, 2010


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and one more thing, the channel information use to have the viewing code: G/R/MA etc., now it is missing. I'm wasting a lot of time viewing G rated stuff when I am looking for MA stuff, because I am a grown up!

Check into AT&T U-Verse. It's a superior product with customer service that puts TWC to shame.

I agree with MK - check out AT&T U-Verse. We have it and are very happy!

p.s. The Real Housewives of New Jersey for this week was a great episode ;-) Hope your DVR is working for next week or you might want to pull out the VHS recorder LOL

Haha! That was good David! But you know what I would def get AT&T u-verse as well! I have it and it's the best switch I've ever made! Look into it!

I agree with those who switched to AT&T. The service is not bad at all, either.

I'm curious about AT&T Uverse.
Anybody here go from Dish Network to Uverse?
What are the differences/pluses/minuses
HD channels?
Is the signal carried over the internet/phone lines?


att internet is slow compared to time warner, but the tv is ok. they are also more money on the tv than time warner with possibly fewer channels. time warner screws up a bunch and sometimes you might get encore and other stuff without paying for it. they charge you 10 bucks more for hd. be careful. satellite is still the best except for when the wind blows.

DirecTV is where it's at. Sheesh, get with the times, DK. Although, I do have TW Roadrunner.

We have Dish Network with the DVR and we never lose the signal. Just lucky I guess. DVR is terrific, never watch another Commercial, except for the Super Bowl of course!

Hilarious! One of your best lines ever! - "iPhone people are different than Wal-Mart people given that Wal-Mart people reproduce at an alarming rate while iPhone people do not fornicate given that they haven't created an "ap" for that yet."

Looks like I'm not the only one who has experienced problems with the upgrade. I also had HD channels that would be available one minute and unavailable the next. My digital converter box would spontaneously reboot itself whenever it felt the whim. The reboot cycle would take about 15 minutes. I called tech support and spoke with some guy that sounded half a world away, maybe India. He was sympathetic but could not resolve the issue. Things seem somewhat better these last few days.

I also get a lot of mail advertising their products. They go to the shredder. I got a call from a rude woman trying to sell me TWC phone service. She was not happy when I told her I wasn't interested. If I can't rely on my TV and Internet working then how can I rely on their phone service?

Anyway, great post. Love your writing.

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